The Returnee Noble Lady Attacks His Majesty the Dragon Emperor Translation

43.2 The Veilburg’s Murder Suicide

It was really troublesome because none of the Northern Division’s cases had reached Hadith’s ears.

Those bandits were a fake enemy.

Never would he had expected he would catch wind regarding the attack on his last day in Kratos.

It was just a small visit.

Yet still, he had a firm reason to visit Kratos. He had to make sure the Goddess was still in Kratos—otherwise, the thought that she might appear out of the blue would nag on him forever.

Nevertheless, the Goddess didn’t appear like he expected. Of course, he also tried to locate the Holy Spear of the Goddess, however, since he couldn’t detect any of her trace, he failed.

The current situation exhausted him even more, to the point he was faltering.

He was escorted to a room by Marquis Veil. The servants were forced out of the house. Hadith dropped his heavy cloak onto the couch. He flexed his neck, before stepping out to enjoy the sea breeze.

Rave came out, after hiding himself the entire time Hadith was in the Kingdom of Kratos.

“Aah~ we’ve finally arrived. Have you recovered from your seasickness?”

“Sleeping and the medicine helped a lot.”

“Even though it was only for a moment, you used magic to move the ship to return home, right?”

“I had no choice. If I use teleport, my sudden appearance would trouble them. However, it seems that my visit to Kratos ended up in vain—it only increaseed the amount of trouble we have.”

To put it simply, a scheming fool had made his move during Hadith’s absence. Just thinking about how far the impact that incident would spread gave him a headache.

Towards Hadith who leaned his entire weight on the edge of the terrace, Rave murmured.

“Still, there must be something we can gain from this… Albeit the fact remains that the Goddess hasn’t appear—is it because there’s no vessel yet?”

“Thinking about it, Princess Faelis would be the most eligible for that.”

“You’re right.”

He recalled a sickly girl he had spotted for a moment during the party. No magic power could be felt from her.

However, his intuition told him that it couldn’t be anyone else but her.

Not to mention, her bloodline made her the closest to the Goddess.

“Speaking of which, six years from now, that Princess will turn 14. Which means we have some time left—although I don’t know if this excess of time will yield a bad or good result. There’s also the possibility of another vessel. After all, Kratos produces many magical humans.”

“So, you’re basically saying that everyone in Kratos could become the Goddess’ vessel? That’s bad, there’s no moderation. I wish she would only choose from the royal bloodline, just like you, Rave. That would spare us all these unnecessary problems.”

“I don’t exactly choose, though? It has nothing to do with choosing. It’s a contract I’m bound to for the sake of staying as a deity. …Don’t pretend you don’t know that.”

Everyone in Kratos could become the Goddess’ vessel—such a thing was permitted because it was for the sake of love. After all, the Goddess of Kratos was the Goddess of Love.

The Goddess always whispered to Hadith—I love you, I love you so much. That’s why I did so—everything I did is for you. So you won’t be able to gaze at anyone but me.

“Since there is a Princess, that Goddess will surely focus on her. That means a lot less of a burden for you.”

“Not like we can confirm that for sure. After all, you didn’t come out during my entire stay.”

When Hadith complained to Rave who hadn’t shown himself even once during the Prince’s birthday party, Rave replied with a sneer.

“—well, obviously? In fact, you should’ve been grateful I didn’t appear! If I show myself and someone who could see my form appeared, what then? That would instantly alert the Goddess and she’d murder the kid for sure!”

“A girl under the age of fourteen who can see you and could stand against the Goddess? I wonder if such girl even exists.”

“Don’t worry, we’ll find her.”

Although Hadith was joking, an answer readily came from Rave who was serious.

“…Yeah, after all, the fifteen years old Prince of Kratos is already engaged. I can’t lose to him.”

“You’re right, that was the cause of the commotion during the party. What kind of child is she?”

“She’s a little girl—however, I saw a lot of potential in her. Her future looks promising. Even at this moment, she’s already brimming with magical power.”

“Really—!? Then she might be able to see me—!”

“Now that you say it, you might be right—!”

Rave was stunned by the shocked Hadith. “You, be more serious, this concerns your life, you know…”

“Well, I didn’t notice—! Ugh, back then, I should’ve kidnapped her—!”

“No, don’t do that—!? Obviously the Prince’s fiancée would be some kind of noble lady from a very influential family—!? Do you want to cause an international problem—?!”

“Oh, oh right, you’re right… It would cause a great shock if she suddenly cried, wanting to go home… consent is important. First of all, I must gain her consent.”

But, even if he did get her consent, she was still a noble lady from the opposing kingdom… well, still better than the Goddess. Hadith leaked a sigh while leaning his cheek on the terrace.

“I hope I find her soon—my bride.”

He yearned for it.

That was how he unconsciously blurted out those words in Rave’s presence.


“Well, I didn’t notice—! Ugh, back then, I should’ve kidnapped her—!”

///Immediately reach for phone in the pocket and is about to dial the authority///

–oh, oh wait… inside, he is a good man, bad ol’ habit of shrieking to the FBI kicking right there.

“Oh, oh right, you’re right… It would cause a great shock if she suddenly cried, wanting to go home… consent is important. First of all, I must gain her consent.”


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