I am a Duchess who has Rewound Nine Times, but my Tenth Life Seems to be a Reward Mode Translation

10. First Go! (10)

A week had passed since Ally entered Stila’s palace.

Considering chores as part of her training, she decided to work in a way that would put stress on her muscles. In her spare time, she played with Stila while building her muscles—of course, she remembered to take proper rest.

Thanks to that, Ally’s magical power truly increased.

However, she still hadn’t acquired a single healing spell.

As I thought, maybe it’s not something you attain, but something you’re born with—

—no! I mustn’t lose hope!

If Ally acquired healing magic, she may be able to also acquire the same ‘Charm’ spell as Saint Mia.

She didn’t want to save Maximilian and Duke Grants—but, it was possible that no one would save them, either.

Therefore, after Ally put Stila to bed, it became her daily routine to check her magical prowess.

She would use magic to summon the darkest apostle, the highest familiar, to cooperate with her.

“What do you think, Kuro-chan? Is my magic increasing?”

“Who knows? Now that I’m able to speak, it seems so.”

“Wow! Kuro-chan spoke!”

“Please refrain from addressing to me as ‘Kuro-chan’ just because I’m black. I’m first-class in the darkness lineage, Abel.”

The dark apostle seemed to be called Abel. Today, they finally had a proper conversation. His appearance also became less hazy, and his emotional expressions richer. Ally’s magical power was definitely increasing.

Her other minion—the hawk, also referred by her as ‘Takkun’, opened his mouth while watching Ally.

“My Master, I’ve properly scattered your accusation—disguised as ‘Servant A’s accusation’—around the Royal Duke of Radphen. He should be making his move soon. The royal palace is getting noisy.”

“Someone is coming to this palace tomorrow to confirm the facts.”

According to Takkun’s report, the hands of Duke of Radphen had started to move. It seemed that some of the servants who fled from the palace regretted what they had done.

“I wouldn’t have been able to achieve anything without your help. After all, I’m merely a baroness. It’s great that I’ve been able to do something after only a week…”

Ally was the daughter of the lowest-ranking aristocrat in the Kingdom of Hollandia, Baron Crunea.

No one would’ve dreamed that the maid who worked for them was the same woman who was also the strongest magician.

Once Saint Mia descends, I will lose that strongest spot, but this current life of mine is just so different!

Duchess Alicia had no ally, but Ally had Abel and Takkun.

She was able to make do with the available grains and fruits, and also the meat of the wild boar caught by the clay doll on the first day, but she would like to get some seasoning.

“New dresses, fabrics, needles and threads, soaps, food and more! Then, teaching materials to give a proper noble lady education to Stila! I shan’t be defeated, alright, dispatch, Abel, Takkun, eeeeyyy—!!”

Ally pumped up her right fist. Not only the goods, but also the budget that should had been allocated to that palace also needed to be regained.

The Apostle of Darkness, Abel, only raised his hand lazily, while Takkun, who was perched at the end of the fireplace, spread a wing and displayed his sharp claws—his eyes were emitting a grin.

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