Translation Your Majesty, the Voice of Your Heart is Leaking!

2. The Life of a Newlywed is Full of ups and Downs (2)

“What did you do today?”

At dinner, Gaizel’s cold voice echoed, breaking the long silence.

Nowadays, he started returning home a little sooner, so they had the opportunity to have dinner together.

“I’ve been studying the language and history of Isiris. Then, starting from the afternoon, I learned dance.”

“My kingdom consists of many nations. If you’re going to be the empress of this kingdom, that’s only expected of you.”—

[“—even though she hasn’t become too accustomed to her surroundings yet, she already has so much to do… what a dutiful wife… she’s pushing herself… as I thought, isn’t her schedule too tight? If that Randi guy keeps doing things his way, then Tistye might collapse!”]

“Fufu…” Tistye smiled, earning her a glance from Gaizel. “Hmph.” That was the only thing he said.

From the servants’ point of view, the intimating emperor was cornering his pitiful wife. They didn’t know of the totally different reality.

Eventually, Tistye stopped eating and Gaizel put his fork down.

The attending servant walked up to gather the plates—it was then,


Gaizel’s sharp voice flew at the direction beside Tistye—to Lizzy.

Lizzy widened her eyes, recalling the incident during the daytime.

Huh!? I said nothing, though…

The surprised Lizzy was already trembling. Tistye exhaled.

“Get lost, now.”


“Do I have to repeat myself? Get lost.”

“L, Lord Gaizel, she did nothing—”

“—shut up. I told her to get lost.”

The one who abruptly interrupted was none other than Tistye, but Gaizel’s reply was cold.

Lizzy’s face was utterly pale, the moment Tistye said her words, she rushed outside the room.

“Lord Gaizel, why go to such an extent—”

When Tistye tried to argue, the voice of Gaizel’s heart rushed towards her.

[“—the maid just now… her name’s Lizzy, right? Her complexion looks bad… probably because of a fever. Recently, there has been severe case of illness in the town. I hope it doesn’t become serious…”]

“What? Are you going against my words?”

“No, never mind…”

She lowered herself into her chair again. Recalling Lizzy’s situation earlier… how compassionate of him.

I didn’t notice it at all, even though she was close to me…

Maybe Lizzy fumbled with the comb due to her deteriorating physical condition. Even though Tistye grasped her hand, she didn’t notice anything amiss with the maid…

Despite that, Gaizel realized at first glance that her complexion was strange…

Still, his choice of words… but, overall, he’s still much better than me…

Tistye clasped her hands, as if she had decided to do something.

Tistye headed to the servant’s dormitory.

The servants greeted her sudden visit with surprise, but they immediately guided her inside due to Tistye’s desperate appeal.

“Lizzy, how are you doing?”

“E-Empress!? Why are you here, in such a place?!”

Tistye stopped Lizzy, whom was about to get up from her bed.

Tistye sat down on the chair beside her. Looking closely, Lizzy’s face appeared to be red, while her eyes were moist… it seemed that her fever hadn’t gone down yet.

“You have a fever, right?”

“How, how do you know?!”

“His Majesty told me.”

To be precise, in his heart, but she was better off keeping that a secret.

Tistye’s words made Lizzy’s mouth go agape from shock.

“H, His Majesty…?”

“Yes. Whenever I got a fever, this is what I would drink—this drink contains nectar and herbs. I thought it would help, since it warms your body up…”

Lizzy was at a loss for words. She clasped the cup Tistye had filled with the liquid from her water bottle in her hands.

Eventually, large tears began to spill from Lizzy’s glossy eyes.

“I, I can’t admit that I have a fever… because I might get reprimanded for not taking better care of my body… therefore, I tried to keep silent and cure it somehow…”

Her voice broke—Tistye rubbed the back of Lizzy, whom was in tears.

What a relief… thanks to His Majesty, I managed to help her, even if a little…

After crying some more, Lizzy laid down on her bed, not forgetting to drink Tistye home-made medicinal water.

Tistye kept holding her hand gently until she fell asleep. Lizzy kept muttering apologies.

That day after Lizzy’s fever had dropped, Gaizel suddenly announced during breakfast.

“Today, I’m going for a visit. You’re coming too.”

“Visit… you say?”


Tistye narrowed her eyes involuntarily. She had never accompanied Gaizel to his work before.

I also haven’t been to the royal palace yet, since the official announcement of my ceremony hasn’t been made, Still… I wonder if it’s okay to come along with him…

As a result of the Queen’s speech in politics, many historical kingdoms had waned.

Because of such a reason, Tistye was convinced Gaizel wouldn’t require her involvement.

