The Returnee Noble Lady Attacks His Majesty the Dragon Emperor Translation

58. His Majesty the Dragon Emperor is Enjoying his Slow Life (6)

Their destination was the region of Noitral, which was West of the Rave Empire. It was the territory of Duke Noitral, which bordered the Northern half of the Rakia Mountains. The Rakia Mountains themselves acted as a natural border between Rave Empire and the Kingdom of Kratos.

Despite there being steep mountain ranges, various towns were built to protect the border. Each town had walls and various academies which were protected by the Knights of Duke Noitral.

In the first place, the Duke of Noitral was one of the three Archduke families in the Rave Empire. For generations of emperors, it was customary to take a princess from one of the three families which were somewhat related with the the Royal Family of Rave.

…George, who denounced Hadith as a false emperor, was the son of a daughter of Duke Faert, one of the three archdukes.

For Hadith, who became an emperor without a proper aristocratic background, those three archdukes were relatives, but also political enemies. Jill felt impatient—he might be chased soon.

But Hadith revealed that the inside wasn’t like what she was expecting.

“Compared to the other two, the Duke of Noitral is knightly, and is often neutral amidst power struggles. Rather than aiming for the throne, he would rather stand around and talk about the defense and management of the territory.”

“Then, he can be our ally?”

Un. The Duke of Noitral’s princess’ son, the prince, is already dead.”

Towards Hadith, who said the previous words with humor, Jill’s expression stiffened.

“Is it… related, to the conspiracy about Your Majesty’s curse, after all?”

“It seems so.”

“Then wouldn’t it be better if we don’t ask for his help…” Hearing Zeke uttering so, Camila frowned.

“—in the first place, is there any other aristocrat who would extend his aid to the Emperor~?”

“To be honest, I don’t know. My mother was a commoner—a dancer, or something like that.”

It wasn’t that her status was low—she was born a commoner. However, because there used to be many heirs to the former emperor, she was allowed into the royal family.

“Then, what about Your Majesty’s brother, Prince Vissel~? As of now, he’s the crown prince, right?”

“My brother’s backing is my uncle. My uncle only has one daughter and that child is my older brother’s fiancée.”

“‘The enemy of our enemy is our friend’—that kind of pattern, huh?!”

Jill wanted to support the barking of Zeke, but she decided not to.

Because Hadith believed in his brother. If possible, she didn’t want to say anything that may cause a crack on their brotherhood.

“In other words, what lead His Majesty to become the current emperor, excluding the Goddess’ curse, was the conquest of the former emperor and the divine sword…”

“The divine sword is of the utmost requirement. Especially when others can’t see Rave. If the sword is proven to be fake, it would be easy to kick me off the throne. The measures taken by my uncle were correct. Even without me, the Imperial Capital would still be the political powerhouse with my older brother, Vissel, being there.”

“Then, aren’t we basically stuck in a rut?”

“There’s no such thing~”

Zeke, whom was scratching his head, blinked. Camila’s gaze also wandered around. Jill also lowered her head, unsure what was Hadith implying. Hadith was smiling.

“Your Majesty, do you still have something up your sleeves?”

“That fake divine sword won’t last long. Soon enough, it’ll break. We’ll wait until that happens.”

“Break, you say… ah, the recoil from the magical seal, you mean?”

There was no doubt that the false divine sword George had used was a medium for powerful magic. In addition to Jill, he had also sealed the magic of Hadith—eventually, it would be reduced to a normal weapon.

“The restoration of the magical powers of both Jill and I mean that the sword is losing its power.”

“I see, then surely, waiting is the best choice.”

“It’s also reckless to rush into the enemy’s trap.”

“First of all, let’s prioritize our safety and lay low. Then we can figure out how to overcome the enemy~”

What Hadith said was persuasive. Jill was a little proud when she saw the relieved faces of Zeke and Camila—

—and that was how she became careless—

w, who would’ve thought! We really are going to do nothing! Nothing at all!

At first, ten days had passed in which they prioritized their safety and focused on letting their injuries heal. Half a month went gone by with them trying to make a living, and it would be another month before some change or instruction would come.

The only results during that phase were cabbages and potatoes, which were carefully tended by Hadith. She ended up kicking Hadith who chose to grow cabbages. His previous back pain had been completely cured.

“Let’s! Do! Something! —Anything!”

Finally, unable to stand it anymore, Jill declared such at the dinner table where they were having pot-au-feu for dinner.

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