I, a Witch, am Requested by My Crush to Make Him Love Potion Translation

67. The Witch’s Love Potion

A tower stands lofty towards the blue sky.

In a tower that is said to have once imprisoned a princess, a Witch is trapped instead.

Her light crimson hair flutters under the breeze that enters through the open window.

The Witch gazes at the sky from the small window frame at the top of the tower.

From such a high tower, no one would dare to even think of climbing down on their own. Perhaps that’s why there are no iron bars in the window.

She rolls the apple provided to her as lunch in her hand. The sweet, sour, scent eases the heart of the Witch a little.

From the window, she can only see the forest, and not the lake, which is quite unfortunate.

Since it’s unlikely I’ll go back, I probably shouldn’t concern myself with it anymore—

but she’s worried about the condition of her field.

She feels sad because she can keep her promise to her Grandmother no longer.

The tower that stands in one corner of the Royal Garden may have been used as a witch’s dwelling. Nothing in the room is tedious, but the cauldron of a witch rests on the floor. There’s also a large soot stain.


The door behind Roze opens while she’s still admiring the sky.

There’s only one door to that room.

“Aren’t you being quiet?”

“Yes, because I have nothing to do.”

The imprisoned Witch—Roze, answers briefly. Her gaze remains locked on the outside view.

Two men come in—

—it’s Yashm, the Second Prince of Marjan, and his escort knight, Jones.

Yashm locks the room from the inside and places the key on his waist.

“Don’t you have anything to confess?”

“I did tell you I don’t make such things.”

She’s tired of seeing Yashm.

The small vial on Yashm’s hand is one that Roze has seen before.

—the supposed ‘Witch’s Love Potion’.

A potion that happens to have the same name as one of Roze’s products. He procured it from the street.

When Roze was captured, she was in her dwelling.

At that time, she was making, ‘A Potion that can Remove Dirt from Pots’. That was when the bell rung.

She hadn’t seen Harij for some time, so he might have come to see her again after work. With that in mind, Roze left her work behind and rushed to the boat.

However, the one that awaited her at the pier wasn’t Harij—but instead, Yashm, accompanied by Jones.

They looked more menacing than usual—or perhaps it was due to the foreboding feeling in Roze’s heart.

“Witch, I need to ask you something.”

“If you need the Witch’s knowledge, then you’ll have to pay for it.”

“Unfortunately, such wisdom isn’t what I seek. What I want to ask you is different.”

Due to his ambiguous wording, the atmosphere became tenser.

Roze stopped her boat, and asked while holding the oar.

“What could that be?”

“Do you have any inklings regarding this potion?”

What Yashm had taken out of his bosom was the fake ‘Witch’s Love Potion’.

—it was the vial she had just seen the other day.

Roze stiffened—and at the same time, realized her undoing.

Roze, who thought that the visitor was Harij, didn’t wear her hood. She could hide neither her reaction nor expression.

Yashm didn’t miss Roze’s reaction for even a split second.

“I’m not the one who made that Love Potion.”

“Now, I’m uncertain about that. If you aren’t the one who made it, why the shocked expression?”

Roze cursed herself for her negligence.

In Roze’s recollections, all that man ever did was come unannounced to someone else’s residence, then behave as he pleased—and yet, Harij always turned a blind eye towards said behavior of his.

Therefore, somewhere in her heart, Roze too, had placed her trust in Yashm.

She truly believed Yashm was on her side, even though he was a human.

“Other than that—“

A strong wind blew, shaking the surface of the lake. A small wave hit Roze’s boat.

Roze strongly held the oar to rebalance the unstable boat.

Then, she heard Yashm’s low voice.

“—when have I ever referred to it as a Love Potion?”

Yashm’s gaze turned sharp. His aura grew tremendously intimidating.

“—and yet you dare claim you know nothing about it. For things to turn out this way, I can’t say I didn’t expect it. Witch, you’ll have to come with us.”

When his order reached Roze’s ears, Jones was no longer behind Yashm.

Instead, with a light movement, he was already on Roze’s boat.

While Roze was stunned, she felt her stomach being struck by a strong impact—

—then, she lost consciousness.

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