I am a Duchess who has Rewound Nine Times, but my Tenth Life Seems to be a Reward Mode Translation

12. First Go! (12)

Ally opened the window and whistled towards the sky—immediately, the calm figure of Takkun could be seen approaching. Amidst the air, he plunged and did a wonderful turn.

“Good morning, Master.”

“Good morning, Takkun. Soon, the nobles will arrive. I can’t let them detect any magic, so I’ll have to disable the magic I applied to prevent crime. Can you keep an eye on the surrounding forest?”

“Of course, Master. If a crisis approaches, I shall hit the window with a pebble once. If other people come, I shall hit it twice.”

“Takkun, you’re super excellent~ alright, I shall leave it to you~!”

Ally joyfully stroked the head of Takkun, who was dexterously flapping his wings to stay flying.

“Alright, Lady Stila. Guests will arrive soon. But, until then, Ally shall tell you a story!”

“Yay! I love Ally’s stories because they’re so funny!”

Ally sat on the sofa and patted her thighs. Stila happily jumped into her lap.

Back then, she always did this with Jean—Ally exhaled at the memory.

“—Once upon a time, there was a daughter of a duke who was praised as the most beautiful woman in the country. When she stood, she resembled peony root. When she sat, a blooming peony. When she walked, a lily flower. At the age of seven, she was chosen to be the fiancée of the crown prince, whose appearance resembled that of an angel, was talented, and gentle-hearted…”

When Ally told Jean of the story, she didn’t change anything. However, for the dreamy, sheltered, Stila, Ally was sure it would be better for her to listen to a story in which the prince and the duke’s daughter lived happily ever after.

Making such a story was easier than Ally thought—

—after all, it was the future that Duchess Alicia had longed for in all her nine lives.

It’s a wishful, impossible, dream—but still a beautiful one.

In all her previous lives, without a fail, Prince Maximilian fell into Saint Mia’s clutches—

—not to mention, in Ally’s current life, their difference in status was just too great.

No, no, no, the difference in status is actually something for me to rejoice! It means having less chance of being involved with him!

She kept reminding herself that the late wishes of Duchess Alicia, who existed no longer, had nothing to do with Baroness Ally. She resumed the story that Stila enjoyed.

Soon, a commotion could be faintly heard from outside the window.

It would be great if she could use detection magic to confirm who it was—

—however, Abel, her reliable ally, was outside. Therefore, Ally could have some peace of mind.

“—thus, the beautiful duke’s daughter and the intelligent, kindhearted, prince married and lived happily ever after—the end!”

The story had decreased in length, but, even though Stila was clapping her hands cutely, Ally could still hear the sound of pebbles hitting the window—


Ally twisted her neck in confusion—

There was a loud sound of something hitting the window at super high speed—then, the window rang three times.

—what was that supposed to mean?!

three times?!

Ally gently laid Stila’s body aside and rushed to get up.

She didn’t think Takkun would make mistake like that—what was happening?

The next moment, there was the loud voice of someone—

“—Prince Maximilian! This palace isn’t a place for someone as high of a stature as yourself to step into!”

“—we would get rebuked by the Queen, please, turn back at once!”

Prince Maximilian—?!

All over Ally’s body, goosebumps erupted.

Sweat gushed from her temple.

Stila was staring at Ally’s face, which probably had turned pale all of a sudden, with anxiety.


—after all, it was the future that Duchess Alicia had longed for in all her nine lives.


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