The Noble Girl Who Finds a Nerdy and Plain Guy Moe Thinks that the Arrogant Prince is in the Way ZCompleted Translations

Extra 7. Discarding Angelica- Later Talk

“That’s right, Shari, why don’t you try reading a novel of mine?”

“What novel is it, Ange? …‘The Tomboy Noble Lady Cranbellica’s Bittersweet Love Story’?”

“There’s a character similar to Riol-kun in it—”

“—I shall read it, thank you very much.”

The next morning after the three of them went to the café—

—in the academy’s classroom, Angelica took out several volumes of the series from her bag and put them on Sharina’s desk.

“How many volumes are there…? Huh? There’s no volume one, though…”

“Cause’ I burned it.”

“You burned it…??”

It was because at that time, Angelica found it so painful and unbearable, she did that on spur of the moment.

Sharina had a strange expression due to that unexpected response, and murmured, “Why, what happened?” But soon was calm again. “Well, as long as there’s a character similar to Riol, it’s fine.”

“Be careful of fire okay, Ange?”

“I know, I know. I immediately doused it with water so the carpet became flooded instead of burned…”

Again, Sharina showed a dubious look as she said, “Why would you go to such extreme lengths?”, but immediately reconsidered again. “Well, as long as the volumes in which the character similar to Riol appear are alright…”

“Ah, but there are some things you wouldn’t be able to understand unless you read the first volume. Therefore, I will summarize for you.”

“I understand. I’m looking forward to what the story is about.”

“Yes. However, the story may be a little shocking, so please listen carefully…”

Angelica inhaled slowly, frowned, and the squeezed the story out.

“I understand now.”

Sharina didn’t understand Angelica’s tenseness at all. “It’s just a love story for female readers, why are you so serious…?” But then, again, she decided all was fine. “As long as a character similar to Riol appears…”

The next day.

“Thank you for lending me such wonderful books, Ange. They’re truly interesting. It’s quite the mystery why Cranbellica didn’t choose Rime, but people have different tastes, right? But it’s still quite astounding, though…”

“Yes… yes I think so too.”

If it was Angelica from one or two months ago, she would outrightly said that “—no, you’re the one who’s weird, Shari!”

The current her instead nodded quietly to the words of her best friend whom she lent some books to.

“He possesses the intelligence to consider things calmly, the kindness to give advice to his childhood friend many times despite her hate, the integrity to genuinely wish for his childhood friend’s happiness, and profound knowledge, plus keen eyes of superior judgement and also his almighty decision that ended in him saving the life of both Cranbellica and Raspberryna at the end of the third volume.”

“No, his action didn’t go to an extent that it could be called life-saving…?”

“There’s a chance of dying from that injury due to heavy bleeding, you know.”

“You said that so seriously… as I thought, Raspberryna and Shari resemble each other…”

Sharina, who talked about her own impression with unwavering eyes, overlapped with Raspberryna—by that point, Angelica wouldn’t have been surprised if Raspberryna was made using Sharina as a model.

“It’s often said that he isn’t good-looking, however, he was complimented a lot over his lush mop of hair, green eyes, and his slenderness that is the splitting image of a girl. Don’t you think his character setting is a bit blurry?”

“…That’s just your own interpretation, Shari. I’m sure of it.”

“But, even if he isn’t good-looking, Rime is still cool. Of course, Riol is cooler—keep in mind I’m not saying that I like Riol solely because of his looks. I was really fascinated by his appearance at first, but the reason for my love is more because he has saved my life from the inhumane evilness that was the blood-sucking flower.”

“I got it, I got it, Rime is so cool, isn’t he!?”

Although Angelica thought the blood-sucking flowers weren’t that dangerous, but that was expected of Sharina. Thus, Angelica decided to just go along with Sharina. After all, Sharina had been her childhood friend for ten years.

Nevertheless, it had been a few months since they had been in a discussion like that.

“By the way, is there a continuation of this series? I want to read all the volumes containing Rime.”

“Sure, it’s a fairly long series, after all. I will bring you the rest tomorrow.”


Angelica never expected Sharina to finish the novel that quickly. If she had known, she would’ve brought the remaining volumes that day.

“In volume six, there’s an extra story starring Rime and Raspberryna.”

“My! I’m looking forward to it!”

That wasn’t the first time she had recommended a romantic novel to Sharina.

Since a long time ago, Angelica wanted to share novels she found interesting and discussed it with her best friend, so she often recommended them.

