Translation We Dwell at the Base of the Dragon’s Peak

52.2 An Unusual Incident at Dragon’s Peak

“In which case, I just realized something incredible.”

Ruiseine lifts her index finger as she looks at me.

“Perhaps the reason there are no monsters in this Dragon Forest is because Sleigstar-sama is here.”

I see. I finally resolve a question that’s been on my mind for a long time. In other words, since Old Sleigstar’s range of activity is Dragon Forest, there aren’t any mamono here.

Ahre? But that great wolf demon beast has been around for quite some time. Does that mean these demon beasts are escaping to Dragon Forest?[1]

Right when I think one question has been solved, another question pops out.

Mistral chuckles at the exchange between Ruiseine and I.

“Who would you like to live with, a dreadful decaying dragon who mindlessly rampages about or an unfathomable, yet gentle ancient dragon?”
Mumumu, of course I’ll choose grandpa, maybe.”
“That’s right. No matter how I think about it, I would pick the latter.”
“They wouldn’t normally want to live inside the venerable elder’s territory, but this time it’s an emergency.”
“I see, that makes sense. But what about that great wolf demon beast? That guy has been living here since before all this turmoil.”
“That one’s originally an idiot who got lost here by mistake. The venerable elder has just been leaving it be, hence, it’s just staying here as it likes.”
Haaa, what’s with that guy’s poor sense of crisis?”

Certainly, that demon beast had fun chasing me around. Yet, even after Mistral thoroughly beating it up that one time, it still idioticly showed up again.

Actually, a somewhat foolish great wolf demon beast is a bit cute. It makes me laugh.

“Now then, about the demon beasts who have entered the forest.”

Mistral looks up at Old Sleigstar.

“I wish for you to excuse them living within Dragon Forest until the decaying dragon disappears. Of course, I have confirmed that no harm will come to the forest or humans.”
Fumu, there’s no other method this time. However, if they violate the law of the forest even just slightly, I won’t overlook them.”

Old Sleigstar’s golden eyes give off a sharp light. They’re always brimming with a good natured and gentle light, but whenever it comes to the forest, they become fierce. He is this forest’s reliable protector.

“What do you mean with, ‘until the decaying dragon disappears’?”

Ruiseine tilts her head.

“Would this be something pragmatic like waiting for it to move to another area?”

Mistral gives a troubled smile.

“Considering that it appeared at Dragon’s Peak, I believe that nearby dragon tribesmen are already monitor it. All that said, even we dragon tribesmen will have a difficult time subjugating a decaying dragon. Although allowing such a calamity escape to someplace else is painful, there is nothing we can do at the moment.”

“Mistral can’t defeat it either?”
“I wonder about that, although I’m sure it would be difficult. There are also other things I need to focus on.”
“You mean the dragon tribesmen and mazoku.”

Ahh, that’s right. Mistral does have more to take care of. She needs to find out who among the dragon tribesmen is colluding with the mazoku. If she leaves that person alone, this will become a serious problem. While the existence of the decaying dragon is also a problem, but this is more important.

“Should the decaying dragon come towards the forest, I shall deal with it.”
“If you defeat the decaying dragon before it even comes to this place, wouldn’t everyone be able to move on from this affair?”
“Ernea, there is a limit to everything. It isn’t good for venerable elder to interfere with matters pertaining to Dragon’s Peak.”

Mistral has a troubled expression.

“Ah, I’m sorry. I’m butting in too much.”
“What, don’t worry about that. If I interfered a tad too much, all it’d do is shatter the pride of the dragon tribesmen and the dragons some.”

“Gahahahaha,” Old Sleigstar gives a hearty laugh while Mistral’s expression grows more and more troubled.

“At any rate, the situation with the demon beasts is just as I said. Ernea seems to be liked by the demon beasts, so be careful when you wander the forest in the future.”
“I wonder if they like me. I feel like they are only teasing me.”
“There’s no way you would keep getting teased by someone who hates you, you know.”
Fufufu, seems like Ernea lacks awareness about a lot of things.”

When I tilt my head in wonder about what I should be aware of, Mistral and Ruseine stare at me and laugh.

“Then, I will be leaving with this.”

Once they finish giggling, Mistral looks at me with a serious expression.

“After this, I will return to the Dragon’s Peak once. If so, I should be back after a few days.”
“You need to return to your village and discuss this with everyone after all.”
“Yes. That’s why, if I don’t come back tomorrow, please take care of Priscilla.”
“Yeah, I’ll see her back to the Long Eared Tribe at that time.”

I still remember how to go to the village.

If Mistral is busy, I too will have to do whatever I can.

“I will be leaving it to you, then.”

Mistral strokes my head, making me feel bashful.

“Well then, venerable elder, please send me back.”
Yare yare, what a rough young lass, bossing people around.”
“Venerable elder is not a person.”
“Mist-san will be busy then.”
Fufufu, I’m sorry. Next time, once the situation has calmed down, let’s do a lot of things together.”

Mistral and Ruiseine shake hands.

“Now then, goodbye.”
“Have a safe trip.”
“I’ll look forward seeing you again.”

While we are seeing her off, Mistral is enveloped within three-dimensional magic and disappears. Ruiseine’s eyes go round in shock at the ultra-high level magic.

Priscilla-chan recognizes the magic being invoked and waves her hand from far away. I wonder if Mistral noticed Priscilla-chan?

Now, are only Ruiseine, Priscilla-chan, Nymia, the lord Old Sleigstar, and I remain in the moss-covered plaza.

[1] 「あれ、でも大狼魔獣は結構前から居たし、今回の魔獣たちもそれなら竜の森には逃げてこないんじゃないかな」

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