I Don't Want to Break off my Engagement... Translation

23. You Hate my Smile

“Almys’ magical prowess is high, but he isn’t as good in swordsmanship. In contrast, Vioris is very talented in the latter.”

His Highness continued his explanation.

“I told Vioris to come once we have detained Baroness Schmia since he’s also an important witness. Everything should be revealed soon. …In short, this is where the real battle starts. Be it for Dirlia and also Haulfa.”

Concluding so with a difficult expression, his gaze lingered on me before relaxing.

“Other than that, Tia… don’t you hate my smile?”


His Highness suddenly said something unthinkable. In such a pitiful voice too, and all because of my doing—!? Thankfully, I managed to stop myself before I let out an even dumber sound. Good job, me. Awesome, me.

I stared at His Highness, my eyes wide. His Highness also seemed confused.

I hate His Highness’ smile—!?

What was that—!? That information, where did he get it—!?

Such impossible, outrageous, words! Where did that talk even originate from—!?

“…or, are you already okay with it now?”

His Highness appeared puzzled. Coupled with his hair, it was as if I was looking at a beautiful girl—even though he was a grown man.

I gave a response, equally as confused.

“…w, what’s the basis of such claim—!? For me to hate His Highness’ smile, that’s just…!”

Such profaneness, I would never—!!

Looking at my face, His Highness became silent and blinked several times.

“Eh? Ah… I see now, I understand…”

“W, wait, wait just a moment, Your Highness—!! Have you always been under the assumption that I hate your smile—!? Such a thing, I would never—are you kidding me—!?”

‘Are you a fool—!?’ However, I did manage to stop myself in time before I spouted such words.

After all, no matter how stupid he was, he was still a prince. I mustn’t be profane.

His Highness chuckled bitterly at my words. That was his answer.

“What’s going on—!?”

“Tia might think this is a joke, but, sorry… Indeed, for the last ten years, I was under that kind of assumption.”

…You’re lying—!!

I leant on the sofa, feeling incredibly overwhelmed.

His Highness deflected his gaze with an awkward expression as he said, “I see, that’s right…”

I didn’t know what he was thinking, but how could he deluded himself into believing that there exists a person who hate someone else’s smile—?! Normally, such a person didn’t exist! Who did he think I am—!?

While my mind was still preoccupied, His Highness suddenly spoke.

“So you’re alright with it now?”

“Now—!? I’ve always been fine with it since the beginning—!!”

I meant, who, who would hate someone else’s smile—!? What kind of human was that—!? I corrected his words, I felt as if I had been played by him. In response came his confused expression.

What, what? I became even more exhausted.

I hadn’t been in contact with His Highness recently, true, but where was that His Highness I was so familiar with—!? Where did he go—!?

We had been together for 10 years, but it was as if today was our first meeting ever!

“…But didn’t you cry before?”


I was surprised by His Highness’ claim and stared back at him.

Frustration and confusion permeated his deep blue-green eyes. Looking at them made me uncomfortable.

Me? Crying? What?

I didn’t recalled anything like that—!

At least for the last few years, I didn’t recalled ever crying before him…

To dispel my questions, His Highness opened his mouth.

“It was over a decade ago… When I laughingly embraced you, didn’t you tell me this—“Don’t laugh at me—!” At that moment, I was worried if I was hated by you. I wondered if you hated me so much that you despise even the sight of me laughing…”

…over a decade ago—!?

What are you referring to, Your Highness—!?

By the way, I had no recollection of that at all—!

I told His Highness not to laugh—!?

I didn’t remember that—!

Because if it was over a decade ago, then I was about five years old—! There was no way I could recall anything so far in the past—!

But there was no point in throwing such a retort at His Highness.

There must have be a reason—! Yes, there must be—!

Otherwise, that would be too profane of me—! I would like to think that I wasn’t that baseless of a person—!

I tried to recall such a distant memory—the memory of me telling His Highness not to laugh—!

But none, what do I do—!? I couldn’t recall anything—!

At once, His Highness laughed at the pale me. His laugh sounded troubled.

“If you’re alright with my smile now, then it’s alright, Tia… I, to you…”

“What are you talking about—!? When was that—!?”


“I’m sorry, but I recall no such thing—! When did I say that to Your Highness—!?”

If he at least gave me some more hints, I might recall something. I desperately asked His Highness, who blinked and chuckled.

“Even if Tia doesn’t remember, it’s fine, you know? Let the past stay in the past as we focus on the present.”

“I’m sorry, Your Highness. I would like to think that I was an unchanging person since the past to the present moment.”

“I see, well, it happened when Tia was five years old. I was eight at that time. It was after my birthday party.”

His Highness spoke of the past as if he was at his last straw…

His Highness’ eight-year-old birthday… I was five at that time, and I was already his fiancée…

…I remembered hearing from my parents that I was officially engaged with His Highness just before I turned five. That meant at that party, we were freshly engaged. But why did such a statement pop out?

Party… party, I recalled when I was five years old, I was a little plumper at that time than now…

Oh, yeah!!!!!

The shock ran through me, it was as if I was struck by lightning.


“Almys’ magical prowess is high, but he isn’t as good in swordsmanship. In contrast, Vioris is very talented in the latter.”

Meanwhile, he failed to mention his own self. I assume due to him being in the middle, everything about him is balanced thus he specialize in paperworks?

And guys, I have a feeling that their misunderstanding was born from something utterly and ridiculously petty.

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