The Returnee Noble Lady Attacks His Majesty the Dragon Emperor Translation

44. The Veilburg’s Murder Suicide (2)

In front of Hadith, who sat in the middle of the banquet, a row of young girls were lined up.

It was in the courtesy of Marquis Veil.

…when Hadith thought about it, after learning of his below-fourteen-year-old preference, there was mockery in Marquis Veil’s smile.

“Apparently, we have misunderstood Your Majesty’s preference. Tonight, I have chosen some girls that would adhere to your Majesty’s liking.”


Those girls who had been dressed up couldn’t even be considered teens—they were but children.

…Some were even single digit in age.

“It seems that he heard from Lady Sufia that your fiancee’s prerequisite is under fourteen year of age.”

The voice of Rave inside Hadith’s head half-convinced him of the fact.

Come to think of it… he hadn’t seen Sufia yet. He did promise to protect Sufia back then at the port, but seeing her now would be counterproductive.

“…Please choose whichever you like.”

‘Whichever’—such word was used by Marquis Veil, who lined up these girls like a merchant would his items.

They were all fetching—ironically, the first thought that occurred to Hadith was; ‘They must be expensive.’

…Did Marquis Veil do this to eliminate any future chance of Northern Division’s reformation?

How foolish can he be?

Hadith of course didn’t let such thoughts appear on his face. He refused the offer with a smile.

“It isn’t be good for children to still be awake so late into the night. Let me take care of them.”

“I understand. Which child does Your Majesty wish to be sent to your chamber?”

Marquis Veil’s face didn’t move in the slightest.

It made Hadith wonder what would happen if he was indeed a person as cursed as his title.

What would befall those little girls? …Would Marquis Veil care?

The answer was obvious. those girls were insignificant to Marquis Veil.

But the single thought that occurred in his mind before—was he as unpleasant as this man?

Even so, he chose to do something about it.

“If Your Majesty can’t choose, sending three or even four children at once can be done, too.”

Finally, the heat of his anger rose to his face, and Hadith’s mouth slipped.

“—most importantly.”


“I’m a pedophile, is that what you’re trying to say?”

Due to Hadith’s cold voice, Marquis Veil lifted his face.

Those aristocratic girls whom were looking at him were also frozen silly.

Hadith snorted—how annoying.

“I’ll be outright—tonight’s feast doesn’t suit my taste. I’ll withdraw from here—how foul.”


“Enjoy the rest.”

He quickly turned his heels and left the venue. That way, Marquis Veil would understand how big the Emperor’s disappointment was.

“It looks like even more troubles will befall you tomorrow.”

‘Indeed.’ Hadith replied to Rave in his mind.

To achieve their goal, what would that bunch do next? Would they still try to gain his favor or go on the offense?

—it would most likely be the latter. After all, they didn’t manage to get what they came all the way there for.

How troublesome.

Why would those girls agree to this? Do they truly belong to the Veil family? Or was it because Marquis Veil bought them?

They are hopeless…

“Lord Hadith! I’m so glad! We finally managed to meet!”

When he turned around the corner and was about to approach the stairs, he heard someone’s voice—


When Hadith turned around, he frowned instantly.

The figure that was running towards him was barefoot.

Not only barefoot, but only wearing sleepwear covered in sheet. She didn’t even put any make-up on.

Needless to say, she wasn’t like her usual self; a lady who always tried her best to appear like a dignified lady; one that was suitable to be called the Emperor’s tea-friend.

“What happened? More importantly, what is this appearance of yours? Shouldn’t you be bedridden after being caught up in the Naval Port’s incident?”

“I, I really want to speak to you about that—the story of those who helped me!”

“…I heard your Father saved you.”

“You’re mistaken, those who saved me were the members of the Northern Division…”

Sufia nodded to Hadith, who widened his eyes in shock.

“One of them used a bow, while the other used a great sword… their names are Camilla and Zeke, they helped me escape from the naval port together.”

“…where are they now?”

“…They didn’t dare approach the vicinity of this castle because they would most likely be killed on spot. I was asked to deliver a message—my Father may be involved in the incident involving the Northern Division.”

Sufia continued, trembling slightly.

“There’s no evidence. The two men who helped me said they couldn’t prove it, but they claimed that the security of the naval port on that day was too lax. He said that the aristocratic members were absent and only commoners were stationed that day… those bandits, they invaded, dressed as the Northern Division. I suspect someone was leading them. Other than that, after the invasion, the rest of the bandits were missing… I’m sure my Father let them escape… In some form, my Father is involved, I’m sure of it.”

