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18.2 The Kidnapped Princess

“Lady Sharina Clydea, I’ve hereby come to pick you up. Come this way.”


After school, Sharina left her classroom accompanied by everyone’s gaze, which was a combination of curiosity, jealousy, and anger.

“This is an order from His Highness. Starting from today, you’ll temporarily live in the Royal Palace.”


Immediately after passing through the classroom’s door, she saw Leonardo’s attendant, Edward Ariarose. His face was distorted, as if he had swallowed thousands of bugs.

“I’m sorry, but I don’t understand what you’re…”

“As of current, you no longer have any backing. A lot of grudges are directed at you, who suddenly became His Highness’ fiancée out of the blue. This order stems out of His Highness’ consideration towards you. He’s worried that something might happen to his fiancée—you don’t even know that?”

How would I know—!?

“I’m sorry, but this is the first I’ve ever heard about this fiancée talk…”

Ha. Aren’t you humble, even though everything went according to your plan? You must be proud.”

Thankfully, by that point, she was used to it.

Leonardo, and all his unpleasant colleagues, had the ‘don’t listen to people’ mentality set to default. Never once did they try to consider her thoughts, her feelings.

Both Rosalind and Edward thought, ‘there’s no way someone that isn’t head over heels for the Kingdom’s Prince exist! Everyone would be delighted at the notion of being favored by the Prince! They’re begging for it to happen!’ Never did they try to look outside of that.

“His Highness will also head to school from the Royal Palace instead of his dormitory starting from tomorrow. But that doesn’t mean both of you can meet easily. Cease such thoughts because His Highness has sworn not to meet you until the duel is concluded.”

“Not like I’ll try to meet him, ever.”

Ha. Surely, you jest. That mouth of yours can spout basically anything. Don’t waste your breath, just get in the carriage.”

In the eyes of that attendant, Sharina was but a treacherous, power-thirsty, woman. Her two-facedness had not only successfully earned her the next King’s heart, but also tarnished his former fiancée’s reputation.

Moreover, said former fiancée was also his sister-in-law. If his sister-in-law failed to become Queen, it would surely be fatal for his own position. His inheritance, and most importantly, his status as the successor, would be jeopardized.

Such was the reason behind that hateful attitude of his.

“This is why women are foxes…!”

However, if Sharina did become Leonardo’s fiancée in both name and reality, would such an attitude from Edward, a mere servant, be acceptable?

Is he just that angry he forgot about it or he’s just plain ignorant?

When Sharina tried to guess, even merely imagining that she would become That’s fiancée sent shivers down her spine. She stopped thinking of such deplorable thoughts immediately.

Realizing it was futile to even resist, Sharina was forced to step onto the carriage, right at that moment—


“—!! Riol—!!”

—she was called from behind. She turned around.

There was Riol, short of breath, clutching his knees.

“I understand your situation! Listen, absolutely remain quiet! Don’t even think of escaping! No getting carried by emotions, either!”

“…! G, got it!”

Right when she was about to board the carriage calmly, too…

Truthfully, a plan to escape using the curtain after she arrived at the Royal Palace had been concocted in Sharina’s mind. He guessed that, too—Sharina’s shoulders shook.

After all, if Riol was against it, then it surely would lead into something bad. She was relieved—I almost did it…

“Get on the carriage!”

She boarded on the carriage, still feeling anxious. Without sparing her a glance, Edward briefly ordered their departure.

“…Lady Clydea, first of all, don’t think that just because you’ve become his fiancée, you’ve landed the seat to becoming the queen. Your low rank is unworthy even of the title, ‘Concubine’. To be honest, the fact that a mere countryside Earl’s daughter could arrive this far can already be considered as a miracle. However, this is as far as you can go.”

After all that he had said so far, Sharina was finally convinced of the reason why Edward was being unusually oppressive.

“Even if you somehow managed to become Queen, what lays ahead are only hardships—lots of them. His Highness has been perfect since the moment he was born, as such, it’ll be hard for him to comprehend such facts. After all, it only ails those who are imperfect. That is why—no matter what His Highness say to you, you—yourself—must refuse him.

Not only did he give up on persuading Leonardo, he wanted Sharina to turn him down herself, too.

“His Highness and you, the two of you live in different worlds altogether.”

“Yes, I agree. It is as you say.”

Ha. Another bald-faced lie coming straight from you.”

To tell the truth, she wouldn’t even give a second thought towards rejecting the offer of being his concubine; or his fiancée; or his friend; or merely even an acquaintance—let alone his princess!

But he won’t believe anything I say… Sharina clutched her throbbing head.

***T/N : Whaaaat–!? He plan on imprisoning her in the castle too!?!?!?! Jesus why isn’t this guy beheaded already!? And Edward, YOU, you SON OF A BITCH, YOU, ARE THE RUDEST OF ALL!!!

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