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18.3 The Kidnapped Princess

When he said she would temporarily live in the Royal Castle, he never mentioned the part where she was forbidden from going to school.

“Riol… I want to see you…”

The third night after she was forcibly taken to the Royal Palace…

A bed with a canopy, flowery drapes, a sofa decorated with frilly lace, a tablecloth full of floral embroidery…

Sharina muttered inside the sickening room which was dyed pink, pink, and pink.

“Bed sheets, curtains, lace, tablecloths…”

If it wasn’t because of Riol, she would have already intertwined them all to create a rope.

“Towels, drapery, ah, maybe I can break this ugly tapestry…”

…she didn’t make the rope. She absolute didn’t, because it would go against Riol’s advice—at least hadn’t, yet.

“How about this carpet, hmm…”

Ever since arriving at the Royal Palace, she had basically been made a prisoner. Because her jealous surroundings were considered ‘dangerous’, for that reason, she was being secured there.

Rather than ‘jealousy’, it would be more accurate to call it ‘being rational’. Of course, no one would agree that a random Countess would become their governing Queen just like that. However, she received no contact from such people. That was what scared her instead.


Alone, all she ever thought about was Riol. Was Riol alright? What was he doing right now? Would he get wounded in the duel later?

More importantly—

does he regret having met me?

If we had never met from the start, then surely, he won’t be involved in this…

In the unlikely event that he was defeated, he would have no choice but to leave the academy he had painstakingly managed to enroll to through scholarship. Not only that, but also his kind family, and all possibility of ever having a bright future.

She was being overwhelmed by anxiety again. She wiped the tears that spilled from the corners of her eyes.

“…are you there, My Cat?

Her tears evaporated in an instant.

“Ah, you needn’t open the door. I just need to ask you a single question.”

It never even occurred to her to open the door. She had started searching for a barricade, instead.

What about your sworn oath to never meet me until the duel is over? Why so late at night?

“I’m trying to not meet you until all the obstacles have been cleared with my own hands. Only after that would I be able to face you with dignity. However, it reached my ears that you’ve been in low-spirits, that your health is deteriorating… Fuun, surely, the thought about the duel has consumed your mind—you’re worried sick about me, that’s why you’re having trouble sleeping.”

Haven’t I endured enough already?

I’ve been enduring plenty, alright.

Wouldn’t God and the laws pardon me if I kick him at least once?

“Do not worry. My opponent won’t be able to graze me—even the mere thought of it sounds absurd! I’ll singlehandedly crush that Hateful Rat and present you a flawless victory!”

Even if she couldn’t break that door, now was her perfect chance. She would open the door, catch her opponent off guard, and deliver a strong kick—

“—no getting carried by emotions either!”

Right before she could make the simulation a reality, however, Riol’s words echoed in her head.

“This is it …for now. The next time we meet, there will be no obstacles between us.”


She recalled how many times Riol stopped her when she was about to kick him flying—that meant, she also mustn’t do it this time.


Why would such a thing appear in her head right now?

Kotsu, kotsu, kotsu—his footsteps were moving away from the door.

Just like that, she had missed her chance. Did she actually miss a golden opportunity?

“No! The next time we meet, I’ll kill you myself!”

Five days left until the duel.

***T/N: I pray the day where we can all witness Sharina’s kick in all of its glory arrive soon… and what dignity is this retard blabbering about, does he have no shame?

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