“…where could those who’ve helped you be now?”

“They told me they would surely be killed if found, thus, they escaped. They only sent me to this castle and told me to tell you this. I was also told against telling you that they helped me. When I tried to figure out who they are exactly from my Father, I discovered that none from his private army knew about them.”

“That’s only to be expected. They would be caught if were revealed they knew something about the incident.”

After a nod, Sufia laughed powerlessly.

“I… that day, my Father told me to go to the cathedral in the naval port… then, I immediately got caught up in that incident… and when I returned, rather than relieved, my Father was in disbelief. His face told me everything, ‘how could she still be alive?’…


She should’ve died.’ That was probably what crossed inside Marquis Veil’s mind that day.

Especially because he couldn’t exactly kill Sufia before the crowd after that incident. It would be terribly suspicious if his survivor of a daughter suddenly died.

Therefore, Marquis Veil decided that Sufia had to be ‘bedridden’ and locked up after that incident.

“…My Father keeps asking me—‘did you see something? Or perhaps, did you hear anything?’ I kept telling him that I want to speak to Your Majesty, but instead, I got locked up under heavy surveillance…”

“Did you escape?”

“I, it will be fine! No one has realized I’m missing, yet! They were busy with preparing the feast!”

Hadith sighed, hearing how reckless she was.

However, with this, his suspicion was proven true.

“Thank you. I have to commend you for your courage. …Leave it to me. After this, whatever your Father says, just listen and nod to it.”

“A, alright…”

“I’ll teleport you back. I hope you won’t be too disturbed by this, after all, you just go out of bed.”

“I understand. Umm, the two that have helped me…”

“Do you have any clues as to their whereabouts?”

“No, but they said they would flee the kingdom…”

“Well then, they might still be in here. Find them, and give them my thanks.”

Sufia nodded in relief.

Once he closed his eyes and opened them again, Sufia had disappeared.

Hadith thought while looking at the traces of his own magic.

Should I give them some commemoration for saving Sufia?

But first, he had to purge his surroundings.

He recalled Sufia saying something about them being commoners, however, that was also the extent of the information.

“I can’t help but say this; I wish Lady Sufia could see me…”

Rave perched himself on Hadith’s shoulder.

When he first heard there was a girl who could speak to the dragons, he summoned Sufia. But, she couldn’t see Rave.

She also didn’t lie about it. She just said, “I’m worried about Your Majesty.”

Thus, to shield her from her domineering Father, he made her his ‘tea friend’.

But that too, could spell a problem if he went too far.

Marquis Veil in particular, wasn’t too fond of Hadith’s friendship with his ex-wife’s daughter, Sufia. He was rejecting his own daughter.

Other than that—

will the Goddess appear?

“…If I’m going to eliminate Marquis Veil, at the very least, I must find her a good suitor.”

“You’re right.”

Rave nodded back.

In actuality, Rave couldn’t say that he was too fond of this side of Hadith—

—Hadith didn’t like leaving things half-done, because that was the same as being irresponsible.

Such was Hadith’s genuine sincerity.

Rave just didn’t want to see Hadith appearing in such a way.

“Lord, Hadith…”

The dead bodies were piled on top of each other—they were all girls.

A lone girl was stepping on a pool of blood, barefoot. In her hand was a long sword drenched in blood.

The pungent smell of blood and death.

“This, night, is an, important, night, for me, and you…”

As her cheeks were stained red, Sufia laughed gently. Her pupils were wide open.

Surely, her fate had already been decided the moment she uttered to him—

“—I’m worried about Your Majesty.”

Then, would none of that have happen if she didn’t say that?

Holding Rave, who had transformed into a silver sword—the Sword of the Dragon Emperor, Hadith laughed and answered.

“Good evening to you too —Kratos…


“…Please choose whichever you like.”

‘Whichever’—such word was used by Marquis Veil, who lined up these girls like a merchant would his items.

YOU–!!! You are the true rotten scum, here–!!! You’re the one who brought in all these little girls so they would become someone’s plaything–!!! You’re the one who should be routed by the FBI in the first place–!!! NO, they should’ve just shoot you on spot–!!! Not our Hadith, our Hadith is pure–

They were all fetching—ironically, the first thought that occurred to Hadith was; ‘They must be expensive.’


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