“As I thought, Rime just feels inferior and unworthy of being with Raspberryna because he’s a baron’s son…”

“In truth, their standings aren’t all that different. Cranbellica’s kingdom, Flutaria, is one of the largest, most powerful, kingdoms in the continent—while Raspberryna’s, despite being considered a neighboring kingdom, is merely one of the small kingdoms bordering Flutaria. Raspberryna is the fourth princess, as such, she wouldn’t come first in the order of succession to the throne. Furthermore, even though it’s an engagement that hailed from Flutaria, Lemonado already has a lover. Raspberryna isn’t troubled with him marrying another aristocrat either—to the relief of those who planned the matchmaking.”

“You came up with such an analysis in such a short amount of time!?”

But that was the first time Sharina had ever been that invested.

Up until now, whenever Ange lent her a romance novel, she would be more fixated on the delicious-sounding descriptions of the food and later would ask Astraea to recreate it. Or Sharina would find main character’s pet cat cute… and that was it.

By the way, the recreation of the dishes made by Astraea were very delicious.

“Fufu, how happy I am. Never thought Shari would be interested in romance story as well.”

“To be honest, I don’t know what is it with Cranbellica and her preferences. I’m only interested because Rime is in it…”

“I honestly share your opinion, so don’t look too sad…”

Never would she have thought there would come a day where they shared the same impression on a romance novel like that.

“Rime is really cool, just like Riol—of course, Riol is cooler. But, if I were to speak strictly of main characters in a romance novel, then Rime may be the best character.”

“He is a side character, though…”

“I know. In other words, I’m saying that he’s cool enough to undermine the main lead himself!”

“I got it, I got it! Prince Lemonado just didn’t catch your eye!”

However, she was still happy that her best friend loved her favorite romance novel (even after not reading the first volume) and could discuss it fervently like that.

Angelica had always wanted to discuss romance novels with Sharina.

“Of course, it could be said that amongst the entire third volume, the scene where he could instantly tell apart a cannibal lily from a normal lily is his best moment. Still, he has been cool ever since he first appeared. Certainly, in volume two, we are supposed to see him as some kind of ‘villain’ who threatened Cranbellica and Lemonado’s love, however, everything he did was for the sake of Cranbellica! That’s why he chose to be cold and harsh-sounding whenever he advised her!”

“Right? At first, I thought he was such a pest, but after reading it again, I was a little moved by his devotion.”

“T-to think of him as a pest!? But he’s the main character of the second volume!! He took on such a dirt-stained role, all the while never ceasing to think about what’s best for Cranbellica! He kept giving out advice, and wished with all his heart for Cranbellica’s happiness—even if it meant his own love never coming true! That’s the kind of person he is, a kindhearted man!”

“Eh, huh, yes, okay.”

Discussing it fervently—would it be more correct to say that Sharina was indeed feverish?

“Although he kept being depicted as uncool, his mop of hair hanging to cover one of his eyes, or whenever he lowers his face, half of it is enveloped by shadow—if those aren’t mysterious and cool depictions, then I don’t know what is! After all, both Rime’s appearance and personality are cool—he’s a wonderful hero!”

“I, I see, you can also interpret it that way…”

Indeed, they were no longer on the same wavelength about it, but it was still fun none the least—to have friend she can talk to about whatever they like.

“I’ve said it numerous times but, he truly saved them from that cannibal lily! Considering Rime’s leg strength, which seems to lack exercise, he wouldn’t have reached them in time if he didn’t move immediately after spotting them from the window. He decided that on a whim. His lack of physical strength was also evidenced by the heaving of his shoulders after he ran that short distance. That—is proof of him running desperately!”

“I, it’s amazing, you even calculated his lack of strength and the reason for his slowness…”

Sharina’s line of praises continued on for a while, and Angelica nodded with immense admiration.

Certainly, never would she have thought that the scene where Rime was heaving his shoulders a bit pathetically was instead a silence witness to his coolness.

“I agree with you, Rime-kun sure is cool, isn’t he!?”

“Yes, so cool, that Prince Lemonado is dust compared to him!”

…perhaps it could be said that Angelica got a little brainwashed.

But, under the warm, morning, sunshine, inside the classroom, the joyful voices of two girls as they chatted about a boy they admired echoed.

…Sometimes later, Riol came to consult Angelica.

It seemed that he had listened to parts of Sharina’s conversation, and, with a serious countenance, asked Angelica—

“—who could this Rime be?”

To which Angelica gently presented the Cranbellica’s bittersweet love series.

**A/N: Favorite character list!

Sharina’s favorite character is Rime.

Angelica’s favorite characters are Rime and Raspberryna.

Riol’s favorite character is Raspberryna (he wouldn’t admit it, though.)


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