The Returnee Noble Lady Attacks His Majesty the Dragon Emperor Translation

11. The Returnee Noble Lady (10)

Jill felt a trace of magic from the other side of the door, however, it lasted for only a moment.

Someone had definitely arrived. Perhaps that person made the guards sleep or something similar.

Jill swallowed the last bit of her pie without tasting it. Footsteps approached, then there was a knock on the door.

“It’s me. Let me in.”


Jill stood and saw Hadith’s silhouette, before kneeling and bowing her head.

Now that they weren’t in an emergency, she recalled that she couldn’t stare at the Emperor’s face without his permission.

Towards Jill’s ‘greeting’, Hadith appeared puzzled.

“You needn’t bow your head to me.”

“That isn’t allowed, you’re the Emperor.”

“Why are you suddenly behaving like this… are you perhaps mad at me, my Amethyst Princess?”

“No, it’s not that… I’m glad that Your Majesty cared enough to pay me a visit.”

There was also the fact that his hobby was little girls—but let’s dismiss the thought for now.

“But, we are a couple, hence, you needn’t worry about such things anymore.”

It was just… she didn’t want to create any weird misunderstandings.

Hadith, who sat on a chair, pondered for a while.

“Even if we’re a couple in name only, effort must be made to maintain said façade. More importantly, is there any problem in aiming to become a real couple?”

“N, no, I didn’t mean that. But… as of now, it’s still too early to start discussing that…”

“Is that your real opinion? You’re being strangely weak spirited right now. Even though you were panicking in high spirits when I put on your shoes for you.”

Jill choked, to the amusement of Hadith, who laughed.

“So, I guessed right? You really were panicking at that time…”

“No! Rather, I wish you’d refrain from doing such things in the future…!”

“Even though you looked so delighted when you ate my handmade cake and pie…”

She lifted her face reflexively.

Hadith’s complexion was getting better. His physical condition must have had recovered…—

Only that, for some reason, the Emperor—the descendant of the Dragon God Rave—had a triangular kerchief around his beautiful hair.


Jill, with eyes widening, checked Hadith’s appearance from top to bottom.

That cloth with a square neckline—no way, is that an apron!? The fact that his enchanting fingertips were currently hidden beneath a pair of simple mittens was already unbelievable enough. They were all red, too, the color forbidden from the average citizen of Rave Empire—

granted, he is the Emperor…

…no, that’s not the point, here.

The REAL question was why the Emperor was wearing a bandana and an apron while carrying a tray of freshly baked bread using mittens…

no, that’s not the real problem, here—?!

“There’s no gap in my absolute family plan.”

“W, wh, why, are you, bread, uhh—…”

“I especially baked it for you—croissants.”

She received the croissant from his mitten-wrapped hand.

It was fluffy and still warm. It was apparent to her eyes that the dough had been baked to a crisp. Its glossiness proved such. There was no way it had been made by an amateur—

as expected of the Dragon God’s descendant—

—wait, this totally has nothing to do with that, doesn’t it?

“Anyone could try to poison me every day, at any given chance. It’s burdensome to keep pinpointing the culprit every time, as such, I started cooking for myself.”

“…the, the Emperor, cooks for himself…”

“I’ve been an Emperor for less than a year. There aren’t enough people in the castle. I keep cooking for the sake of my own health.”

“No, no way. Are you saying that all of those that I’ve eaten so far…”

—are the Emperor’s handmade dishes…

Trembling, Jill almost let go of the croissant.

As if he had expected this reaction, Hadith smiled softly.

“If you like it, I can personally deliver your meals every day.”

Before she knew it, that Devil wearing a bandanna had already kneeled on the floor to match her eye level. He then whispered.

“It is said that the secret of an amicable marriage is through the stomach. Judging from your appearance, it seems that the notion hit the mark. Sometimes, a vulgar book can be useful, too, huh?”

…He seemed to have used considerably biased books as his references… however, he was certainly correct. Jill was glued to her place.

“In the morning, I’ll cook ‘Egg Benedict’ for you, a dish that doesn’t exist in Kratos. It’s basically creamy eggs and thick bacon sandwiched between two crispy buns…”

“Th-that kind of breakfast, I—…”

“—not interested? Absolutely unthinkable. Your tongue has tasted my flavor. Once you’ve tasted it, there’s no going back. Plenty, I’ll let you enjoy the taste of me as much as I can.”

“S, s, such obscene things, please stop saying them! I’m still a child! We’ve already been through that conversation, right—!?”

Hadith was surprised by Jill’s retort.

“Even if you’re child, aren’t you still my wife? As such, there’s no problem in me seducing you. Or rather, that’s the obligation of the husband.”

“The age of the wife also matters! You’re an adult, open your eyes!”

“Adult is basically a child who got older, that’s all!”

Hadith smiled sweetly after proclaiming so, full of dignity.

“Now, shan’t you eat? I want you to remember my taste, the shape of my love I’ve especially made for you. I’m sure, never again will you be able to say anything otherwise after this…”

“S, stop…”

The delicious croissant approached her mouth. Despite trying as hard as she could to close her mouth and shake her head, she couldn’t resist the temptation.

The savory aroma of the baked bread was the mixture of butter and sugar.

this is cheating! Using freshly baked bread is absolutely cheating!

How can she reject such a moment of utter bliss which slowly came to her mouth with a crisp sound?

“Good kid. Now you’ll never be able to leave my side. That’s right! Our matrimony shall be sealed by this croissant! Yes! We’ll forever be known as the Croissant Couple—!!”

“…there’s… no way…”

After swallowing her first bite, Jill stepped back and grabbed the croissant.

“—there’s no way such stupid couple could exist, don’t you realize how improper your action is, you lewd Emperor—!!”

The croissant was subsequently inserted into Hadith’s mouth, who sunk to the floor immediately.

From the ceiling, the echoes of Rave’s laughter could be heard.

Jill, who caught the tray, nommed the second croissant while shrugging her shoulders.

***T/N: So from creating a lot of unexplained noises, causing pets to mysteriously bark, moving objects at 3 am and basically causing mental damage so their victims’ souls slowly succumb and crumble, Devils have changed their modus operandi to tempt you with bacon and egg breakfast at 3 am–!? if so HELL YES TAKE MY SOUL SATAN.

-a delirious note left by a Translator whom was never seen again after this point.

“Adult is basically a child who got older, that’s all!”

-The Devil Possessing the Croissant.

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