The Kingdom of Everlasting Night and the Last Ball Translation

18.3 Dia and the Last Ball

However, Dia’s body never actually struck the floor stone—instead, she fell into someone’s embrace. A very good and also nostalgic smell drifted into her nose, then to her heart.

“The curtain has fallen. Your show—it’s as bad as it could get, and was plain nauseating. But from now on, there wouldn’t be any sin in destroying those who have killed you—…Dia, I will make them pay.”

Smiling both beautifully and terrifyingly, was Dia’s beloved—Noin.

He donned a black attire she had never seen before—it had a delicate embroidery no human could make. Although it appeared jet black, it was as if Dia could see the entire spectrum of color inside.

Either due to her teary eyes or just plain because of the poison, his sight was too beautiful.

Beautiful, truly beautiful—she almost burst in tears.


Dia tried to convey her last words to him—but before she could, some of the knights fell on the floor with a noise.

Dia was taken aback—

—she saw one of Ricardo’s hands falling to the floor—it then shattered and quickly turned into sand.

Seeing that, someone screamed, and tried to escape—but before that could happen, both of his legs turned into sand, and he fell down.

The general whom was nearby started scratching his throat as he wildly turned around—then he too, was reduced into a pile of sand.

Just like that, the venue went still.

Just like a drop of water on a quiet lake surface, creating a ripple, terror and destruction began to endlessly spread.

Most of the people were consumed by fear before they could think of running away. Their last expressions, before they turned into sand, were that of fear.

…Endlessly spreading—

—to the King and the Queen near the throne. To the princess who’ve never injured Dia—and even to Marietta, whom previously had bowed deeply to Dia.

In the blink of an eye, everyone turned into sand.

However, for some reason, only Dia, whom should had been poisoned, remained. She watched the entire scene within Noin’s arms.

Before she noticed it, the once lively hall was empty.


“To think that the worst-case scenario would actually happen… I shouldn’t have let you out of my sight.”

“I… I drank the poison…”

“Did you seriously think your body is still that of a human after eating so much food made by a spirit?”

“So, I… I?”

“Otherwise, there’s no way someone with your magical zone could touch my true form. …Geez, to think that it would actually takes so much time and effort…”

Dia finally understood when she saw his horrifyingly beautiful but also slightly annoyed face.

The meaning of that fairy’s word, of why the kings wouldn’t show their true form in that place—and also the true form of Noin…

Even if the color doesn’t change, it is as Dilvier said—

‘—a gem that shines and a gem that doesn’t shine are different.’

The purple of his eyes when he assumed his true form—it was more vivid than the gleam of magic, with tranquility transcending that of all the blessings of the night combined.

The darkness of it was not only dazzling, but also so beautiful to the point it crushed her heart.

Noin’s arms—the same arms she had entrusted her body with—helped raise her up. Then, Dia looked around the venue that had quieted down.

On the spot where Ricardo was once sprawled—there was no longer anyone.

All that remained of him was a pile of sand—seeing that, her chest tightened. Despite so, she didn’t regret having taken her revenge.

“…It seems that everyone has ceased to exist…”

“Considering the low magical zone of the people of this kingdom—me showing up in my true form was all it took. For those people of Fashitar, who are driven by greed, this is indeed a befitting end—despite so…”

Noin cut his words short and glanced behind him.

Standing there was a man with long black hair and a three-piece glasses. He was smoking a cigar which exhaled purple smoke.

Looking closely at him, his visage was indeed beautiful—despite so, there was something bizarre about it.

Even if they were both non-humans, Dia could somehow feel that he was different than Noin and Dilvier.

Such a man stared at her and smiled as he put one hand—which was wrapped in a white glove—on his chest, and bowed deeply.

“Rest assured, Your Majesty the King of Evening Meal. The dazzling incense burner—which was forged with the blessing of your night—is working properly. We’re quite confident in the development of this product. So, when do you want to bring back these fallen people?”

“How long can they sustain this state before they become irreparable?”

“About a minute. However, even though it’s merely temporary, they’re still dead. Therefore, let’s block the entrance of this hall so the dead won’t get lost.”


Who could that black-haired man be?

It seemed that he was acquainted with Noin, and he also sported the look of a sleek-tongued merchant—could it be, he was that certain demon of a company she kept hearing about?

Not to mention, what happened in that place, exactly? Dia blinked, not daring to swallow.

