I am a Duchess who has Rewound Nine Times, but my Tenth Life Seems to be a Reward Mode Translation

11. First Go! (11)

After finishing his duties, the hawk—Takkun—returned to the mountain.

Ally, after some stretching, also crawled into the same bed as Stila.

Surely, in a not so distant future, Stila’s cheeks will become plump!

She cheered herself while hoping strongly.

The appearance of Stila as she slept with peace of mind was really cute.

“By the way, Abel, if you’re finished with your task, you can always return to the world of darkness, you know?”

“This world seems more interesting… besides, I’m manifesting without using Ally’s magic, therefore, you needn’t worry.”

“Well, if you don’t consume my magic, then that’s great. You can do as you please, but wake me up tomorrow at five A.M.!”

“That’s quite early.”

“Fufufu, I have a hunch that something will occur. Maybe I’m starting to develop some kind of foretelling skill. Good night, then!”

Abel was a dark apostle sporting long, black, hair. Other than living in a different world than humans, Ally also felt that he resembled a demon king…

It was a big concern for a lady to be in the same room as a man without an attendant, but she didn’t think it was necessary to consider Abel a man.

Ally fell asleep, her nose basking in the scent of Stila’s hair.

“Ally, Ally, it is as you say.”

“Uuugh, why did you wake me up…~”

She did recall asking him to wake her up, but she was sure she wasn’t the only person who would behave unreasonably upon waking up.

“Marianne, the head maid of the royal palace, is coming here along with eight large carriages.”

Abel, who kept manifesting without consuming Ally’s magic just because he thought it was fun, finally laughed.

“It seems that they come bearing the order to arrange this unseem villa before Duke Radphen himself makes his entrance so that they may contradict the accusation. It’s as Ally expected.”

Nnn~ is Marianne alone?”

“No, there are men pushing the eight large carriages. They don’t appear to have magic—do you want to misguide them into the forest?”

“Can I rely on you for that? It would be a great help for me since I can’t afford having it traced back to me at all costs. Just thinking about it makes me nervous.”

“Of course, it’s an easy feat, you needn’t worry about the cost. Ally, you’re just like the late Almighty Demon King. Be it your personality or aura… it has been a thousand years since he passed—how nostalgic.”

“Alright, that I shall ask you then. Keep misguiding them until the hands of Duke Radphen arrive—and if you somehow change your mind later and say something like, ‘As I thought, I must demand payment after all’—you will be meeting my right fist, okay?”

Abel nodded as he exited through the window. Ally decided to go back to sleep after seeing his strangely excited back.

“Hey, Ally, you’ve done your utmost to wash my dresses, so why do I still have to wear this dirty one?”

“Please be patient for a bit, Lady Stila. This will help you appear more credible. No matter what anyone says, just nod weakly as a response—can you promise Ally that?”

After having breakfast with Stila and getting ready for the morning, Ally said such with a grin.

It was time for aristocrats in general to begin their daily activities. Therefore, it was also time for Duke Radphen, who was also the royal magistrate, Earl Gashim, to come.

A royal magistrate was an honorary profession, but with little function.

However, if a servant wants to accuse another servant of this and that on the royal palace grounds, the servant is supposed to deliver said accusation to the one who bares the role of royal magistrate.

If the royal magistrate were to side with the royal faction, no one would move at her accusation.

However, there was nothing more convenience for Earl Gashim—the king’s younger brother—to use to denounce the king than Stila’s current predicament.


“Uuugh, why did you wake me up…~”

She did recall asking him to wake her up, but she was sure she wasn’t the only person who would behave unreasonably upon waking up.

I relate with her on a soul level.

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