“Where are you going?”



Recently, she was taught by the tutor that it was located in the North of Verscia, and was famous for its iconic scenery. Tistye bemoaned her fate—for she would only be able to experience such scenery through books—or so she thought.

But, at the same time, Tistye found it hard for the words ‘I want to go’ to pass her mouth.

“…Wouldn’t I get in the way of your work, Lord Gaizel?”

“Nothing would change just because I brought one more person.”

Tistye gave a questioning face to Gaizel, who had a somewhat complicated look.

However, once she heard the voice of his heart, she soon understood everything.

[“—I, it’s an alternative for our honeymoon! But, did it come off to her as something else instead? Am I being confusing? But, if she dislike the idea… if she were to reject going on a honeymoon with me… I wouldn’t be able to recover for about three days… Randi, what am I supposed to say at such a time…?”]

Tistye started to blow out some steam. Gaizel noticed it and gave her an even more stern look.

While the servants turned deep blue, Tistye gladly responded—“—I shall go with you.”

After breakfast, Tistye returned to her room and immediately started to change clothes.

A white cloak made of wool. On the collar was a light-shaded fur. The sleeves were draped.

Because no trousers were available, she looked for a dress that gave her as much freedom of movement as possible.

When she hurried out, Gaizel was already there. Not only had he finished preparing himself, he was also waiting on top of a fine black horse.

The moment Tistye felt overwhelmed by the height, Gaizel reached out—it somehow felt familiar…

…as he extended his hand towards Tistye as a form of invitation, the servant rushed to carry over the small stairs.

After a couple of steps up, she was pulled by Gaizel to sit on top of the same horse.

When she sat down, the arms of the handsome Gaizel wrapped around her, while Gaizel’s eyes peered into Tistye.

“Have you ever been on a horse?”

“Several times with my teacher… but, to ride a horse as fine as this, is my first…”

“You better try your damnedest not to fall, then.”

Fuun, Gaizel’s laugh sounded as if he was sneering at a fool—but then, as usual, the voice of his heart…

[“—when she’s as close as this, she’s terribly cute… she also smells good… not to mention, she’s light… Is she really human!? What if she’s actually an angel, or a fairy!? I mean, I just pulled her on top of my horse like that, she might dislike the gesture!? She mustn’t fall—I mustn’t let her fall, even if it spells death for me…”]

“Y, yes!”

Tistye’s reply turned odd mid-sentence, it was because she was flushed from the barrage of his true feelings.

Once everything has settled down, Gaizel slowly kicked the horse’s flank.

The hooves made a slight noise as it began to run against the cold wind.

Even though there was a saddle, being on a horse’s back was unstable, not to mention, it shook a lot.

For a moment, it swung to the left, and Tistye held on to Gaizel’s chest on reflex.

“Oh!” Tistye sneaked a glance at Gaizel, wondering if he thought she was being rude.

He lifted his brows, saying, “How weak.”

A normal lady might get angry with such a selfish person.

But, Tistye, who could hear the voice of his heart, had to desperately try not to laugh.

[“—Tistye, just now, Tistye, she, she hugged me—!!! N, no, she accidentally did it, don’t be conceited, me. She lost her balance, as such, she reached out, and I was the closest to her. I was like a wall to her—or a handrail, of a stair… is the horse too fast? …but, actually, this isn’t bad in itself… or rather, good! I want to stay as it is!”]

“—what are you laughing at?”

“No, nothing at all.”

“So, this speed means nothing to you, huh? Therefore, I can speed up a little more.”

Gaizel then pushed the spurs on his heel against the horse’s flank, further speeding it up.


[“—Tistye, just now, Tistye, she, she hugged me—!!! N, no, she accidentally did it, don’t be conceited, me. She lost her balance, as such, she reached out, and I was the closest to her. I was like a wall to her—or a handrail, of a stair… is the horse too fast? …but, actually, this isn’t bad in itself… or rather, good! I want to stay as it is!”]

–EMPEROR, EMPEROR!!! BE IT YOUR WIFE, ME, AND MY READERS,WE ALL CAN HEAR YOUR SHAMELESSNESS LOUD AND CLEAR!!!! PLEASE EXERCISE RESTRAIN, YOUR MAJESTY!!!! …oh god, if this dude actually found out about this later… ///suffering second-hand embarassment///

And as always, whenever we get a glimpse of His Majesty’s true feelings, we also get a glimpse of that Randi guy’s overall character.

Boy, I love how through this chapter, the Author established that not even Tistye’s ability to read people’s heart would enable her to actually grasp the whole picture.

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