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Extra 6.1 Discarding Angelica (Part 3)

It was quite common for couples other than the main couple to cameo in romantic novels.

Especially when it was a rival that directly threatened the main couple.

It was unlikely to happen when the rival had bad personality, but if their personality was good, they would usually make friends with the heroine—

—and when a charming, good-natured, and not to mention, single character was by the heroine’s side, readers would became anxious and frustrated.

Therefore, by giving yet another rival character to be with said rival character, the anxiety of the readers could be eliminated. Those rival characters would then play an active role as the friend of heroine. Their romance, too, would take a different pattern from the love of the main couple.

“I think there’s a story regarding Rime and Raspberryna in this volume…”

Angelica took out two books from her bookshelf—

—They were ‘Doki doki! The Prince is a Bully! ~the Tomboy Noble Lady Cranbellica’s Bittersweet Love Story~, the fourth and the fifth volumes.

“Ah! Here it is!”

She flipped the pages and stopped when she spotted Rime’s name.

It was a scene where Cranbellica was consulted by Raspberryna about love.

“Yes, this happened, didn’t it~”

Angelica lied on her bed again and assumed a comfortable reading position.

She recalled her initial impression when reading that scene—as if killing two birds with one stone, not only did the two rivals became heroine’s friends, they also became a couple.


“Whenever I approach Lord Rime, I can’t help but think that I’m being a nuisance to him…”

“No, no, on the contrary, I think Rime and Raspberryna suit each other! I’m sure he’s just a little awkward around you!”

Cranbellica patted the back of Raspberryna who was feeling down.

That day, Raspberryna transferred to Tropicarn Academy.

“Today as well, let’s have lunch together, alright?”

“Cranbellica, thank you…”

Raspberryna was on a short-term study abroad program due to her matchmaking with Lemonado. But, due to a reason that surfaced the other day, she was officially transferred there.

It was because Raspberryna strongly urged her father, saying that she had a lot to learn from that academy.

“Speak of the devil.”

“Ah, Lord Rime!”

Cranbellica spotted a mop of green hair in front of her and pointed towards it. Raspberryna, who was lying down, rose up with starry eyes.

“Hey, Rime! Aren’t you early today?”

“Good morning, Lord Rime!”

“Morning, Cranbellica, and good morning, Princess Stroberyl…”

Responding to their greetings, Rime turned around, seemingly a little confused.

“Rime, what’s with your formal greeting? Didn’t she say to call her ‘Raspberryna’?”

“N, no, if Lord Rime doesn’t like the idea, it’s not like we can force him, right?”

“It’s not that I dislike the idea, I just don’t know how to behave around the neighboring kingdom’s princess…”

As always, Cranbellica’s childhood friend was behaving stiffly.

Eyeing the dejected Raspberryna, and then the nervous Rime, Cranbellica shrugged.

“…Then, how about calling her Princess Raspberryna?”

“T, that’s a good idea!”

Seeing how the once depressed-as-if-the-world-was-ending Raspberryna was now beaming again, Rime relented.

“L, Lord Rime, please! I want to hear you say my name!”

“…Princess Raspberryna.”


Just a single mention of her name made Raspberryna happy. She looked overjoyed.

Rime just didn’t like being embarrassed. Inherently, he didn’t mean anything bad.

“Well then, since I’m waiting for Prince Lemonado, it’s up to you, Rime, to escort Raspberryna to the principal’s office!”



Cranbellica struck a mischievous wink and rushed out of the way, trying to support the couple.

“Lord Rime, Lord Rime, I especially baked a coffee cake for you to eat! It’s your favorite flavor, right?”

“Ah, right, thank you very much…”

“Come on, Rime, don’t be overly polite like that!”

Lunch break of that day.

Cranbellica occupied a table in the courtyard along with Rime and Raspberryna. Of course, Raspberryna sat next to Rime, while Cranbellica sat across the two of them. Lemonado would arrive later.

“Furthermore, there are also coffee cookies, coffee muffins, and coffee beans…”

“Huh? Beans…?”

“I thought you would want to bring some home… I ordered one with strong acidity from my kingdom, just the way you like it, Lord Rime…”

Raspberryna’s homemade sweets (other than the beans) lined up one after another on the table.

According to what Cranbellica heard, it seemed that it was common for noble ladies to be good at cooking in Raspberryna’s kingdom. Even royalty took up some cooking in lady education.

“Waaah, how delicious. You’re amazing, Raspberryna!”

“What a relief, please eat a lot.”

Cranbellica reached for the muffins and cookies.

The aroma of coffee, mixed with the exquisite scent of butter, wafted from the muffin.

The cookie melted in the mouth, giving off a strong flavor of bitter dough and chocolate.

Rime gawked at the fact that Raspberryna was capable of making such a delicious dessert.

“…I hope it suits your taste, Lord Rime. I’m sorry if I made too much…”

“Uhm, …alright, I guess, I’ll try the cake.”

Rime awkwardly tried to reach for the cake amongst the lined-up sweets.

Raspberryna’s question was apparent on her face—“—Am I being a bother?”

It seemed that Raspberryna was quite a natural to the push-and-pull operation.

“…It’s delicious, Princess Raspberryna.”

“Lord Rime—!!”

Rime murmured while chewing the cake.

Raspberryna was gleaming already.

“Alright, tomorrow I shall prepare twice the amount!”

“No, that’s a bit too much.”

Cranbellica giggled at her childhood friend, whom was apparently fumbling with his words.

He just didn’t want to say anything that would hurt others—

—her childhood friend turned out to possess a gentlemanly side to him, no matter how clumsy and childish he usually was.

“Well, to me, Prince Lemonado is the best, though!”

Cranbellica stuffed another piece of coffee cookie into her mouth, waiting for her beloved, whom was about to come.


“That’s right…”

After reading the story of Rime and Raspberryna, Angelica, who remembered a memory of that time, took a break.

It was a good story—a very good story, however…

“Raspberryna’s hobby is as bizarre as ever, but I agree with Cranbellica—Prince Lemonado is much cooler!”

she recalled that extra, painful, memory.

That was Angelica’s first impression after reading that part of the novel.

On one side, there was a handsome prince whom every girl in the kingdom yearned for—while on the other side, there was this stiff, dull, boy.

Cranbellica who received the love of such a prince, when compared with Raspberryna whom was obsessed with a boy who was far inferior in position, status, and appearance—

—at a glance, the best couple should be obvious, right?

Even Angelica herself at that time thought that it was too pitiful to even compare the two couples.

“—Milady, it’s about the appointed time.”

“Oh, right! I’ll head out, now!”

***T/N: …And Prince Lemonado was never seen in the novels’ excerpts ever again….

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