The Kingdom of Everlasting Night and the Last Ball Translation

10.1 The Decorative Trees and Evemeria

It was the night of Clavis.

Dia looked at the ornamental tree in the courtyard with satisfied, calm feelings.

A large tree was decorated with a large number of ornaments including candles glowing with magical fire. The tree was also covered with fountain crystals to prevent the branches from burning.

At the top of the large tree was a blessing stone that shone brightly like stardust.

Looking up at the bright and beautiful stone, even if she lived in a land with little to no magic, it was as if she was taken to a faraway land where magical creatures existed.

If the magic of the kingdom’s inhabitants had been reduced to crystals, then that shining blessing stone might potentially be concealing another’s stolen life.

A short distance away from Dia, Dilvier stood in silence.

The fairy, as delicate as a woman, wore something that looked like a combination of a black tailcoat and knight’s attire. No matter how enchanting his outwardly appearance was, he was still a, ‘Shea’.

Tearing apart human beings was of no difficulty to him—yet still, Dia found such a fact difficult to believe.

Although he was a little shorter than Noin, nothing about him was intimidating at all. Probably because of his slim body.

Dia had come to love that fairy whose gentle appearance masked such a ruthless side underneath.

Looking up from under the decorative tree, the beautiful color of the night was a combination of black and purple luster. The snow had stopped.

In regards to the glittering stars that adorned the night sky, Dia wondered if a fairy’s embroidery looked similar to that.

The snow that had just fallen seemed to shine softly.

Of course, from the eyes of the fairy beside her, such a sight was nothing special.

“Are there snow fairies or snow spirits?”

“There are. Both are beautiful. Nevertheless, after being involved in a war with the human race, only one snow fairy is left. Those kind souls, along with their royalty that protected them, were burned down in the royal palace.”

Dilvier’s voice was quiet, saddening Dia. Surely, that fairy despised human.

But, what was even more painful were her own two hands, which were unable to give the fairy a pat on the back when it was truly necessary.

Under such a dreamy, snowy, scene, imagining that those who controlled said snow were killed by flame was too miserable.

“…Did your loved one also fall victim to that tragedy?”

“Now, I wonder how to answer that? Regardless, even if I did, I’m not willing to surrender this beautiful, snowy, landscape. When you love the image of someone, their memories will never become thorns.”

Finding his words slightly disdainful, Dia thought of the magnificent royal palace behind that splendid ornamental tree.

Unlike the royal palace of the Kingdom of the Night that Dia visited with her parents back then, the royal palace of the human’s might be lacking from the perspective of Dilvier.

But for Dia, it was still grand.

It was too wide for her to live alone, and most of the time, when someone else was in her vicinity, her chest would drum like crazy, as if collapsing.

“Human may sometimes became thorns …Many people, when facing utter grievance, decide to close their eyes and turn away, leaving their misery unseen.” Dia uttered.

“That… sounds like a difficult way to live. Such action might cause their ruin.”

The wind blew, and the glass ornaments hanging on the tree swung with a jerk.

The magical fires shook violently, but they was securely protected—they wouldn’t go out. But if it snowed too much, they would.

She wondered about the loneliness of the clan of that Great Magician whom was driven away from the kingdom. Whom could only decorate a big tree with shiny blessing stones, and alight candles.

Just like her family, the world banished them just because they tried to fight for what they loved.

Dia didn’t want to think such thoughts anymore.

For Dia, whose hands were empty, even despair was luxurious and heartwarming.

Therefore, the agony of those deceased from the past were of no concern to her. Dia was too selfish of a person to let herself be hurt due to being emphatic to others.

“… I only know of this ornamental tree, but still, I love it a lot! Evemeria that’s held in a land rich with magic must be so dreamlike!”

“If it’s the human territory, then there’s nothing more exquisite than the Evemeria held in Weim. Lochmaria, the kingdom where the people of this kingdom once lived, also had a very glorious festival. But, I’ll have to say that they prioritize beauty more than anything.”


That was the first she had ever heard that name.

Dia nodded slowly—she tried to picture what kind of kingdom it was.

Were there fairies and dragons?

How did demons and spirits spend their time in that kingdom?

“I’m sure that kingdom is really beautiful! Surely, there are many people like you there, Dilvier!”

“That kingdom named Lochmaria is no more. It’s also lost. Also, you may have misunderstood. It’s rare for a spirit of the rank of Noin to appear in front of a human.”

“…Is that so?”

The aforementioned spirit was already part of Dia’s daily life. Well, he played part in preparing her meals, after all. She was quite shocked to hear that.

However, Noin had taught her about the hierarchy of the spirit world. He also said that it was rare for creatures of different rank or race to converse. Therefore, Dia was convinced what Dilvier said was truly the case.

To put it into a simple analogy, it was akin to Dia, who didn’t know where the nest of the Mukmugris was.

“That person’s original appearance is worthy of his title. His majestic appearance truly befits that of the King that sits on the throne of the night while staring at his subjects… truly mesmerizing…”

“Well, what you said might be true Dilvier, but I think the current Noin too, is also very beautiful!”

It seemed that Dilvier was quite proud to call Noin his King.

The way he talked while proudly smiling convinced her. She was glad he trusted her enough to talk like that with her.

Feeling excited, Dia remembered the Noin that she met back then in the ball.

Certainly, at that time, his hair color was closer to white, and also shorter… It was affixed together with a crown of woven twigs… perhaps that’s why my impression of him at that time is really different from today…

Back then, he also wore a loose, majestic, cloak studded with mysterious jewels. His beauty was such that it couldn’t be expressed through words. His attire wasn’t too extravagant, or too splendid—in short, it paired well with Noin’s beauty. His gaze was also much gentler than now.

“The appearance of his that you mentioned is akin to an unpolished gem. The most beautiful is still his original appearance. Especially during the night of festival—such that even I, who has seen many high-ranking figures, can’t express it through words.”

“…Then, can I hope to see that appearance of his in the upcoming Evemeria? When I saw his true appearance, it was during the day of winter solstice. It was beautiful. I want to see that appearance of his again.”

Recalling the appearance of that prince dancing under a big chandelier, Dia suddenly sighed, and for some reason, Dilvier turned to her. His gaze seemed slightly merciful.

Dia, whose heart trembled because of said prospect, suffered a pain akin to being stabbed by a knife because of the fairy’s next words.

“Unfortunately, that would be difficult. You have to consider the state of this land.”

It was as if she was again reminded of their differences.

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