I Don't Want to Break off my Engagement... Translation

35. Escape (3)

The conclusion arrived unexpectedly early.

It was because the black-robed men had returned.

Damn! Times over!

I almost reached her heart, but it was fine, I could still manage. If I gave up, I would lose. The chance might be slim, but I had to face it until the end!

“You’re out of time, Lady Tiarize.”

“…Looks like it, but I won’t give up.”

“Why? Shouldn’t you be aware of the hopelessness of your situation by now? They’re strong. You only have a sparse amount of magic left. You also have no weapon.”

Fern said quietly. It was exactly as she had said.

Due to the continuous fierce battle, my magic was depleted. I could only cast about one or two more spells. Still, I didn’t want to yield—

—because if I gave up, what would happen to the children behind me?

I stared at her, my fist clenched.

Fern smiled provocatively at me, she looked like a villainess.

I mustn’t waste my magic. Even though I was the losing side, being out of magic power would spell the end for me. There must be something, anything…

…at least something that would allow the children to escape—please, at least them…

In exchange for my life, would they release the children?

No, they weren’t that kind.

As soon as I surrendered, I would be in custody. The surveillance would hike up to the point where there would be no chance for me to escape. The children would be disciplined, then sold.

I mustn’t be frustrated here.

My body was no longer my own—I laughed, it was as if I was with a child!

Because I suddenly smiled, Fern frowned. Perhaps she thought I went crazy out of desperation.

“…Let’s make a deal.’


“Lady Tiarize, if you surrender, I’ll let you live. But, if you resist, I’ll kill you.”

Fern received something akin to a sword from one of the black-robed men—

—it was my rapier.

Trying to kill me using my own weapon? Her joke was in bad taste.

I again smiled involuntarily.

“I stand my ground—I shall fight til’ the end!”

“What a dumb person, well then, you’ve sealed your own fate.”

“As long as I believe, there’s hope. You said that yourself, Fern.”

Hearing those words, Fern’s complexion changed. Her face stiffened and her shoulders trembled.

“Your mother said some great things. True, in this situation, there may only be despair. But, until the end, even if I have to be on my knee, scraping the muddy floor with my own face, there might still be something I might be able to do! As long as I believe! Giving up is ridiculous! There’s no way I would do that!”


“Okay, let’s begin. Fern, we shall settle this once and for all!”

I said so, and my posture turned firm.

It was apparent I had no actual solution. If I wanted to guarantee my escape, the best possible choice might be to surrender to them—but still, I had to protect these children.

I was going to break my engagement—but, I had received the Queen Education. It was only natural for a royal to protect her people!

Fern looked at me incredulously. Most probably because of my outrageousness—I was scared to die, even right now, all I wanted to do was run.

I wanted to run, then shout for help.

But I didn’t allow myself to.

Rather than because I was a member of the Royal Family—it was more because I was the last hope for the children last.

I was the one who incited their hope. I promised them an escape from this hellhole.

They placed their expectations in me—therefore, I must fight until the bitter end.

One of the black robed men beckoned to Fern, “Hey.”

Fern soon regained her composure.

“…ye, yes, we shall.”

Fern finally said, while chanting a short spell. I listened attentively—what would be next?

—would it be a pillar of fire, explosion, or a fireball?

I only had two spells left, I must use them appropriately…

I thought so—before being alerted—

Fern fired her magic behind her, yes, at the black-robed men.

The fire blasted the group of men and I instantly smelled something burnt.

While panicking, I dully noted that Fern had cast the pillar of fire spell at the men.


“Lady Tiarize… I must apologize, it seems that I’m the one who doesn’t understand my Mother’s words.”

Fern said while a single tear flowed down her cheek. With the pillar of fire swirling behind her, the beauty of her glittering tear was otherworldly.

“As long as I, myself, survive, I don’t care about my mother dying and whatnot—I always thought she was stupid for believing in my father… but it’s different. My mother wasn’t betrayed by her trust in my father—but instead, died because she chose to keep believing, that’s the kind of life she had decided for herself…”

Fern closed her eyes and spoke in a low voice. Behind her, screams erupted.

The situation was weird.

“I still think she’s stupid… but if there’s one thing, I have to say I have been saved by knowing this fact.” Fern muttered with her hand on her chest.

A hand, black as if it was made entirely of coal, extended out from the flames towards Fern.


“ φλόγα(Flame)”

After Fern muttered briefly, a flame exploded on the man right behind Fern. The man was thrown away by the blast and slammed into the wall. But Fern continued, ignoring him as if nothing had happened.

I was lost due to the anomaly of the situation. Fern could easily harm other people like that—even though I only recently got to know her, I thought I knew her better than this!

“’Believe’ is a very convenient excuse, right?”


“Because by saying that, you’re basically leaving things to others. You’re giving up on doing things on your own, giving up on paving your own way…”


But… that wasn’t what I mean…

Fern smiled fleetingly when I tried to interject.

I stopped, because her smile appeared as if she was believing.

“Can I, believe in Lady Tiarize? I, I’m someone who has no qualms about killing other people, my hands are soaked in blood… therefore, I have no right to touch that boy…

“Fern, that’s…”

She smiled—and this time, I was truly befuddled as to what that smile meant.

All I knew was—the smile was truly beautiful, and noble, despite the blast behind her.

“Please, please protect Shal Ferpia. Please help him escape from that hell…”


“You might not understand this, but consider this as a way for you to repay me after having saved you… please, I request this out of you.”

Fern bowed. Her hair slipped off her shoulders as she moved, even though it should be damp…

I couldn’t comprehend the situation in the slightest, and stared at Fern.

I didn’t want to believe what I had just heard… those words, it was as if…

One of the charred men shouted. Their words overlapped—but I knew they had casted their spells. But, before anything could happen, Fern responded.

There was a blast.

I didn’t know what happened—later, I figured out that Fern had smashed her fire pillar against the man’s lightning spell.

The blast engulfed the whole building and the entire place shook.


“Escape now! Go, run! Take the children with you! You can still use some magic, right?! There’s only a single guard! Run from this place!”


“It’s fine, just go!”

As soon as I turned my heels, I could hear a blood curdling scream.

Staying there would mean going against Fern’s determination.

She told me to run—as in, she would cover me—

—it felt like déjà vu.

“Lady Tiarize, please run away!”

That was what Fern told me when we were surrounded by men at the castle.

Were those her real feelings?

It has to be!

She really wanted me to escape. If she didn’t, she would’ve said ‘help’, instead.

But she said the opposite—wasn’t that because she wanted to help me?

I couldn’t help but ponder about what Fern was thinking.

But I had a foreboding feelings—

—I wouldn’t be able to ask Fern anymore.

Most importantly, these children’s lives. I bit my lips hard and screamed at the children.

“You guys! Let’s run away! Quickly, over here!”

The blast rose again and rubble began to fall.

Soon, the building would collapse. I lifted the unconscious girl and ran to the children. They seemed anxious, but their eyes lit up when they heard the word, ‘escape’.


“I still think she’s stupid… but if there’s one thing, I have to say I have been saved by knowing this fact.” Fern muttered with her hand on her chest.

Ummm… you’re one to talk when you let someone you just met two days ago and barely know you change your entire perspective on life thru a single preaching…



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