Translation Your Majesty, the Voice of Your Heart is Leaking!

12. From Today, the Address is Uncertain (3)

While staring at the statue of the lion displayed in the center, Tistye exhaled.

Immersing herself within the warm water, several kinds of roses floated on the surface of water.

The bathtub was so spacious that a family of three could enter. But because of how early it was, there were no other people beside Tistye. Along with the bubbling sound of water, Tistye covered her red face with both hands.

I, I misunderstood his words…

Tistye’s desperate resistance was for naught. The place Gaizel brought her to was the hot spring area for guests.

She remembered that Gaizel eagerly went to the men’s bath after declaring “Afterwards, you can return to the room first.” In front of the entrance which separated the men’s and women’s areas.

Surprisingly, it seems that Gaizel likes hot spring…

Since it was a tropical night all year long in her hometown, Lacie, she never bothered to enter a hot spring. At best, it was just cold bath or running water.

On the other hand, Verscia, the kingdom of Gaizel, had a cold climate. Therefore, considerable resources were required just to warm the water.

There were also only a few opportunities to use fire for purposes other than the fireplace and cooking.

Using this much hot water just to take a bath would be considered a waste, there…

But to be honest, I am very grateful…

After leaving Verscia all by herself, she never stopped moving to take a break in the nearby towns. Not until Gaizel came to pick her up at Lacie.

She had heard that the journey to return to Verscia was quite difficult. Albeit she said nothing to Gaizel, it seemed that Tistye had accumulated fatigue without her even realizing it.

Leaning on the edge of the bathtub while listening to the murmuring of the pouring water, the fluffy and calm atmosphere caused Tistye to become sleepy. But then, she opened her eyes.

W, what should I do? I should’ve taken better care of my body!

Before entering the bathtub, the professional staff carefully scrubbed her body up, but her skin was a little burned because of the unreasonable days of daily disaster. The radiance on her fingertips, which used to be there because they were polished in the royal palace—was gone.

B, but still, it’s not like it will absolutely happen… His Majesty may be tired from the long journey, and there’s still tomorrow, but, by any chance…

Within the scent of roses tickling her nose, Tistye was panicking alone.

After everything was said and done, Tistye carefully cleaned her body again, and then had her hair meticulously washed. Her slightly damp hair was then tied loosely with a ribbon, and she wore a simple loungewear as she left the bathroom.

It had been a while, Gaizel would definitely be back in his room. Tistye walked down the hallway with hesitation.

The sunset was approaching outside the window, and the sun setting behind the outer wall was vanishing—the skies begun to turn indigo.

I, it will be fine. I should be clean, and I shouldn’t be smelling of anything strange…

She secretly sniffed around her. Tistye’s heart and spirit were revitalized when she inhaled the smell of the rose water.

Then, she knocked on the room’s door.

The moment she found Gaizel reading a book on the sofa, Tistye’s heart leaped.

“How slow.”

“I, I am sorry…”

His words were abrupt, but Gaizel welcomed Tistye in an amused tone. Gaizel pointed beside himself with his chin. Perhaps because he had noticed how awkward Tistye felt, not knowing where to stand.

“Excuse me…”

It would truly be embarrassing to stick close together, thus, Tistye sat down on the sofa, leaving a slight distance between them. Both of her hands were balled on top of her knees—unable to withstand the silence, she snuck a glance at Gaizel whom was beside her.

Gaizel’s dark hair was slightly wet, causing it to grow even more lustrous. Perhaps immersed in the text, his metallic navy blue eyes were lowered. His eyelashes were long.

His white skin was slightly glossier, and had a unique scent which couldn’t be suppressed, even though he was a man.


Before she realized, Gaizel was already staring back at her—maybe he noticed she was staring at him. There was some heat behind his dark blue eyes, which caught Tistye’s breath.

Thinking it was probably a sign, Gaizel put down his book on the table, and extended his left hand to Tistye’s cheek.

Tistye unintentionally closed her eyes.

However, Gaizel’s fingertips went pass her cheeks, towards the hair that Tistye had tied. The ribbon that she had used to tie them was released, and Tistye’s damp hair fell over her shoulder.

The moment she felt the coldness on her shoulder, Gaizel immediately closed in to her, and robbed her lips—as if wanting to completely engulf them.


His left hand went down her neck, while his other hand was placed around Tistye’s waist to steady her. Even though he should’ve been in the same bath, Tistye vaguely doubted such because the temperature of his breath was different.

Gaizel changed his angle and started kissing Tistye again, as if trying to incite her. The wet noise made Tistye’s ears hot.

Before long, Gaizel exhaled greatly, and then lifted Tistye sideways.

“Y, Your Majesty!”

“I’ve told you to call me ‘Gaizel’.”

As he smiled coldly, they moved to the bedroom. Tistye held on to Gaizel, who looked happy for some reason. Then, she was thrown onto the foot of the bed, and Tistye desperately tried to get up so as not to sink.

As if to prevent that, Gaizel draped himself over her. The room was filled with warm orange lights, but Gaizel’s dark hair obscured them.

He held Tistye’s wrist to the bed and covered her lips yet again.

W, wait, the preparation of my heart is still…!


In his heart, her name was sweetly called. Tistye’s mind grew even more befuddled.

It was as if Gaizel’s entire body was emanating heat. He exhaled in pain, seeking release.

Tistye gathered up her courage to stare back at him, but as soon as she decided that, she closed her eyes yet again.

Gaizel’s face gradually inched closer, and it descended directly upon Tistye’s neck. Tistye uttered a short moan, but noticed something strange.

His Majesty’s body is hot… no, isn’t it too hot!?

She tried to sit up in a hurry, but Gaizel didn’t even make a slight movement.

To be exact, he was unable to get up. His forehead was pressed on Tistye’s shoulder.

Eeh!? Screaming in her heart, Tistye twisted around, and managed to escape.

Then, seemingly misunderstanding something, Gaizel turned his feverish eyes towards Tistye.

“Where… are you going…?”

“Your Majesty! This is terrible! You have a high fever!”

With his consciousness dulling, Gaizel desperately tried to embrace Tistye, but even his hands felt terribly hot.

Looking closely at him, his face and neck were bright red. Eventually, Gaizel lost consciousness while hugging Tistye.

W, what should I do?! Does he have a cold!? Or is it heat stroke!?

She recalled how when she entered the room, she could barely hear the voice of Gaizel’s heart. Perhaps the heat had already killed his thought circuit…

“Your Majesty!? Your Majesty!? Please help! Someone—!!!”

Gaizel’s arms, which were wound around Tistye’s waist, were firm—perhaps because he used the entirety of his remaining strength. Unable to escape, Tistye, whom was entangled with him on the soft bed, desperately sought outside help.

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