I am a Duchess who has Rewound Nine Times, but my Tenth Life Seems to be a Reward Mode Translation

32. Third Go! (4)

To those ladies, whom were currently projected on the mirror, the current Maximilian looked ridiculously romantic.

Although they weren’t the best in terms of appeal and status, the cheeks of those ladies were dyed rose. Not to mention, they were clutching their chests and their eyes had turned into hearts!

As Ally watched the development, she grew terrified. In a sense, she was convinced.

After reuniting with Maximilian in that life, Ally thought about the possibility of Saint Mia changing for the better.

She also thought that their extraordinary muscles would work as ‘reverse harem prevention’.

Other than that, there might also some kind of ‘force’ at work, which would result in Saint Mia becoming the protagonist.

Could it be, the spirits?

…But, it’s also unlikely for those ancient spirits to put the Muscle Special Squadron into harm’s way…

Then, beyond the mirror, Maximilian could be seen swinging his cloak—


it’s weird how the type of sound effect also changes depending on his appearance…

Just as his role had ended, Abel’s broadcast also ended after Maximilian had left the venue.

Ally stood up while holding Stila.

“Even so, the fact that His Highness was immediately summoned to the center of the Royal Palace means that there’s a spy in this West Wing, too.”

The four muscle devas nodded at Ally’s remark.

The representative, Geoffrey, spoke. “Who would’ve guessed. Let’s capture the person immediately. Yes, if we persuade the person a little roughly, we might able to aquire a double-agent.”

As I thought, they are angry…

Their heroical fighting aura rose from their bodies…

This time, it never occurred to Ally’s mind to run away. She was also concerned over the safety of Stila—therefore, she wanted to destroy the seed of anxiety thoroughly.

When Ally thought about how nice it would be for that spy to be crushed physically, the eyes of the four muscle devas focused on the door all at once.

Immediately, the door was quietly opened, and Maximilian entered.

Ally looked at the popular-romance-novel-form of Maximilian as if she was poisoned—

Why is it that now that he’s returning home in such a natural way it doesn’t bode well with me at all!? It’s so natural, it feels really unnatural instead!

Health was an asset—and the man who only had that one asset suddenly turned blue in the face.

The moment she was about to ask if he was okay, smoke rose up around him and the heroic, brawny, Overlord Muscle returned.


With a sound effect that matched their bodiesy and appearances, the four muscle devas ran towards their Master whom had collapsed on his knees.

“…They are… terrifying hunters… alright… It’s the first time I’ve ever experienced the sensation of being prey…”

His muscles had become huge again. Even though it was his strong form, Maximilian’s expression was hollow.

Despite his anxiety, he closed his eyes for a moment and began to meditate.

After a short while, Maximilian, whose gaze had found Ally, just smiled quietly—

—and she was strangely happy about that.

“Ally, forgive me for leaving you alone. I thought you would be fine because I had pressed the acupuncture points of your body that relate to your consciousness…”

Wait, what? What did you do to someone’s body, especially without their permission!?

However, instead of saying so, Ally only thanked him.

Even if her body was touched without permission, she believed it must had been for a moment shorter than the blink of an eye.

“Be it those ladies, or those gentlemen, none of them could perceive my true appearance. To be a suitable Crown Prince, you basically have to become someone who is able to pull out the eye from a living horse. For the obligation of the mistress of the royal palace is to protect her war-torn kingdom and its people, the place where blood is washed with blood. I immediately knew those girls, who are as unreliable as twigs, wouldn’t be up to it.”

“No, that’s just overdoing it.”

“—as I thought, it’s only you, Ally. Only you are worthy to be my partner. After all, Ally seems like she can easily catch a wolf using her bare hands.”

Behind the convinced Maximilian, the four muscle devas, whom were releasing heroic fighting spirit, nodded.

Wh, what kind of development is this!?

Her spine grew cold.

“I can’t do it, nor would I plan on ever doing it. I will do my best to protect Lady Stila, but that’s it.”

Maximilian’s eyes flashed.

Such a biting glance—Ally diverted her gaze.

The woman who would stand next to him in the future may have to accustom herself to such a gaze.

Yeah, I think that’s too high of a hurdle…

…But still, it shouldn’t be a role that belonged to Baroness Ally.

“Hey, Ally? I want to see Ally in a princess-like dress! I’m sure you’ll look pretty! Compared to you, those older sisters in the mirror are pieces of cake!”

“No, Lady Stila, Ally is—…”

“—this me agrees with you, Stila! This older brother of yours is so proud of you, my dear sister!”

The muscular Maximilian instantly stood up and robbed Stila from Ally’s arms.

The pair of siblings, whom were half-connected by blood, were laughing ‘kyaa-kyaa’, while Maximilian held Stila high up in the air. Although it seemed like an intense thing to do, his movement was steady.

Genius Chris smiled at Ally.

“To tell the truth, the Duke of Radphen, the King’s brother, is still breathing. He’s the guardian and uncle of Stila. Therefore, as a member of the royal family, Stila should also partake in the social events of the aristocrats.”


The four muscle devas began to chatter on their own despite the shocked Ally.

“Ally is 17-years-old, you should be having your debut at the big ball next month. Well, don’t overthink it and just view it as joining as Stila’s attendant.”

“Well, whatever the Duke of Radphen might be speculating, I think we should still properly reinstate Stila to the royal family. Let’s call the dressmakers to tailor a dress up for you.”

“Oioi, remember not to call a male tailor, okay!? The whirlpool of jealousy radiating from His Highness will surely suffocate that poor man to death!”

Ally clutched her head while listening to the heavy bass, “hahahahahaha!!!” emitted by the four muscle devas.

Stila had to participate in the social circle as a ‘Child of the Royal Family’—therefore, there was no option for Ally other than participating.

“…Maybe I should ask the tailor to hide some kind of firearm under my dress…”

“One thing keeps happening after another… there’s no end to your worries, aren’t there, Master?”

“Somehow, it feels like an unavoidable flow of destiny…”

Abel’s and Takkun’s concerned voices were transmitted directly in Ally’s distressed brain.

***T/N: Oh god how awkward it must be if you’re a potato who’s trying to fit in some kind of social event and all your bros are watching it in real time… and your grandma(s) are also there.

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