Translation Your Majesty, the Voice of Your Heart is Leaking!

11. From Today, the Address is Uncertain (2)

Tistye was reflected in Gaizel’s metallic navy blue eyes.

Perhaps because she had felt the seriousness behind his gaze, Tistye gently fluttered her eyelashes down.

“…What about Yenzie?”

“I will turn their proposal down. There are other ways to strengthen national ties than through matrimony.”

“What if there are offers from other kingdoms? There’s also the daughters of influential aristocrats, right?”

“I will still turn them down. I don’t need anyone but you.”

Hearing his words, Tistye gently placed her hand on Gaizel’s chest.

To-kun, to-kun—a certain beat was transmitted, and Tistye pressed her forehead against his chest.

She wrapped her arms around Gaizel’s body and embraced him strongly.

“…Tistye? …Are you crying?”

Lifting her face, Tistye shook her head profusely. Gaizel smiled at her, and put his hands on her cheeks, before turning her face up.

“Don’t lie.”

“…But… but…”

On Tistye’s eyes, which were bright red, Gaizel gently dropped a kiss. Then, he kissed her tears, which were about to flow down her cheeks—then the side of her face—then her forehead…

…Full of joy and embarrassment, Tistye accepted the rain of kisses which fell from Gaizel.

[“Oh no, I don’t want to make her cry… but… this is fine, I think? After all, she’s still too cute, there’s nothing I can do…”]

“—return home with me, Tistye.”


When she finally stopped crying, Gaizel smiled gently.

Finally, she was drawn closer to him.

He put his hand on her cheek, as he tilted his face diagonally. Tistye also accepted the gesture naturally and quietly closed her eyes.

There was a soft sensation of lips overlapping.

An exhalation, a little hot, brushed her face.

Soon, his lips left her.


The eyes of the two of them wavered.

Due to the late, but growing tension, Tistye was still excited—

—at last, she was reminded of the fact that there was only one bed.

…W, what do I do from this point on? Surely, what’s going to happen next is…

However, when she tried to stare at Gaizel, she found herself unable to do it due to embarrassment. The entire time Tistye was concerned about what to do, Gaizel put more strength in his embrace. Surprised, Tistye looked up at Gaizel.

“L, Lord Gaizel…?”


She started getting anxious because Gaizel remained silent. Shortly after, Tistye uttered in a small voice. But it didn’t take long for the conflicted voice of his heart to reach her.

[“Ah… no, no good. Now isn’t good. Because, look, I am already this nervous… the development up to this point has been quite unreasonable, and our future is still long… I would feel bad if I take Tistye’s first time in such a place… no good…”]

“Y-Your Majesty!”

At her second call, Gaizel finally regained consciousness. When he noticed Tistye, who was blinking her eyes, he separated himself form her—as if nothing had happened.

“…Tomorrow will soon arrive, rest for today.”

For some reason, Gaizel was trying to get out of the room, as if he was enduring something. Tistye beckoned to him in a hurry.

“Rest, but what about you, where will you be resting, Your Majesty?”

“I’ll cool my head a little, you can use the bed.”

Gaizel quickly disappeared into the hallway. Tistye kept staring at his back, but eventually, she sat down dejectedly on the bed. Before long, she was already holding her face, letting out a voiceless scream—

what am I supposed to do!?

The next day, they rushed for Verscia again.

Perhaps because of yesterday, she felt a little awkward at first, but perhaps because of the sense of openness due to having a heart to heart conversation, Tistye leaned her body against Gaizel with a little more peace of mind than the day before.

The city they stayed in that day was based in an oasis on the border of the desert and green areas. Surrounded by vivid nature and water, it was famous for its gorgeous scenery. It seemed to be a trading base for each kingdom.

“What a great city…”

“It’s the city of Utaka. At the confluence of East and West; the base of trade and pilgrims.”

When people gathered, so did money—Utaka was a very wealthy city. There were street performers and bards, and the people were lively. After passing the market on the main street, it became a well-maintained cobblestone road that doubled in width.

A wide waterway ran through the center—it was adorned by glittering flowers, as if to color it. The flowers were a dazzling red and orange similar to Lacie’s ecosystem.

Apparently, it seemed to have been made to entertain the eyes of tourists. Not only plants, various animals were also bred.

Tistye suddenly stopped at a corner.

“Lord Gaizel, what kind of animal is that?”

“It’s a shoebill…”

Having no interest for the light red flamingo or the colorful toucan, Tistye instead focused on a huge bird with feathers of plain color.

Its feathers were bluish gray. It had thick and long legs, despite so, it didn’t seem like it would cause much impact if she was kicked by them. Its short height made Tistye sympathize with it. Its face was the most distinctive feature.

A fine beak and sharp eyes. The eyes were especially clear, and at the moment, they were staring at her. It hadn’t moved since a while ago—is it still alive?

“Somehow, it resembles you, Lord Gaizel…”


When Tistye happily told him so, Gaizel turned around to look at the shoebill. Maybe because the bird noticed his gaze, it was now staring back at Gaizel.

[“Me… similar with this unfriendly-looking bird, whom I have no idea whatsoever what it was thinking about…? What could she mean by that…?”]

“I, I apologize! Let’s move on!”

Inadvertently, the voice of his heart spilled out, and Tistye, who was flushed, pushed the back of Gaizel.

Tistye and Gaizel—whom still had question marks—went to one of the biggest accommodations in the city.

The front entrance had a vermilion gate and was encrusted with gold and silver plant decorations.

The building was built with fountains adorned with southern fern plants, and there were also artificial waterfalls—it had an entirely different atmosphere from Verscia and Lacie. It seemed to be an inn intended for the rich; such as wealthy merchants and aristocrats.

“Lord Gaizel, is it okay to pick such a wonderful place…”

“Utaka is a neutral city, there will be no danger.”

She meant it in a financial sense, but when she thought about it, Gaizel was the emperor of a kingdom—a powerful kingdom, to boot. It was only natural for him to stay at such an inn—the one bed room yesterday was the abnormal one.

I kept worrying about what if the next room we stay in also only has one bed… but it seems that I was concerned over nothing…

Tistye rubbed her chest to calm her heart, but at the same time, she felt a little… lonely.

She immediately shook her head to drive away such thoughts.

However, upon passing the reception and entering the designated room, Tistye was at loss for words.

…There’s still only one bed!

It was a luxurious room—the exact opposite of yesterday. It consisted of two rooms connected together; one with a sofa and a table, and the other with a magnificent king-sized bed with a canopy, where two adults could sleep—but…

“Forgive me, for this is the only room available. I thought it wouldn’t be a problem, since the two of you seem to be a couple.”

“I, I see…”

The bellman left after saying, “Please, take your time.”

While Gaizel was taking off his travel outfit, Tistye was at loss where she should be, and stood by the entrance door. Then, Gaizel tilted his head with a dubious look.

“What are you doing?”

“I, I was just wondering where should I stand…”

“Sit wherever you like. More importantly, you should get ready.”

“’G, get ready’?”

While unbuttoning his shirt, which had been buttoned all the way to the top to prevent sand from entering, Gaizel replied.

“Let’s take a bath together.”


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