Translation Your Majesty, the Voice of Your Heart is Leaking!

18. For the Sake of a Human’s Life, it Can’t be Helped (4)

Off balance, Tistye’s hand accidentally touched Gaizel’s waist. That was precisely the moment when Anrie’s voice resonated so loudly, and Tistye saw a flash.

“…Tistye, what on earth have you been doing?”

“Don’t move!”

Realizing there was nothing he could do about it, Gaizel decided to be silent and folded his arms.

There was no doubt the voice of the heart became more vivid the moment Tistye touched Gaizel’s body—thus, she came up with a hypothesis.

By any chance, with the help of Lord Gaizel, will the voice of the heart be transmitted clearly?

Gaizel was compatible with Tistye’s special ability—the crisp voice of his heart was proof of that. Could it be, if the voice of the heart went through his body, Tistye would be able to hear it more clearly?

Tistye hugged Gaizel—there was no time to hesitate!

“Excuse me! Please, excuse me!”

She wrapped her arms around Gaizel and hugged him as hard as she could—

—it was Gaizel who felt like dying.

[“Tistye—!!! I am happy—!!! I am so happy—!!! But now is hardly the time for this, isn’t it!? It’s already obvious what will happen to Anrie in this cold if we don’t rescue her immediately—b, but! Tistye has never hugged me before—!!! It’s always me—!!!”]

“Be quiet, Lord Gaizel!”

Although in reality, he didn’t say anything—why was she so upset at him? Thus, Gaizel closed both his eyes and mouth—he seemed to also be trying to calm his heart.

Without knowing his inner turmoil, Tistye continued to search desperately for the voice of Anrie’s heart.

How about this!? Anrie, where are you!?

[“—Father, help me…”]

Hearing the clear voice of Anrie’s heart, Tistye opened her eyes. She immediately determined the direction and the distance, and quickly released Gaizel.

“Lord Gaizel, over here!”

“I understand.”

[“What the hell is going on…”]

The voice of Anrie’s heart originated from down the hill. Albeit, due to the snow, Tistye didn’t know the actual height of the ground. Despite so, Tistye headed straight inside the coniferous forest, going in a straight line without the slightest hesitation. Before long, she stopped, and got on her knees as she shouted—



Gaizel stared at the location from behind—it was a steep slope, there were large tree roots exposed.

The bottom couldn’t be seen, there was no way someone could survive a fall from there.

Caught amongst the trees, was the crying figure of Anrie. Her feet had probably slipped on the snow, thus causing her to fall.

“Anrie! We will help you soon!”

Gaizel was tying the rope he had at hand to a tree when Tistye shouted that. After confirming that the rope was sturdy enough, he immediately went down the slope towards Anrie. A strong wind occasionally blew, shaking Gaizel as if trying to hinder him.

The entire time, Tistye was holding her hands together, praying. But Gaizel managed to reach Anrie without any danger.

“It’s alright now.”


When Gaizel hugged her, Anrie cried, as if she had reached the limit of her endurance. Gaizel furrowed his eyebrows, unsure what to do—but eventually, he started rubbing the back of Anrie.

“It’s alright to cry. You must have been scared.”

Due to Gaizel’s tender words, Anrie let loose and cried even more. Tistye, who was watching the two from on top of the cliff, patted her chest.

When they returned to the square, the first search team had returned. When they saw Anrie clinging to Gaizel, crying loudly, some screams erupted.

Anrie, who then fell asleep, was handed over to Dita and was immediately taken to a doctor.

Everyone sighed in relief and praised each the two for their success. One of them asked Tistye.

“How did you know the exact place?”

“Umm… how do I say this…”

Tistye laughed it off as a coincidence—Gaizel stared quietly at Tistye. Before long, Dita came back, bowing deeply to everyone to express his gratitude.

Especially towards Tistye and Gaizel. Not only was his voice low-pitched, he also showed the most respectful and gratitude of the Verscian style.

“She’s about to suffer frostbite—but nevertheless, her life isn’t in danger.”

“I am glad…”

“I’m truly saved… all thanks to you guys.”

