I am a Duchess who has Rewound Nine Times, but my Tenth Life Seems to be a Reward Mode Translation

38. Third Go! (10)

The library of the West Wing was brightly lit. Ally pushed a tea cart as she went to the place Maximilian used to hate the most.

The four muscle devas had requested for tea to be prepared for the Crown Prince, whom was doing research until late at night. Besides Ally, the only female servants in the West Wing were old maids—in the end, the task fell to Ally who looked sturdy.

A little later, in the library, she encountered the musclehead Martin, whom was walking like a log, swinging his hard arms around.

“Ooh, if it isn’t Ms. Ally. I am about to start playing with the mouse that has snuck to the West Wing.”

“Did you find out who it was? As expected of the son of the Knight Leader—he is famous for his onslaught of wind and rage.”

“No, no, it’s also thanks to Geoffrey’s calmness, Stephen’s foresight, and Chris’ brain. Therefore, excuse me! His Highness is in the library, waiting for the delicious tea!”

Hahaha! With a lively laughter, Martin disappeared across the hallway. She was already used to the sight—but his back sure was broad and muscular.

Having such a giant towering before him, I think even the most wicked of criminals would cry and confesses instantly…

Martin was the third son of the Knight Leader of the Order of the Knights—however, he could be considered the legitimate son because his two older brothers died at a young age. His house had been leading the Order of the Knights for generations—hence why he caught Saint Mia’s interest.

Geoffrey was a candidate for the future prime minister; Stephen was responsible for managing the economy; and Chris was expected to make use of his brain in legal matters.

If Maximilian became king, they would all lead the kingdom. What happened to them after they were charmed by Saint Mia? She didn’t know, because Alicia was the first to be executed.

It seemed that the dreams they had been having since the age nine was vague and hazy—despite so, she wanted to listen and gather all the information she could possibly get.

“Your Highness, I brought you your tea—can I enter?”

“Hm? Oh, it’s Ally. Thank you, I was just thinking about taking a break.”

She didn’t know if it was his natural posture, but Maximilian was sitting on the floor with a pile of books beside him. He looked up at her. Because his weight was concentrated in one place, the floorboard made uncomfortable, creaking, noises.

A brief look at the spine covers of the piled-up books shocked Ally in her entirety—they were all in foreign languages!

In her past nine lives, Maximilian disliked studying and putting effort—therefore, that was truly an unthinkable development.

“Did you read all these… they are all books with descriptions about different worlds…”

“As expected of Ally. You can understand their contents just by sparing them a glance. Even though you’re a baroness, your knowledge is admirable—your parents are praiseworthy.”

“Well, uh, indeed… although not famous, my father is a scholar…”

With a cheerful laughter, “Ohoho”, she removed the covering of the pot. Then, she poured black tea into a copper mug custom made by a craftsman.

Meanwhile, Maximilian was staring at the book in his hand.

“I’m thinking of passing my opinion to my Father. The treatment for that lady, who claims to hail from another world, will be decided by my Father, and then the religious organization. I am looking for similar cases that could be used as references in foreign literature—but it’s no good, fairy tales are the closest I could get.”

Saying so, Maximilian rubbed his eyes with his thick fingertips. When Ally offered him warm tea, he received it with one hand and smiled—“Thank you.” He looked ridiculously thick as usual, but she felt dejected to admit that he also looked amusing and cool.

“…Your Highness is such a hard worker.”

“Because this is the only thing I can afford to do. I’m not smart, many times, I was on the verge of giving up—but, as long as you keep going, it will pay off in its own way.”

After he drank the black tea and muttered, “delicious.” Maximilian’s attention returned to the book.

Ally knew because she was formerly the duke’s daughter, Alicia. There wouldn’t be any cases similar to Saint Mia to be found in the foreign literature. But she couldn’t say that.

The potent healing ability that was rare even in the world of Mia—it would end up captivating the king and the religious organization. Her fascination spell aside, her healing ability was truly beneficial to the kingdom and the world.

Well, how do I say this… umm, do your best.

He may be used to concentrating his mind, but she still didn’t want to get in Maximilian’s way. Therefore, she only muttered such in her heart.

Ally bowed like a proper maid and gently pushed the tea cart out of the library.


Hahaha! With a lively laughter, Martin disappeared across the hallway

That is surely a scarier sight than a chair flying at 2 am due to actual poltergeist.

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