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29. Honey

“Is our only option to steadily earn points and improve our equipment?”

That said, we won’t be able to surpass the battle group if we take it easy like this. Well it’s not like that’s our only goal. As long as we can get through the forest, it’s our victory. If we gather everyone in the base group and send them away with Meguru-san’s teleportation, the reign held by Taniizumi and the others would end. If it’s a safe place, then the abilities that those of the base group have won’t be something to look down upon. Of course, being a safe place is already one of the primary prerequisites. 

“Is it a rule that mamono will get stronger the deeper we go? I’m scared not knowing.”

After we passed the rocky place with the rock lizards, there were the wallaby? After that, there weren’t really any strong enemies. There might be strong ones a bit further ahead, but they should be spread out. 

“Although I think getting stronger is important, getting out of this forest might be even more important.”
“If we get out of the forest… yeah. That would be even better. Our actions now wouldn’t be in vain then.”

Right, there are still many ways for us to win. While talking, we wait until Meguru-san’s ability is reusable.

“I’ll see if there’s anything like metal turtles wandering around in the other places.”
“Yeah. That said, I don’t know if I’ll be able to make an image.”

The problem is that I can’t aim without easy to identify landmarks. I’m envious of Meguru-san’s clairvoyance. I hope I can learn it when I reach Lv 10. If that happens, I’ll be able to defeat mamono while at the base. With those feelings, we return to Shigenobu’s workshop and prepare for the next hunt. 


“Whew… somehow I’m always the most refreshed when we go out hunting.” Hagisawa says as he reaches up with a stretch.

Well… I feel like I’m suffocating when I’m at the base. Recently, the barrier guys and cooks have been acting as if they’re of a privileged class. Things feel like they are getting darker day by day. 

Although, the cooks have calmed down some with the discovery of the pig. Thanks to the appearance of the easy to eat meaty mamono, we’ve been asked for vegetables to make soup. I think it’s already pretty fortunate that they can move up from processing Horn Rats for food, but I guess they’re dissatisfied with just that. 

“It’s lucky that I became part of Shigenobu’s faction.”
“Thinking about it, I’m happy I am friends with Shigenobu too.”
“Ah, especially Hanebashi. My opinion of you has changed. You gave me a MD burger.”
“Even if you praise me, you won’t get anything. You just want to eat that junk food again, don’t you?”
“You found out? Sushi sounds good today.”
“Sushi… are you going to flat out eat points?”

What I mean is that that’s expensive. In any case, does sushi count as junk food? If we talk about the price of each dish, well…

“I get what you mean. In that case, I feel like eating donuts or yakisoba bread.”
“That raid is acceptable. Well, if that’s all, I can get it for you.”
“Fufu, Dai-kun looks forward to the food Yukinari orders every day.”
“Of course! I wouldn’t be able to stand being in this environment without them.”

You look forward to your daily meals? I feel like that’s how it’s turning out.

“That’s why I’ll earn extra points today just for food!”
“Let’s go with that spirit. Hagisawa, there are plants and materials that only you can identify, so we’ll be relying on you.”
“Got it!”

This guy’s attitude has really changed since we started hunting in secret. I’d like to think… that it’s a good change.

“I hope we can invite other people from the base group like Dai-kun.”
“…I think that’s dangerous in a lot of ways. That said, I have the feeling I want an environment like one from before coming here.”
“That’s right. I also want to discuss the items we can ordered with points someday.”
“You’ll definitely be careful? If you aren’t…there won’t be any food for you!”
“Even if it’s revealed, I’ll still pocket a little here and there to order things with.”
“Still, I’d be scared for Hanebashi’s life.”

…That’s right. I’ve been keeping this hidden it until now because I’m scared. 