When he lifted his face, the gaze of Dita was as if he was staring at something dazzling. Then, he affirmed to Gaizel in a dignified voice.

“I will definitely return your favor someday.”

The usually silent Dita gave him a serious look—Gaizel seemed a little confused at first. However, after a while, he smiled back.

It wasn’t the usual sarcastic smile he would show the servants, but one that deeply express his gratitude—it was truly a gentle smile.

“It’s us who have to return the favor, after all, you let us stay in this village—thank you, truly.”

Tistye was taken aback at what Gaizel had just said. Gaizel usually would word his phrase in the coldest way possible! Even Dita was surprised—“So you can laugh.” The corners of his mouth also went up.

Then, the other villages who heard that Gaizel went dere, began to surround him.

Please, stop—seemed to be what Gaizel was trying to say. He finally acted his age; a young man at the peak of his growth—Tistye smiled, feeling proud.

A few days later, Anrie was back on her feet. With Dita, Anrie visited Gaizel’s house, giving a tremendous amount of thanks as she looked up at Gaizel with glittering eyes.

“Zell! When I grow up, will you marry me!?”


“You looked so handsome when you rescued me! Therefore, Tista will be your first wife, and Anrie will be your second! How does that sound!?”

The sudden proposal caused Gaizel’s face to turn steep. He stared back at Tistye with a rusty, machine-like motion.

However, Tistye was busy staring at Anrie, thinking about how cute she was.

Gaizel’s shoulders fell.

[“Won’t you be jealous, even if a little..,?”]


Although she felt inferior towards the princess of Yenzie, there was no way she could get angry towards a girl who was as small as Anrie! Gaizel, with a very serious face, advised Anrie.

“I am sorry, but my wife will always be her, and only her.”

“Eeeh?” Anrie pursed her lips.

Meanwhile, Tistye became flushed. Indeed, he had promised so—he wouldn’t welcome any other queen, and that he would also protect her.

I am happy, but it’s also a little embarrassing…

Tistye unintentionally smiled when she saw Gaizel apologizing to Anrie with such a serious look.

About three months had passed since they started living in the village. The day was so clear, that the blizzard last night seemed to have been a lie. The reflection on the fresh snow which covered the ground hurt her eyes.

“I’m going.”

“Yes. Have a safe trip.”

The greeting had become their usual habit. Ttoday too, Gaizel would be hunting.

After the incident involving Anrie, it seemed that the villagers became more accepting of them. Perhaps when the winter ended, they would be allowed to remain there.

That would be wonderful…

Tistye imagined the two of them staying together in that village until they grew old, and laughed bashfully. She had to go to the meeting place now, otherwise she would be running late.

—before those two, a familiar figure appeared.

The man appeared to have wandered through the depths of the forest and collapsed on the snow due to fatigue. Gaizel stood in front of Tistye to protect her, but soon lowered his guard and rushed to the man. Tistye immediately went towards the man and examined him.

The man had blond hair and silvery blue eyes—

—he was none other than Van Altranza who had introduced himself as the childhood friend of Gaizel.

“…Your Majesty.”

“Van! Why are you here?”

Due to Gaizel’s scream, Tistye became wary.

“Why are you here?! Could it be, to capture His Majesty!?”

But, despite their concerns, Van’s appearance was a bit strange. Even if he came directly from the Imperial Capital, his appearance was tattered. His beautiful face suffered minor wounds—and when Van saw Gaizel, his eyes narrowed in happiness.

“Your Majesty… you’re safe… what a relief…”

“What do you need? Depending on your reason…—”

Van shook his head left and right at Gaizel’s grim expression. When Gaizel finally released his intimidating aura, the tension relaxed. Van’s eyes were teary.

“Please… help us.”

“What happened?”

“The Imperial Capital is being attacked by Yenzie!”

Due to his words, Tistye and Gaizel stared at each other.


*Gaizel: ///Can actually think for himself, is his own person, and has his own way of ruling the kingdom///

*Those Rebellious Basterds: WE DON’T NEED HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

///Got attacked///

*Those Rebellious Basterds: WE NEED HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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