The Returnee Noble Lady Attacks His Majesty the Dragon Emperor Translation

40. The Returnee Noble Lady (39)

After hearing Jill’s declaration, Rave was the one who retorted first.

“No, Little Miss, why would you proclaim such a thing from here—!?”

“That way, both the cause of arson and the curse of His Majesty can finally be revealed to be the Goddess!”

“Are you being serious…”

Rave uttered in a miserable voice. With said sword in her hand, Jill kept staring at the harbor—

it will come, I’m sure of it!

A Goddess that crazy would surely go mad if the man she was obsessed with was declared as another woman’s.

“I, it’s coming, it’s coming this way—! Little Miss isn’t the original user, there’s no way you can get accustomed to this in just a few minutes—! How can you demonstrate your abilities, then—?”

“I know, already!”

She looked straight ahead—and sure enough, the black spear was soaring, piercing through the clouds.

A voice echoed from below. Hadith’s complexion had changed.

“Why are you here—!? Rave, what do you think you are doing—!?”

“Shut up—!! The prize should just stay silent—!!”

“T, the prize—by that, are you referring to me—!? This Emperor, me—!?”

“Then do your obligation as an Emperor! I don’t care if it’s a Goddess, don’t be fooled, you idiot! What happened to that happy family plan—!?”

Hadith, who was truly confused, exclaimed.

“You’re a stronger man than me, right? So stand tall!”


What, so he does remember my name, after all.

At the same time, the black spear was approaching her.

Precisely at that moment, she deflected the spear with the sword’s blade. There was a magical outburst. The explosion of magic caused a grand illumination to be emitted from the bell tower, the light shone over the city.

Jill kicked the roof and flew to the sky.

As expected, the spear chased Jill.

That’s some murderous intent…

She mustn’t damage the town. Therefore, Jill ascended while also evading the spear, which then passed by her side. The spear had increased its speed.

Once the spear reached the top, it came into a halt, and when Jill thought it was about to fall—

—like a shooting star, the spear descended, aiming towards Jill’s heart.

With sword and magic, Jill blocked the spear, however, she was pushed down. At that rate, she would fall to the ground on her back.

The spear split itself into multiple spears, perhaps growing impatient due to not being able to pierce through the sword. The vast amount covered the town.

Thus, Jill used her magic and spread a barrier over the town.

The falling spears exploded above the town, just like fireworks.

Staring at the scene, everyone took down their weapons.

Yes, that’s right, this is your real enemy and not His Majesty.

There was no curse. There was only the annoying love of a hateful Goddess.

Be aware that you’re being attacked by enemies.

The number of spears had decreased. Perhaps they had given attacking from the front and decided to try and corner Jill by surrounding her. Jill firmly held her sword and knocked them down, soaring through the sky.

Each time, the shattered fragments of the spears fell like stardust.

“O, oi, Little Miss, aren’t you too overpowered?”

“Yes, but this is cutting through my magic fast. It’s dwindling down, we have to win this battle ASAP. Otherwise, I won’t be able to hold on.”

At that moment, Jill suddenly threw the blade she was holding—

“—eeeeeeeeeeh—!?” Rave shouted as he was being thrown.

The black spear seized this opportunity, and flew towards Jill’s waist.


Hadith’s cry grew even more concerned as he paled.

I can’t believe this is the same guy who schemed to make me his decoy…

Now that she understood the meaning of this sweetness, would she let others take it away just like that?

The corners of Jill’s lips rose. With her hands, she caught the spear right before it pierced through her heart.

“…Rather than second, this is actually our third meeting. I don’t know if you remember me, though.”

A voice came from the spear.

“—y, you—!! How can you remember—!?”

Jill opened her eyes.

At the same time, she finally knew the answer—

why did I return to the past?

It was precisely for that moment.

Because of the Goddess’ power, time was rewound. However, it seemed that the other party also didn’t expect such.

“—why, the Dragon Princess, why is it you—!?”

Jill suddenly wanted to laugh. Wasn’t the situation similar to that night?

Despite so, she didn’t feel like losing this time.

from now on, it’s a new beginning.

I won’t let anyone, or anything, take away what’s mine.

“Who would’ve thought, the Goddess was merely a jealous woman all along! You’re so insane, to the point you would come all the way across the sea just for this!”

“Give him back to me, give him back, give him back, give him back, give him baaaaaaaack—!!!”

“He was never yours in the first place—!!”

Jill shouted, holding the opposing spear with both hands, trying to bend it.

Her magical power scattered around like flashes of lightning.

Along with the resistance, the shout of the spear also increased in volume.

“Only I can love him—!! Only me, and me alone—!!”

Jill swiftly put a lot of strength in holding the spear.

“Don’t be silly, after all, there’s me!”

Suddenly—a crack.

The spear started to split from the middle, creating loud noise.

“Now that you understand, never lay your finger on another’s husband ever again—!!”

Jill turned around, and stared at the sea—

—beyond that sea, was the Kingdom of Kratos.

Thus, she vigorously threw the broken spear in that direction.

The spear cut through the darkness of the night, shining like a star before vanishing.

Jill’s shoulders heaved as her breath became labored.

“This is why, a woman’s jealousy is—!”

She was dizzy—she realized it too late.

Damn! I used too much magic!

Because of anger, she made an error in judgment.

In the blink of an eye, her entire body lost its power. She felt her body grow as heavy as lead. When she realized it, she was already falling.

Even merely moving her eyes felt like a heavy task.

However, once she did so, she saw a pair of obsidian eyes—

—Geraldo’s eyes, which bore the same color as the spear.

He had flew all the way there and caught Jill midair.

Amazing. As I thought, I absolutely must take you home. It’s alright, my Sister would surely be happy to accept you.”


She wanted to pummel him with her fist, but her body couldn’t move.

An arrow flew and grazed Geraldo’s profile.


Camila, and beside her, Zeke. Zeke leapt from the walls of the naval port while carrying his great sword.

“What do you think you’re doing—!”

Geraldo discarded his glasses. Jill tried to shout no—

—precisely at that moment, his obsidian eyes gleamed, Zeke was repelled by the mass of magic.

She tried to reach out to her subordinate who got slammed to a wall, however, she couldn’t.

“…let’s see. Come home with me, and in exchange, I’ll spare those two.”

Geraldo asked while laughing, knowing Jill was trying to help the two.

Dammit! Move! C’mon, move! If I don’t fight back, then, again, everyone will…!

Yet, despite everything, she was unable to do anything.

Even though she had reached that far, already…

“As long as you obey me, that much I’ll grant you—“

Gently, Geraldo lifted his face.

At that moment, Geraldo’s body was blown away by an enormous magic, one which overtook him from behind.

Before Jill realized it, she was embraced gently from behind.

It was Hadith who gently carried her to the ground.




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