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40. A Confused Witch (5)


Roze wakes up when she hears the sound of the tip of a shoe hitting something hard.

The room is dark because the lamp is off.

Only moonlight shines through the window, reflecting off of the carpet’s square border like a masterpiece.

If it’s such a small sound, then it shouldn’t have bothered her much. Yet for some reason, Roze rises out of the bed while rubbing her droopy eyes.

Her silky, light crimson, locks gently leave the soft red linen.

She puts her hand on the bed side table to prop herself up.

The side table is actually part of her dowry—yes, part of luggage Tien he had transported using three donkeys.

Roze doesn’t hate seeing the furniture Tien had chosen in the room Harij prepared.

After brushing the side table lightly, she heads towards the direction of the sound.

It comes from one of the doors in Roze’s room, the one which is currently locked.

Roze stands in front of the door. The key should be on the key ring…

She lightly inserts the metal to the keyhole and quietly unlocks it.


She opens the door and spots Harij.

For some reason, he’s sitting with his back leaning against the door. The moment Roze opens the door, he loses his balance, but manages to prop himself by using his elbows.

They look at each other awkwardly, as if they had just spotted the dead crawling out of a tomb.

No way, if Roze hadn’t realized he were there, would he have stayed there while she went about her day as per usual—!?

“What are you doing here…?”


Harij stands up, at lost for words.

His appearance is in perfect order. Maybe he’s planning to go to work?

But still, why would he be there, in front of the locked room—!?

Harij is still looking for words, but upon looking over Roze, he walks into the locked room instead.

Then, he brings a quilt and drapes it over Roze’s shoulders. Roze realizes that she’s only in her chemise.

Roze gratefully receives it. The quilt has a scent of clean soap, and the scent of Harij.

“Are you usually awake at this late of an hour?”

Even though Roze asked a question first, why does he answer it with another question?

I still can’t get used to the way the aristocrats think, I guess…

Roze responds. “No, I just happened to wake up.”

“I see.”

“Harij-san, do you need anything from me?”

“No… just, before going to work, I thought—no, never mind.”

“Huh? Why do you keep stuttering like that? Are you slurring? Feeling feverish?”


Harij cuts her short. He mutters in silence, seemingly unwilling to give her a direct answer.

“—I’m just checking if you’re still inside.”

“Huh, so you can see through door?”

“I can’t. But, even if there’s door in the way, I can sense another’s presence.”

So Harij possesses such an amazing of ability?

Roze is amazed at her most recent discovery.

“Well, in that case, isn’t it obvious that I would still be inside?”

“I know that, but still…”

Again, he’s being evasive. Actually, Roze can vaguely grasp what he is getting at, but she still can’t help but be curious.

“Hasn’t it already been decided that I’ll ‘evacuate’ here because my dwelling is risky? Other than here, where else would I go?”

Roze has no other place to go.

It seems that only now does it occur to Harij. Harij seems surprised.

“—that’s, correct…”

“Yes, it is.”

Harij has a mysterious expression. It seems that he’s contemplating something.

…even his frowning face is handsome. Roze will never get tired of staring at Harij’s face. Because every time she gaze at his face, it feels like there’s always something new to discover from him.

Unable to contain her curiosity, Roze stretches her neck to peek inside the room concealed behind Harij’s body.

Roze discovers for the first time that the locked door actually leads to Harij’s room.

The other side is dim, so she doesn’t get to see as much as she wants. Nevertheless, she still tries to see as much as she can, anyway.

When Harij notices Roze’s stare, he asks after some silence.

“—do you want to enter?”

Harij asks Roze whose neck is still stretched out like turtle.

Roze stares back at Harij, replying, ‘yes’ without a second thought.

With a calm look, like that of the lakeside on a winter night, Harij gazes down at Roze.

Her curiosity is immediately dispelled. In its place, is fear.

Why is it that the moment Roze said yes, it’s as if Harij has turned into another person entirely?

Roze doesn’t even understand what Harij’s invitation meant, yet, she’s still scared.

In the next second, the strained atmosphere suddenly relaxes.

The corner of Harij’s lips rise.

Then, he puts his palm on the sleepy Roze’s head, before ruffling it.

“To get a glimpse of your face, I’m grateful. It’s fine if you want to continue sleeping.”

Afterwards, Harij disappears behind the door.

Roze feels that she has been pardoned of something, but is clueless of what it is.

Roze can only stare endlessly at his door while still being draped in his quilt.

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