I am a Duchess who has Rewound Nine Times, but my Tenth Life Seems to be a Reward Mode Translation

15. First Go! (15)

Ally rushed to the front door.

All of those men looked like they belonged to the special division of the royal army. However, a maid as she were, she still had to greet the prince and his entourage.

She barely arrived at the entrance hall when the door opened. Ally bowed deeply.

Due to the impact of Maximilian’s new appearance, she was shocked to the point of speechlessness—thus, she couldn’t talk to him, which she was grateful for.

“—the maid over there, pardon our intrusion. How’s Stila?”

When asked by Maximilian, who was leading the men, Ally instinctively replied with ‘Yes!’—her head was still lowered.

“I, it is as devastating as you can see… the building is already as dilapidated as it can be—but, even worse than that is Lady Stila’s condition herself!”

“I see… by the way, your employment here started a week ago, correct?”


She was glad she was out of breath.

Since she was merely a baroness hailing from the countryside, the entire time she was guiding Maximilian to Stila, her head was bowed and her right hand was held before herself.

When they entered the living room, Stila was sitting on the sofa, wearing a tattered dress. A look of unease could be perceived from her face.

“…How unthinkable!”

Inside the messy living room, which was left dirty exactly for that day, Maximilian suddenly fell down.


…it turned out that she wasn’t hearing things when she heard that noise.

Noooo—! The floor is giving out—!

Behind the row of muscular men, Ally was grasping her face.

“Forgive me, Stila—! Look at how thin you are—! The news of Lady Kelly’s death didn’t reach me in time—no, I have no excuse—!!”

Full of remorse, Maximilian, with both knees and hands on the floor, once again was oozing that fighting-aura-whatever.

“For my father and mother to let this happen—how deplorable…!”

Unable to withstand the mysterious pressure originating from Maximilian, the walls and the floors shook and cracks began to form—

no, seriously, this is a very dilapidated place, so stop what you’re doing right this moment.

“—you shall worry no more, Stila! This dilapidated place seems to be crumbling rapidly! It’s no an exaggeration to say that this place will soon collapse! Come to the west wing of the royal palace and live together with this brother of yours!”

—no, it’s not an exaggeration to say that it’s your fault this building is crumbling rapidly!?

She had so many things to retort upon, she couldn’t keep up—however, Ally soon regained her senses when she saw Maximilian stand up, about to approach Stila—

“—as if I would let you—!!!”

With feet that had been trained back in the baron territory, Ally leaped—in an instant, she had not only overtaken Maximilian, but also caught Stila in her embrace. Lastly, she made a brilliant turn.

The thin body, which was hugged by Ally, was trembling faintly.

“—Your Highness Crown Prince, forgive me, but Lady Stila is in a very bad condition and has become distrustful of other people—therefore, it doesn’t matter even if you’re her older brother, please refrain from making sudden contact.”

Ally lifted her face and declare it once and for all—

—the Lump of Muscles x 5 were honestly so scary! …but of course, she couldn’t say that out loud.

Stila clung tightly to Ally’s neck. Ally also drew her close, to the point their cheeks touched.

***T/N: For all I know this novel could be a fitness campaign: fictionalized, come in medieval edition.

So instead of stand, they have high reiatsu.

…Ever since that shocking chapter 13, whenever I tried to picture the novel’s scene in my mind, it always comes in 1990s heavy line shading, full of criss-cross, and overshadowed shounen anime…

**E/N: More than being afraid of other people, the “fighting spirit whatever” is what is probably doing her in >.>

***T/N: There is this x 5 you know

Shin Kyūseishu Densetsu Hokuto no Ken: Kenshirō-den (movie ...

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