A Thousand Years of Separation~ Today, I Shall be the Villainess~ Translation

62. Reunion (2)


an aristocrat—

—the man was bewildered by Nick’s words. At the same time, the man’s swaying was transmitted to me through my back.

Now, I could probably free myself easily—but I didn’t want to rush. The exit had already been cut off—I decided to wait a little more.

Nick glanced at me, who showed no sign of resistance, before turning to the man behind me and spoke.

“Yep, aristocrat, there’s no mistaking it.”


From Nick’s expression, the man realized he wasn’t lying. Strength returned to his arm.

“Who are you? You can’t be just any random noble, right?”

A reasonable question, one which was also completely rational. No normal noble would be in such a place without any of their attendants being present. Even more so regarding the fact that I was acquainted with someone like Nick.

I couldn’t possibly answer the question.

Silence lasted for a while. I could feel the unmoving knife on my nape. Inching to my ear, the man asked.

“Silence, huh… you can’t be mute, right?”


I decided to pass on answering that question, too.

Yes, you’re exactly correct.

But I didn’t bother to affirm it. This guy didn’t plan to kill me, anyway. It would be fine if I ignored him.

In turn, the man turned to Nick.

“Oi Nick, since this woman isn’t responding, let me ask you instead, is she?”

“…no, that can’t be.”

Nick appeared suspicious, before he pondered and continued.

“I do realize she hasn’t said a word to me since a while ago though…”


The man laughed at Nick’s words. It sounded creepy.

“If it’s true, then it would be convenient. Then, shall we make sure of it?”


The man uttered as his thick, sun tanned arm began to crept over my dress, caressing my body.

“Come on, scream.”

He teased, provoking me. The man’s left hand slowly moved, crawling from my waist, to my belly, then to my chest. I could feel his hand wriggling, even though I wore a corset underneath.

A nauseating, terrible, feeling surged within me. The way he deliberately touched me was utterly revolting.

At that point, I recalled Nick’s presence. I glanced at the present Nick, at how much he had changed—I wonder if his expression change in the slightest? I kept hoping for a sign of that.

That was right.

Nick suffered more than me—he suffered far worse than this—

I’m …alright.

The coldness still stuck to my neck kept my head cool.


It was impossible for my heart to shake for such a man.

I wouldn’t be humiliated by him, either.

That was what I had decided that very day.

No matter what would happen in the future, I would endure them—I wouldn’t look away.

The man’s long tongue slid over my neck, making a noise. It was sticky. Each time, it felt like it tried to merge with my neck—such a motion was repeated over and over.


But that was the extent of the feeling this man managed to incite in me. I had no fear towards this man—that was why, I could still endure.

In the next moment, the right hand bearing the knife slid down my waist.

Was it because I didn’t resist? Did he decide a knife was unnecessary to deal with such a mute woman? Well, either way, I never intended to run away in the first place.

Finally, to me, who showed no resistance, the man stored the knife in his back pocket. What happened next, I was pushed against the wall. That was when I got a full view of the man’s face—

—dark skinned, age unknown. Muscular body. His brown hair was quite clean for a tramp, but his eyes, on the other hand, were gnarly and sharp. His beard was messy. The clothes weren’t dirty, but still, unsightly.

“It’s as Nick said, huh? Noble Lady, you have such good eyes.”


He sounded happy, however.

“But sorry. Now that you’ve seen my face, I have to shut you up.”

‘Shut you up’? This guy has no class.

The man lifted the hem of my dress, his taut arm touched my thigh.

“—you truly aren’t resisting?”

The man sighed in amazement. But—on the contrary—I saw Nick’s eyes wavering.


He kept staring at the man’s hand, which was under my dress. It was faint, but I saw it, behind that expression of his—I was convinced. He was still here. The Nick I used to know was still here—then,

I decided—

—I shall free Nick from this man.

The man was so engrossed in my skin, he didn’t leave even a millimeter untouched. At the same time, he was full of openings—what pitiful man!

I extended my right hand slowly to the back of my head and pulled free my sharp hair ornament, before plunging it into the man’s back without hesitation.


At the sudden pain, the man groaned. At the same time, I was free. However, what happened just now was but a childish trick—it wouldn’t cause anything fatal. Nevertheless, to free Nick from this man, there was only one alternative.

I escaped the man’s arm and leaped away with all my strength. Then, I reached out to Nick—and pushed him hard to the ground.


Nick couldn’t stand against my weight, and fell on his back, hitting his head. Nick’s face was distorted, but not even for a moment did he look away from me.

But still, he tried to resist. It seemed that he truly despised me—however, I wouldn’t run away anymore. I shall reap what I sowed. I shall take him back from that man no matter the cost!

I straddled Nick’s body while apologizing in my heart—it’ll hurt a little, but please endure.

I reached out to my hair again, taking a glittering silver ornament. The same thing that pierced the man earlier. The edge, which was sharp like an ice pick, gleamed.

“—wa, wait!”

The man shouted at my actions—it was a voice resenting me, protecting Nick. But it was too late, because I had already swung my hand. It was a stabbing that was waiting to happen.


As expected, Nick probably understood what I was aiming. His eyes were dyed in fear instantly. He was about to be killed—at the thought, his face hardened immediately.

But, it didn’t waver my determination. I locked my gaze with Nick’s, but changed the trajectory of my hand—and swung down at Nick’s thigh.


Nick’s muffled scream echoed. With pain in his face and tears in his eyes, he still stared at me. I smiled seeing such Nick.

I’m sorry, Nick. It must’ve been hurt. But it’s alright, Nick. I’ll take proper responsibility.

“—t, this woman…!!”

The man’s fingers tightened around my neck. It was full of wrath and violence—this time, he was bent on killing me.

But the man’s hand lacked power to crush my throat. I turned towards the man who attempted to kill me. His face was distorted. It was because of my previous attack.

“…no way, poison…?”

The man muttered bitterly. I smiled softly as an affirmation.

I wished to reassure him, though. Because it wasn’t a deadly poison, but a harmless poison that restricted movement for a while, instead.

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