The Returnee Noble Lady Attacks His Majesty the Dragon Emperor Translation

53.2 His Majesty the Dragon Emperor is Enjoying his Slow Life

Jill could only watch as it happened.

In a battlefield, lives shouldn’t be wasted in vain—the enemy should think the same.

A battlefield was supposed to end with minimum casualties…

…it was precisely that memory which made Jill realize, there was no such thing in the first place.

Hadith, who hadn’t managed to reach them in time, was left in the dark about the true nature behind his half-sister’s death.

In the end, his half-sister died—even though he came to prevent exactly that.

Surely, he was devastated.

Surely, he would blame himself for her death—he would blame himself for not arriving fast enough, for not rushing to her place right away… then he would cry while laughing.

She, herself, wondered if it was her fault for not tackling the princess immediately—

—the same way she could still recall the vivid smell of the blood which stained the hair she had begun to grow, that question remained in the back of her mind.

Because that would be the story from now on.

For Jill, who had gone back from the age of 16 to the age of ten, it was no longer the talk of the past, but the future instead.

…The outbreak of war between Kingdom of Kratos and Rave Empire, can that future be changed, too?

She pondered while gazing at the sky of the Rave Empire.

Why am I here?

She was beyond the passage of time, and also the borders of magic.

“Ah! What a good cabbage this is! To turn out so green like this! I shall use this today, then!”

yes, why am I here, indeed. What am I doing, really?

“To be able to obtain fresh vegetables, how great! It was a nice idea to sow those seeds! If this good weather continues, surely, it will flourish! I sure am looking forward to that!”

She could stand it no longer and instinctively kicked him in the back.

“Why!? Why are you growing cabbages like a drunken grandpa, Your Majesty!?”

“It can’t be helped… once we get to the imperial capital, we won’t be able to do this anymore…”

Hadith, who toppled over and whose face was sinking into the cabbage field, answered without any hint of anger.

Hadith Theos Rave—the Emperor of the opposing kingdom who should’ve been Jill’s greatest enemy.

For some reason, Jill’s husband was now tending thea farm while wearing gloves and an apron—

—it was important to note that even today, he was definitely still the Emperor of the Rave Empire.

Yes, he was indeed the Emperor—even though he’s the emperor!!!

“But it doesn’t have to be growing cabbages, right!?”

“It’s fine. I’m growing other vegetables properly, too. Soon, the strawberries will be ready—”

“—that’s not what I mean! What you should be properly doing is thinking about this situation! Especially from the perspective of a bystander!”

“You needn’t tell me that, I’m thinking properly about it—after all, today’s dinner is pot-au-feu.

“Eh, pot-au-feu…?”

“Not to mention, I also obtained a large salted pork, I will dice it into big chunks and then simmer them. There will be a melting sensation as you chew on it, you know.”


In the back of Jill’s mind, who is weak to food, floated the image of a simmering, piping, pork pot-au-feu.

Hadith was good at cooking. The pork he was boasting about must be scrumptious due to the greasy fat—after swallowing her saliva, she realized something.

“—that’s not it, Your Majesty…”

“The potatoes are growing nicely. This region is warm, the beginning of spring comes quickly, which I am grateful for.”

“—ugh! Are you even listening to me, Your Majesty!? You should’ve ordered us to do this instead! Moreover, you’re in a state where you can’t use your magical power freely, but you’re already working hard in the field!”

“Oooi, Your Majesty, Captain, I’m back! Look, I got a big catch from the river!”

“Look, Jill-chan~! Look at this big bird~! I’m the one who caught it~!”

Hadith stood up with a smile after hearing the voices of his subordinates who came back from behind the broken stone wall.

“Let’s process the bird so that it can be preserved. Should the fish be salted and grilled while it’s fresh?”

“Now, that sounds really nice~ not only is there a river here, beasts also live in the mountains, which make the hunt worthwhile~!”

“Honestly, I once worried about what would happen when we reached this place, but it’s surprisingly a nice change.”

The subordinates, whom were nodding to each other, caused Jill to clench her fists.

“Even Zeke and Camila, too! Why are you guys getting used to this kind of life, instead!?”

Perhaps surprised by Jill’s yell towards the blue skies, the little chick she adopted shrieked.

***T/N: Honeymoon like situation between Jill and her husband and her sidehoes! Fresh vegetables, shimmering pot-au-feu, greasy pork chop! How great it sounds! Hahahahahaha, ha, ….ha…. //Is still haunted by the scene that was the previous half of this chapter// 


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