I am a Duchess who has Rewound Nine Times, but my Tenth Life Seems to be a Reward Mode Translation

7. First Go! (7)

The bathhouse of the old palace was a mess. Ally first had to use water magic to clean it, then fixed the tiles by crushing rocks using earth magic.

“Now, Lady Stila, let’s get warm inside the bath~ I’ve magically built a crime prevention system around this palace, therefore, no one can sneak in!”


Perhaps because Ally’s name was similar to her deceased mother, Kelly, Stila quickly became attached to her.

Now, if only I could use healing magic… well, indeed, if I could, I wouldn’t have to gather money for Jean’s surgery, but I also wouldn’t have met Lady Stila, either.

The magical power of royalty and aristocrats utilized what was in nature, such as earth, wind, water, and fire. Healing magic was of a different category in itself, and only a few people could use it.

Saint Mia was a woman who could use the healing magic like an idiot.

Recognizing her infinite healing power, a cult was immediately formed. She was instantly referred to as a ‘Saint’. It could also be speculated that in the world she was originally from, she had a harsh life, thus was why her physical strength was as abundant as Ally’s.

I may as well be called ‘Ally-Boot-Camp’… it seems that I no longer have a choice—

—since I am the reincarnation of a duchess, all the magical knowledge was within my head.

As long as I keep training my physical strength, there might be a chance for me to learn a healing spell someday…

Ally envisioned a military-based physical fitness system. Back when she was still a duchess, she also started such a movement once, which became a craze in the kingdom—

—not in a positive notion, though. Everyone deemed it as something a woman should not do, but a second son who wanted to gain employment through the measure of strength.

She begged to differ—strength was exactly what a woman needed!

Like, imagine this—if more women could use magic, especially those whose engagements were annulled because of Saint Mia—namely my friends, Marilyn and Carol, could throw a shot at that holy woman!

A woman was an excellent ‘vessel’ that bestowed her magical power to future generations— such was the norm. But what was even more prevalent was the darkness that was the pretense surrounding man and woman.

But, suffice to say, all the men in this kingdom are idiots. Just because she was a cheat woman who fell from another world, they were enticed by her magic from left and right!

Recalling the enormous cost that was Jean’s surgery, Ally dressed the slender Stila in her pajamas.

“Come, Lady Stila. I shall tell you a wonderful tale as you fall asleep.”

“Yes! I would like a story about a lovely princess!”

Guwwaahh…!!! Lady Stila, you, you’re the lovely princess!”

Ally decided to put off renovating the old bedroom to tomorrow as she breathed into her palms which were now forming a cup—

—twinkling dust, just like stars, manifested and rose to the ceiling.

Fairies and Pegasus ran around within the darkness, and a magnificent story was spun using the ceiling as some kind of screen.

“Wow! Amazing!”

At the beginning, Stila was excited. But, Ally had also casted a dark magic that had a calming effect.

Back when she was still in her own territory, never would she had thought that she could use magic that easily—therefore, she never showed any of that to Jean.

The face of her dear little brother overlapped with Stila’s face.

It costs a lot to treat you, but don’t worry, in the royal capital, there’s a five star master healer.

Once said master removed the bad thing from inside Jean’s body by dividing it into multiple parts and used healing magic, surely, that boy would be as healthy as a normal child.

“Lady Stila, sweet dreams.”

While still lying down, Ally lightly patted Stila’s stomach.

Eventually, after confirming that she was asleep, Ally rose from the bed.

“—come, Apostle of Darkness, did you return with what I wanted?”

Ally snapped her finger. A figure emerges from the darkness—he was carrying several documents in his hand.

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