Translation We Dwell at the Base of the Dragon’s Peak

61.2 Do Your Best, Ruiseine

Zhee, zhee…” I’m panting, collapsed atop of the moss carpet.

If I look at the results, wasn’t I the oni the longest? How did that happen?

I reflect on the game as I catch my breath. I miscalculated on Ruiseine’s tactics. She absolutely developed a method for dealing with space jump. Furthermore, she supplemented it.

She supplemented it with law.

Ruiseine cleverly utilized law to do things like escape and obstruct. Whenever she escaped, she used a law to utilize a horizontal high speed movement known as star passage. That false yuusha used this law. Furthermore, even if I was able to close in on her with a space jump, she’d avoid me with trained defensive reflexes.

Her binding law was her most troublesome response. She avoided aiming it at me as much as possible. Instead, she flung it at everyone but the oni. Naturally, as the oni, I targeted anyone unable to move. As such, everyone who wasn’t the oni, had to remain vigilant against Ruiseine’s law.

As a result, being unable to continuously use space jump and not being able to find a way to deal with Ruiseine’s tactics, I ended up becoming the oni the most.

Old Sleigstar laughs at me. “Thou still hast a long way to go before thy can toy with thine’s bride, kukuku.

Asher-san sighs as she says, “My, how shameful.”

Uuugh, everyone is ganging up on me.”
“My, my, well, well, isn’t that just everyone expressing their love?”

Ruiseine comes up to me and gives me some water.

“Then, Ruiseine who kept on targeting me, must love me too.” I blush upon speaking those words.

“I don’t believe it will work if you get embarrassed saying that.”

I turn even redder at Ruiseine’s teasing.

Nntto, it’s onii-chan’s loss.”
Guu, how frustrating.”
“Therefore, no meat.”
Eeeh, we never agreed to something like that!”

I panic at Priscilla-chan’s proclamation. This is flying dragon meat! I absolutely want to eat some!

Everyone in the plaza laughs at my petitioning to a little girl to let me eat meat.

“At any rate, space jumping sure is incredible.”

Ruiseine strokes Priscilla-chan’s head as she praises her. Priscilla-chan takes delight at the praise.

Nntto, Ruiseine learn too.”

Priscilla-chan hugs Ruiseine and vanishes. I look around searching for the two of them while wondering, “Where’d they go?”

Uu, uuugh.”


Priscilla-chan and Ruiseine have hopped up somewhere onto Old Sleigstar’s head.


I make a commotion in my fluster. Regardless of how it’s taken, they’re still on top of Old Sleigstar’s head. No matter of how close we are with him and how kind he is to us, he’s still a legendary dragon who watches over the Dragon’s Forest. Thinking about what could happen if we go too far is scary. And now, both Priscilla-chan and Ruiseine are on the head of that old, legendary dragon!

“Ru- Ruiseine, are you okay!?”

She absolutely can’t throw up.

Ruiseine covers her mouth and fights her nausea.

Yeah, that does happen. Space jumping gives terrible nausea and dizziness to people who aren’t used to it. As for me, I threw up three times before getting used to it. But throwing up on Old Sleigstar’s head would be a disaster.

“Hey, Priscilla! I’ve already told you not to suddenly space jump people who aren’t used to it!”

At that strict scolding, we all look towards the entrance of the ancient forest.

Nntto, welcome baack.” Priscilla-chan doesn’t pay Mistral’s anger any attention. Instead, she waves her hand back at her return.

“I have meat.” Priscilla-chan ditches the deathly ill Ruiseine who is right before her eyes and leaps into Mistral’s chest.

Mistral catches her without any effort. Then in one strike, lightly rams a fist into her head.

“Seriously, you….”

Mistral gives a wry smile at Priscilla-chan’s, “do as I please,” attitude.

I head towards Old Sleigstar, “Eetto…”

“This one is unfettered. Thou’s providing of assistance would be for the best.”

Upon acquiring Old Sleigstar’s approval, I space jump close to Ruiseine. I then rub her back while asking, “Are you okay?”

Ruiseine, despite being covered in cold sweat, give me a smile. “Ye- Yes, somehow or another.”

“Priscilla, as punishment, you won’t receive any meat.”
Eeeeh! No, no!”

Down below, Priscilla-chan can be seen finally reflect on herself upon being told she won’t be allowed to eat any meat.

Actually, this is my first time riding on top of Old Sleigstar. Since he’s laying down, this isn’t as high as Asher-san’s back, but the moss-covered plaza still looks like a completely different world from up here.

Old Sleigstar raises his head as he says, “This one has not been ridden since the Amado and Jortenitos twins.”

In one go, my field of view is much higher.

Ah, unfair!”

Priscilla-chan, while being held by Mistral, leaps up to where Ruiseine and I are.

Mistral, seeing Priscilla-chan not reflecting at all, makes a troubled expression. “Seriously, you.”

Priscilla-chan cries out, “kya kya,” as she enjoys herself from atop of Old Sleigstar’s head. I, along with Mistral and Ruiseine, can only make a wry smiles as we enjoy the scenery.

“Welcome back.”
“Yeah, I’m back. Although I’m saying that, I have to immediately return again tomorrow morning.”
“Looks like you’re being kept busy.”
“Quite, I have various things to attend to.”

Incidentally, Nymia watches over us from atop of Asher-san’s head.

T/N: Old Sleigstar is pretty chill. I wonder what it would be like if he ever got serious.

~Gandire Alea

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