Without a doubt, Taniizumi would definitely target me. Taniizumi won’t be amused at having to rely on my mood to obtain items from Japan. In that situation, he would try to kill me and make it look like an accident or instead monopolize the Japanese items. Shigenobu, Hiyama-san, Minori-san, and my other classmates might be taken hostage. All in all, we have to explore as we originally planned. If we can quickly escape the forest and get to a safer place…

“That means we should hurry up and hunt mamono! My new bomb is roaring… or something like that.”
“Don’t consume points. Your ability.”
“Ah, if possible, I’ll fight normally. This is a trump card.”
“I want to collect enough points for a second Metal Turtle sword.”

Meguri-san murmurs.

“What about armor?”
“Of course, that’s important as well. But since the materials of the metal turtle are for protecting, we could use it to rescue ourselves1.”

I guess that’s true? With that feeling, we continue to explore.

Three days have passed since we started our search. Other than Taniizumi’s battle group departing in a different direction, there haven’t really been any big changes… on the surface. However, I wonder if Taniizumi and the others are coercing Minori-san to join them. 

Minori-san, who can help recover magical power, is certainly helpful. Well, there seem to be others capable of restoring magical power as well. For example, by transferring magical power from the sidelines. At worst, Ono is entrusted with that duty. 

The exhaustion of magical power during battle against mamono has probably become a problem. According to Shigenobu, Taniizumi is searching for armor that will accelerate magical power recovery. After that, a focus on collecting honey from medical plants and bee-shaped mamono nests was imposed. Furthermore, there seems to have been a mistake with the bentos made by the cooks as well. Looks like it depends on the mamono.

“They’re planning to strengthen the base group?”

It wasn’t really a meeting, but it seems that while the player group was deciding on where they wanted to go this morning, Shigenobu and other favored members of the base group were called on. 

“I told you… you didn’t listen at all.”
“It’s too much of a chore so I’m leaving it to you.”
“According to Taniizumi, it’s impossible for the weaklings of the base group to fight.”
“You get experience just by being carried along, but there’s no opportunity to fight. Honestly, I’d call that training bothersome.”

Shigenobu agrees with my words.

“Yukinari, do you think honey is useful for recovering magical power?”
“How about we test it out?”

It’s a simple matter of buying it from Japan. Some can be bought at a relatively low price by going to a supermarket. We try it and… Japanese items don’t seem to work. Although, items bestowed with magical power by Minori-san are effective.

“In the first place, is there even any link between magical power and fighting for us?”

Hagisawa says with a disappointed tone.

…he hasn’t realized it?

“There isn’t… I mean, aren’t health and mana potions part of Hagisawa’s responsibilities?”
“They can just eat food instead. At worst, Ono can copy the ability and make it.”

Just to what degree do they look down on Hagisawa?

“Taniizumi… isn’t he the type to be stingy with his recovery items in RPGs? “

Is he one of those? The type who doesn’t relying on medical plants or potions and solely rests at inns and uses healing magic. The kind of player to defeats the last boss without even using their healing medicine. Maybe that’s why. 

“Could be. It seems like the basic policy of the battle group is to get better equipment for the future.”
“Do they have a policy to avoid hunts where they use more points than they gain? I have no idea. We’re in a similar situation.”

Well…to be honest, Minori-san’s ability is too incredible. It’s no exaggeration to say that we wouldn’t be here without cooperation from her and Meguru-san. 

“This isn’t really related, but recently Otsuka has been on good terms with Ono. I never thought that they would get along.”


Cheat sheet

Yukinari Hanebashi:
1) Teleport objects /Self to Earth
2) Point/yen conversion. (Tells others it’s a shopping catalogue)
Kitchen knife, boxing gloves, wallaby coin

Meguru Hiyama:
1) Teleportation
2) Clairvoyance
Metal turtle sword

Minori Himeno: Has a polite/formal way of speaking
1) Healing/recover mana
2) Charge with mana

Shigenobu Sakaede
1) Black smith
2) Mining Correction

Dai Hagisawa
1) Craft things
2) Identify

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  1. だけどメタルタートルの素材をプロテクターにしてるから結構助かってる