I, a Witch, am Requested by My Crush to Make Him Love Potion Translation

63.1 The Little Witch of the Old Days

Thin clouds soar in the sky of melting indigo. Along with the chirpings of the insects, the sunset leaves the mountain, dyeing its edge golden.

It’s autumn.

The season when dry, cold, wind starts to blow. The season where Roze inadvertently has to wear another layer of fabric under her robe.

She has to get ready for winter, but up to now, only a little has been accomplished.

“…You came again?”

After returning to the mansion, Roze is taken to the salon by Safina.

There, she sees Yashm sitting on the chaise longue. The words accidentally slip from her mouth.

The sun has already sunk. By being there at that time, he would be invited to supper.

The notion is supported by how most of the servants, who usually would be returning at that hour, are still running around.

The song of the insects, along with the smell of slightly damp soil permeates through the open windows.

Yahsm, leaning on the sofa, snorts. His black hair is loose.

“How noisy. I started coming here long before you. A newcomer like you doesn’t have the right to tell me that, what a Thieving Cat.”

Roze gazes around the salon—

Harij isn’t here.

Perhaps he’s in the cafeteria, giving instructions for preparing dinner.

“—Oi, oi Witch!”

Being called a Witch, Roze turns to Yashm.

…Didn’t he say he would do his utmost to refer to her as, ‘Roze’?

Just now, he called me, ‘Witch’, right?

For some reason, he still refers to me as, ‘Witch’…

“Oi, did you hear me?”

“What is it?”

Blue streaks appear on Yashm’s forehead due to Roze acting as if she hasn’t heard him.

“I’m asking if you know how important it is…”

…the reason he lowers his voice is probably because it is conversation that shouldn’t be heard by Harij.

She doesn’t know why Yashm is there today, but Roze intuitively thinks he has something he wants to talk about with her.

“Despite being the third son of the Azm Family, Harij is still the Count of Heislan. I’m asking if you know what he has sacrificed for the mere sake of being with you, even if he stays as a knight. In the first place, witches and marriage just doesn’t mesh with each other. Hey, if you truly are thinking about him, shouldn’t you back down?”

Roze’s first impression of Yashm’s current expression was—intimidating.

However, beneath is his compassion and a spirit that cherishes his bond with Harij.

Roze, who is hit by Yashm’s words, tilts her neck.


“’Hah’—!? What’s that damn reply—!?”


When she sees how disgruntled Yashm is, Roze answers expressionlessly.

“I agree with you. I don’t trust my own decision—‘surely, a terribly rocky path would await us’ was what I thought.”

Ever since her grandmother died, Roze has decided—

I will do what I want, and I won’t do what I don’t want.

All the money she earned, she used for her own self.

She didn’t know if living in such a way was good, but such was already the norm for Roze.

Harij also respects the way Roze lives.

“But, I also realized… your way of thinking, your judgments—those are what I’m obliged to respect.”

Harij trusts in Roze’s judgment and determination.

It’s a great source of power for Roze.

As long as he believes in her, she thinks she can do her best.

What Yashm has said—Harij of course is well aware of that.

Which means, Harij has already contemplated everything.

If it’s as Yashm said, if the sacrifice is proven to be unbearable for Harij—would he still have said all those things?

Harij also isn’t one to make light of any decisions he makes.

If he is truly against the idea, there are plenty of chances where he could just pull off the marriage—

—but he doesn’t do so.

Instead, he keeps Roze by his side.

Hence, Roze has also decided—

—she would stand by his side, as a Witch, and as Roze.

“I see, you aren’t as dumb as I was made to believe.”

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