The Kingdom of Everlasting Night and the Last Ball Translation

14.2 The Forest Festival and the Stall of Rose

“It’s a variant of the forest-knit fairy. Don’t touch it, it’s ferocious.”

“Despite looking like a knitted glove, it’s a fairy. What is a fairy, really…”

Although it’s a snowy forest, it’s as if Noin’s walking on a flat ground…

His footsteps were light—said spirit of Midnight Throne was currently walking while holding Dia.

It seemed that the strength of nonhumans was completely different from that of humans. There was no sign of his arm getting numb.

She was surprised he could keep carrying her the entire night, considering her weight. It seemed that not only was he a slender beauty, he was also supple and masculine. She wondered if Dilvier was capable of the same feat.

“…The firewood looks like it’s going to be chopped quickly.”

“I’ll say this now, but all creatures other than humans hate fireplaces. That wood is going to be used to make a magical door to draw in extra things.”

“Well, well, I see. I didn’t know that at all. Do you dislike fireplace too, Noin?”

“I don’t know how many times I’ve wanted to extinguish the fireplace in your room.”

Nanu. Humans who can’t be gently warmed by magic will freeze and die, so please refrain from doing that.”

“I’ll only permit it until tomorrow.”


Then, is there something beyond tomorrow?

However, death was an indispensable part of Dia’s revenge—so that she could finally enjoy the other side which she had always yearned for.

She may not be able to spend Evemeria in that way with him anymore—but judging from what he had said, would they be reunited on the Day of the Dead? Would he take her somewhere again?

When she thought about it, she felt happy. Dia quietly covered her mouth, which was itching to smile, with one hand.

It felt as if he was smiling too, but when Dia looked up at Noin, his face was clear.

“But, isn’t gratin baked using the fireplace?”

“As if. That’s what the oven is for.”

“…So, gratin isn’t baked in the fireplace?”

“Where did you get that silly information?”

“…When the thought of killing them occur, I conspired to use gratin.”


As Noin narrowed his eyes, they passed through the forest.

Their surroundings suddenly became bright and the hue of the night changed.

Dia then turned her eyes to the view of the town that was presented to her.

Involuntarily, she grabbed Noin’s shoulder tightly, before quietly touching the ground using her toes three times.

“…It’s the town.”

She was currently stepping down on a town that would be considered as fairytale in her own kingdom.

Is it because of Evemeria?

The town shone bright with decorative trees lit using magical lights and mysterious, shimmering, blessing stones. Petals were scattered on the snow-covered sidewalk.

There was a small ornamental tree on the window side of the store, and the fairies were clinging to the window, looking at the ornamental tree.

It seemed that many restaurants were still open, but there was also a lot of shops which sold the goods of the festival. Those goods would probably sell out by the end of Evemeria.

When she entered the town while still in the arm of Noin, who walked slowly, fireworks that were launched from somewhere enveloped the night sky.


“This town has the longest-running Evemeria. After the night mass, there will be the ceremony of the bonfire. The mass itself is slow to start because it’s not strictly Evemeria.”

“Why is Evemeria the longest in this town?”

“Probably to make money. There are many people who are moving away because the festivals of this town last two times longer than those of major cities. No matter how you look at it, the number of shops don’t match the size of the town.”

“Hence why I can enjoy Evemeria here.”

The town was lively.

Festival greetings were being exchanged here and there in the relatively small town. The town itself had that mysterious uplifting atmosphere.

As they walked down the sidewalk and joined the flow of people, the owner of one of the stalls noticed her and beckoned.

Since it was the first for Dia, she stiffened completely—hardly knowing what to do. It was then when Noin looked back in a familiar way.

“My, my… a spirit, I see. Is that lady in your embrace your lover?”


“Her magical zone is low. I want to let her enjoy the festival, but she can’t walk on her own.”

“That sounds quite problematic. However, if she’s being cared for so much like this, then surely, the problem will be solved in the end. Now, how about some festival baked goods? Some of our food stalls are for children, which are less stimulating for the magical zone.”

“There’s no star honey added?”

“Nope. I use sugar flowers and misty honey as substitutes instead. Even if she only has around 20 ranges of motion, she can have it.”

Nodding to the words, Noin bought a baked sweet which was freshly baked—probably using magic, because there was no sign of a fire.

A large cake baked in an oval shape was cut into thin pieces and put into a paper bag with a smooth surface so it could be bitten as it was.

After saying ‘thank you’ to Noin, she took a quick bite. The cake contained plenty of dried fruits, and she was overwhelmed by the scent of spices, such as cinnamon and nutmeg.

It had a slight sweetness; therefore, she could eat as much as she wanted.

Next, she spotted a skewered meat shop. Dia quickly pulled Noin’s clothes to inform him, because he was looking in a different direction.

“Noin, look, your favorite skewered meat is there.”

“Not once have I ever said that it’s my favorite.”


“Good grief…”

Then, Dia bought the skewer of a mysterious creature called pork. After eating the finest skewered meat dressed with herbs and salt she had ever tasted, she still felt unsatisfied.

The meat was so delicious that it left a great impression on her. Dia finally found her first favorite variant of meat in her life.

“Gya! My skewer was taken away!!”

“If you plan to eat them all, don’t forget there’s still the next stall.”

“…Muguu, o, okay then, only a little…”

Dia protested in a hurry—but certainly, it would be better to eat little by little, considering it might be possible to eat various other things.

She reluctantly changed the angle of the skewer so that Noin, whom was holding Dia with one arm, could easily eat it.

Hot wine poured into a paper cup, a bite-sized cake with honey, round, fresh cheese.

Of course, fluffy steamed bread-like sweets, strawberries and chocolate cookies were also indispensable.

A paper doll that spun round and round, and an ornament from Evemeria which looked more gorgeous than the queen’s necklace…



Oh, so that person is a dragon…

A man who passed also hugged his companion gently like Noin. When she stared at him, he had curled horns and was one head taller than anyone around—he matched the characteristics of dragons that she was taught.

A fairy in the shape of bird, whom was trying to steal the lease of a stall was scolded. When she looked closely, those bread-like creatures, there was actually an abundance of them.

There was a snowfall. At the end of the street leading to the square in the center of the town, a mysteriously illuminated church was visible.

There was a large ornamental tree in front of the church, was that the ornamental tree Noin wanted to show her?

However, just by looking at the small ornamental trees scattered all around town, Dia had already leaked a sigh of great satisfaction even though they hadn’t yet reached the large ornamental tree.

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