Translation Your Majesty, the Voice of Your Heart is Leaking!

3.1 The Life of a Newlywed is Full of ups and Downs (3)

While the sun was shining overhead, Gaizel and his entourage finally arrived at their destination, Isiris.

Gaizel, who pulled the reins and stopped the horse’s feet, leaped to the ground as he was. Turning around, he silently extended his hand towards Tistye.

Tistye was a bit scared due to the height, but took his hand in the end. Then, even more vigorously than she expected, she was quickly pulled down.

“This place is, Isiris…”

Due to the scenery in front of her, Tistye inadvertently took a breath.

In the distance, misty mountains were lined up—it was as if they were trying to recreate the image of a white horse’s back! The lake, surrounded by a lush green coniferous forest, produced faint white ripples. Because of how transparent the water was, the dorsal fins of the swimming fishes were visible—Tistye chased them with her eyes.

“It’s the Lake of Nagama. Once winter comes, it will freeze all the way to the bottom.”

“The entire lake!?”


Tistye proceeded to approach the edge of the water and peered inside the lake—the bottom of the lake had a deep blue color, which made it hard for light to shine through. Due to its mysterious beauty, her heart swooned involuntarily. At the same time, Tistye recalled the other day’s lesson.

It was said that Isiris was greatly affected by the four seasons—especially during the winter. In winter, Isiris became a very cold, life-threatening, world. The people of Isiris made a living out of agriculture during the summer, and hunting and crafts in winter. It was a small kingdom with no big cities—only some villages in the mountains.

“When you cross that mountain, you will find Yenzie.”


Yenzie was a huge kingdom comparable to the almighty kingdom of Verscia. She had read that Yenzie’s trade routes were well-developed due to it facing the sea, and that it possessed rare gems and fabrics which couldn’t be found in Verscia.

The impression she gained from seeing the real thing in the flesh and blood, when compared to the impression she obtained from a book, was unparalleled.

“What are you being so amazed about, come here.”

By the time Tistye noticed, Gaizel was already carrying their luggage while walking ahead of the lake. When she chased him in a hurry, she saw a mansion behind the trees.

The architecture had a white theme. She was quite impressed by the number of thick pillars engraved with floral patterns there were lined up and down.

“Lord Gaizel, this place is…”

“It’s my villa.”


“Let’s go.”

She followed Gaizel, who kept walking forward.

Indeed, Isiris was one of the kingdoms overtaken by Verscia during the war. It was no wonder there was a villa intended for the Emperor Gaizel there… Not only was it similar to his main residence, it was also larger.

Yet again, Tistye was reminded of the authority Gaizel had.

“—Your Majesty the Emperor, we bid you welcome.”

When they entered the villa, the servants who were in charge of the place welcomed them.

As she passed the room, Tistye showed a look of admiration once again.

“The lake is right in front of us!”

The room had a window on one side of the wall.

A large balcony was built outside the window to oversee the lake. A small but cute sofa and table had also been also lined up there.

When Tistye opened the window, the refreshing breeze flowing over the surface of the water rushed in, making the room feel as if it was literally floating over the lake.

Aside from Tistye, who was so moved to the point of utter speechlessness, Gaizel immediately went to the doorway of the room after putting down her luggage.

“I need to do some visitations. If you need anything, just relay it to the servants.”

“Ah, yes! Have a safe trip!”


As Tistye smiled and saw him off, Gaizel kept staring at her.

The moment he opened the door—as usual, she could ‘heart’ him.

[“The nerve of that Randi guy! Which part of this is an exchange for a honeymoon?! Is there anyone else who could hand out so much work other than him!? To think that I have to leave Tistye alone and do visitations… what kind of honeymoon is this!?”]

Once the door closed, the voice of his heart was cut off.

Gaizel’s sorrowful voice caused Tistye to unintentionally smile.

On a side note… I keep wondering, why does he keep staring at me all the time?

Even with such an expression, perhaps he wasn’t angry, but had poor eyesight, instead…

Still, the people around her always said that Gaizel had a stern look—what a waste, really.

Tistye smiled happily—alright, someday, I shall ask him the reason!

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