I am a Duchess who has Rewound Nine Times, but my Tenth Life Seems to be a Reward Mode Translation

23. Second Go! (7)

In conclusion, Maximilian and the others became much better.

Everything Ally was wary about, instead of being multiplied by zero, which would result in zero—was instead multiplied by three.

Number to multiply x the number that could be multiplied… it had to be noted ‘the number that could be multiplied’ referred to the chance of those five men becoming popular—which was as close as they could get to sinking underground.

Thanks to the concentration of the mind they acquired by meditation, they became able to freely move in and out of their fighting spirit and exuberance modes. Therefore, on a daily basis, their hair no longer went against gravity.

When it came to their natural hairstyle, combined with their well-defined facial features—

—to be honest, it was still hard to say whether or not they finally showed the semblance of being the prince and sons of aristocrats—

—yes, the semblances were probably there—

—or maybe not.

Still, it’s the first time in my life I’ve witnessed this many tailors gathering in one place—their numbers are overkill…

Well, he was the crown prince, after all. As such, gathering 100 tailors from all over the kingdom was a simple feat. After returning from the mountains, they decided to keep their promise and meet the second condition, which was to change their wardrobe.

The tailors who were summoned (all men, by the way) were the most skilled at their job.

I’m sorry for the trouble, everyone!

To design an attire for the Muscle Special Squadron was something beyond the capability of a normal craftsman.

The tailoring process was currently progressing exactly like a battlefield. The attires for the five people weren’t only tailored at extreme speed, but also according to the latest trends.

In front of those discussing tailors, Maximilian and the others assumed the quiet state akin to the immovable mountain.

Watching the entire process while leaning against the wall, Ally couldn’t help but recall her past nine lives.

Back then, the Muscle Special Squadron had such slender limbs, they could wear absolutely everything just fine…

The five men used to be so beautiful, if a magical mirror were to be asked who was the most beautiful in the land, their faces would appear.

Hence why, Duchess Alicia and her friends also gave their damnedest to match the unshakable beauty of those five men.

—now the appearance of those five men caused her to shake instead.

How far thing had progressed!

No, no, no, I mustn’t be easily shaken like this. I’d like to think what I’ve been doing until now would be some kind of help to my former four friends… it would be great if this will prevent them from being discarded…

According to her kingdom’s beliefs, women mustn’t be too smart, mustn’t be overly dependent on their husbands, and must readily accept to let go of their husbands after performing the task of bearing an heir.

The current Ally could jump and kick those beliefs while screaming, “what a load of bullcraaaap—!” But that was probably impossible for those four.

If the four muscle devas showed even the slightest hint of being demeaning to their fiancées—even before Saint Mia descended with her fascination spell—Ally vowed in her heart that she shall be the one who corrected them through her fist.

“—what do you think Ally. Does it suit me?”

Maximilian’s eager tone returned Ally to reality.

She quickly looked in front of her—

—there was Maximilian, wearing black attire from his head to his toes.

It had a stylish design which incorporated the latest trends, and the tailoring was at its finest, she was falling for it.

Looking behind him, several tailors were sitting while leaning against the wall. They looked utterly haggard—“I’m… totally… beat… all I can see, is white…”

Even if the tailors had used the latest foot-operated sewing machines, they shouldn’t have finished that quickly!

Or, could it be, as tailors, they had reached a whole new level? One that not just any tailor could reach?

“What do you think—or, does it not suit me after all?”

Maximilian’s voice sounded a little impatient. Ally took a closer look at him.

His hair, which no longer stood upright as if praising the heavens, transformed into a stylish one.

It was no longer the Ron hairstyle he retained in her past nine lives, but one that truly fitted a prince.

A shiny black shirt and a glossy black jacket. The coat covered his ankles well.

For the time being, she wanted to express her gratitude to him for throwing those knee-length breeches away.

“I, I think it suits you well, Your Highness.”

Those unexpectedly sincere words came out of Ally’s mouth—indeed, the attire suited him.

Over and over again, in her past nine lives, she had repeated the exact same words—

—this time, however, her feelings were completely different.


According to her kingdom’s beliefs, women mustn’t be too smart, mustn’t be overly dependent on their husbands, and must readily accept to let go of their husbands after performing the task of bearing an heir.


Lmao, positively speaking, it means Duchess Alicia loved Maximilian mostly not for his appearance in her previous nine lives…

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