The Noble Girl Who Finds a Nerdy and Plain Guy Moe Thinks that the Arrogant Prince is in the Way Translation

Extra 8. Discarding Angelica- Later Later Talk

  • A/N: It’s a bonus for ‘Discarding Angelica’. The story of Riol, who heard Sharina talk to Angelica about a cool man named ‘Lime’. The story is from Angelica’s point of view.

“—who could this Rime be?”


It happened after school on the same day Angelica recommended a romance novel to Sharina. When Angelica was on the way to her carriage, she was stopped by a boy.

“Rime? You mean, Rime Green?”

Usually, the boy would be heading back to the dormitory together with Sharina. Therefore, it was rare for him to be alone in such a place.


The boy who nodded just now was Riol Glen.

Judging from his appearance alone—which seemed unreliable—it would be hard to see him as the same boy who won a magnificent duel against the prince of their kingdom. In short, he was akin to a hero who achieved victory and saved his kidnapped lover from the devil’s hands.

However, as if the books in his arms were heavier than usual, his complexion seemed worse.

“After listening to the conversation Ms. Kirklight had with Sharina, I… am a little curious.”


He asked seriously.

…But, why would he go out of his way to ambush Angelica just to inquire that? Why doesn’t he just ask Sharina, whom is with him every morning, noon, and after school?

Angelica wondered for a moment, but when she saw his concerned expression, she was convinced.

“Huh, what?”

Then, silently, she procured a book from her bag and presented it to Riol. It was the book Sharina had returned today.

“‘Doki doki! The Prince is a Bully! ~the Tomboy Noble Lady Cranbellica’s Bittersweet Love Story~’ the second volume!”

“I don’t ask for the title… no, what is this book, seriously?”

“If you read it, you will know what you want to know.”

Angelica was sure Riol couldn’t bear to ask Sharina directly—he was afraid of hearing the worst answer directly.

“But why the second volume, and not the first?”

“Sorry, I burned the first volume.”

“How can that be!?”

“I used my fire magic—”

“—I am not literally asking you how did you do it…”

Sharina’s feelings towards him wouldn’t change—that much was obvious. But sometimes, love caused people to be anxious.

“It was really hard to extinguish, I ended up flooding my entire room.”

“If you would end up having such a hard time, why burn it in the first place?”

Angelica avoided his gaze—

—she couldn’t help it. She wanted to erase the entirety of her black history.

“Ah, but, to grasp the entire story, I will need to summarize first volume for you.”

“Ah, okay.”

“But you may feel really sick, you may also feel nauseated, and you may also not be able to sleep at night.”

“Is it a horror novel!? But the title—”

Riol tilted his face in utter confusion.

While looking directly at such a face, Angelica slowly took a deep breath and wholeheartedly started telling him about the story.

The next day.

“…I finished reading it.”

After receiving the book, Angelica looked at Riol again.

Compared to yesterday, his complexion had regained a lot of its brightness… Well, his original complexion was hardly bright—therefore to summarize it, his on-the-deathbed face had transformed to that of someone who had a cold. However, Angelica wasn’t worried—because she knew the reason.

“What do you think?”

“…The hobby of the Fourth Princess of the neighboring kingdom sure is different.

“Yes, and she resembles a certain someone a lot.”

When Angelica said so a bit impishly, Riol averted his gaze in bashfulness. He must’ve had remembered his concern yesterday—which was unfounded. At that time, Riol’s complexion looked truly ill.

“…Don’t tell Sharina about yesterday.”

“Yes, yes, I know.”

Back then, for almost the entirety of the time, Riol was in an unfavorable predicament. If he lost the duel, he would be exiled. Nevertheless, during that life-threatening duel, no trace of fear could be seen in Riol.

…It was a little bit strange to see that he would be so terrified of the possibility that Sharina had a change of heart.

“But, I wonder if I should talk to Sharina about it, after all…”


He didn’t go to the magical department and instead went out of his way to wait alone at the main gate—would Sharina truly not suspect anything about that?

The two were always going to school early in the morning, so it was very likely that Sharina sneaked over to Riol’s class after her own was over.

Which was why.

“Riol… Ange…?”


Angelica shrugged her shoulders, looking at Riol, whom was taken aback.

Sharina was peeking out from behind the tree near the gate.

“Ah, I, well, I saw Riol walking outside through the classroom window… I was wondering where he was headed to…”

Sharina’s voice trembled. Her face was as blue as yesterday’s Riol. It was easy to imagine—

—Their misunderstandings were somewhat similar.

“Y, you promised to meet with Ange? Is it the kind of meeting that should be hidden from me? Well, even if I ask for the purpose of the meeting, it’s unlikely you will give me a straight answer…”

“I was just returning the book I borrowed! To ask you to come with me just to do that, I thought that it would be bothersome to you!”

Listening to Riol’s quick excuse, Sharina showed an expression as if she was deep in thought—

—perhaps, in her mind, there were many anxious questions such as; “When and why would you borrow a book from her?” “Why in the main gate, and not in the classroom?” “…It’s as if you’re hiding something.”

“…Riol, I, you see, not only dyeing the dress, I also learned how to dye my hair from Gabriella… s, so, if Riol prefers girls with red hair, then—…”

“Stop! I am being serious here, we’re not having that kind of meeting!”

Now, Angelica decided to watch from the sideline and see what kind of smart excuses that smart boy could come up with as he tried to conceal the truth.

**E/N: Riol, tell her you were asking for help that you couldn’t ask her for because then it would kill the point of the help. Best part, it’s not a complete lie either.

***T/N: Yeah, my Editor slash Bawss, u tell him! Ur good at this nitpicky grammar stuff! Based on what he told her, they might get married tomorrow!

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