“This collapse, which happened because of magical pollution, was merely a dream. Well, not entirely, to put it simply, it’s a reality that happened in an illusion. If I put out the fire of the incense burner, they will wake up as if it were merely a dream and return to the state before they shattered.”

“…So, everyone is still alive?”

“Because they were killed in a dream, the effects would remain on their bodies. The wound shall stay etched in their individual souls. The pain of collapsing due to magical pollution won’t be easily forgotten—not to mention, unlike normal beings, they also won’t be taken to the Land of the Dead after their death.”

“…’Unlike normal beings’?”

“Indeed. I have stopped the souls of these humans. The moment they die, their souls shall never reach completion—they shall never return to their original, round, shapes. Fortunately, I have someone competent at hand, he will prove to be competent at handling them. If wish it, he might also be able to return your mansion to its previous form.”

…No way, does that mean?

A black-robed figure was standing quietly in the direction pointed by Noin.

Without needing anyone to explain, she realized that the figure, which was currently laughing while holding his stomach, was the Spirit of the Death which had cursed Fashitar—he was trembling with extraordinary joy. It disturbed Dia.

When Noin noticed that, he entrapped Dia within his arms.

“Do not worry. All the contracts have expired, and all the bridges we’ve built have been connected. You’re already on our side, since you’ve paid for the entirety of your predecessor’s sin and redeemed yourself. Despite so, you’re still partially human—but in fifty years, you will become a spirit of Midnight Throne just like me. No matter how much you might curse it later, this is what you paid for—there won’t be turning back from now on.”

“My! So I will be the same as you, Noin!?”

His last sentence, was it meant to scare her?

Despite so, Dia’s bright respond caused Noin to be somewhat at a loss.

Gongon—from somewhere, she could hear a bell.

It was the first for her to hear that kind of noise—it might have belonged to the non-humans.

Outside the window, the snow began to fall. All of the orchestra members should had been turned into sand, but from somewhere, elegant music began to play.

When she looked at the wall, she could see the fairies emerging from the shadows of the candlesticks.

It was the waltz of the fairies.

“…—your body isn’t too affected, right? Then, shall we dance to one song?”

“…Yes. Tonight is just perfect, isn’t it?”

“Yes, the night of fulfilment.”

Muu, I should be the one saying that line.”

Before she knew it, Dilvier was already in the hall, pouring a fluttering, silvery, liquid into a beautiful glass.

There were beautiful indigo wings sprouting from his back, and unlike the female fairies—whom was standing happily around him—his wings were six, proof that he was of the royal family.

She grabbed the hem of her skirt and bow to her dance partner before receiving his extended hand.

Before her, was her beloved King of the Night Kingdom—only the two of them danced in the hall.

Then, the dance started.

They spun around and around as she was held close by him.

Her skirt was fluffy like a petal, while her toes felt as light as feather.

Lifting her face, she smiled at the purple-eyed Spirit who smiled back at her. She was impressed by the sound of her ornamental necklace, which swayed around her chest.

Around and around.

Around and around.

From now on, would Dia be able to go wherever alongside that person?

Following her final evening ball in Fashitar was a dreamy night. Dia ended up dancing to five songs with her beloved King of the Night.

Finally, the voice of the man in three-piece glasses reminded them that the effect of the incense burner would soon expire. Dia hurriedly separate herself from Noin, and went to drink Supri poured by Dilvier.

From now on, it shall be the beginning.

“My! What a delicious Supri!”


“It’s a midnight Evemeria Supri which Lord Noin has been saving since last year. He said that it would be suitable for such a night.” Said Dilvier.

“Dilvier!” Exclaimed Noin.

When Noin lowly growled from a distance, the sound of a pot’s lid being closed could be heard.

Then, the aristocrats of Fashitar who woke up from their dreadful dreams stood in their spots, sporting a dumb look.

Some people were unable to stand and could only wail in place, while the others couldn’t stop trembling due to the painful soreness of their bodies.

The knights were unsheathing their swords—despite so, no matter how hard they looked, they couldn’t find any trace of the enemy. The King and the Queen hugged each other as they sobbed hysterically.

Only now did they become aware.

Only now did they finally understand.

They lived in the small kingdom within the forest due to the mercy of the King of the Night, who protected them from the curse of the Spirit of Death—a truth that had been ignorantly tossed away by the people.

However, the contracts had been renewed, and all that remained for them was a calamity appropriate for those who had breached the contract.

The first prince of Fashitar, who slowly raised his face as he sprawled on the floor, hurriedly searched for his former fiancée—despite that, no one was there anymore.

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