A Thousand Years of Separation~ Today, I Shall be the Villainess~ Translation

59. A Momentary Peace (5)

The store, albeit luxurious, had a serene atmosphere. The store itself couldn’t be called big, but it was spacious enough. Along both sides of the white walls were transparent showcases with a wide variety of jewelry displayed inside—rings, necklaces, pendants, earrings, and hair ornaments. They were consisted of red, yellow, and blue gems—which shone brilliantly due to being bathed by the sunlight coming through the second atrium’s windows.

There were few customers, each dressed up as well as the jewelry on display. Each of them was involved in a polite transaction with a shopkeeper.

However, for both Amelia and William, this was more than merely visiting one store at a certain street. In the first place, aristocrats like them usually didn’t visit stores on foot like today—instead, the jeweler would be summoned to their respective mansions to get the job done.

With a natural gait, they browsed around the store, uncaring of the solemn mood.

“—on the other hand, I find it a little surprising.”

William muttered. He observed Amelia’s profile—which was like a gleeful, innocent, child peering deeply into the display case. When Amelia turned to his voice, she was meet with William’s gentle expression.

“I thought you weren’t interested in these kind of things. What more when you rarely appear wearing them. Besides, these are all wasted on you—since you’re already beautiful as you are.”


Towards William’s abrupt words, Amelia’s cheeks instantly flared red. She looked both shy and happy. William also shared her happiness.

“Personally, I think a blue gem is a perfect choice, since it matches the color of your eyes. Yes, sapphire… or maybe kyanite, or moonstone…”

After he said that, William glanced at the back of the store. Then, a young employee approached them, wearing a white shirt under a black suit.

“Mister, what are you looking for?”

“Ah, I’d like you to show me some of blue gems that bear the same hue as her eyes.”

William told the employee so with a smile. The employee glanced at William’s feet before nodding—

“—I understand. Please come this way.”

Spying on the two people were Hannah and Lewis from the general store across the road. Unlike the jewelry store, this store was packed with youth and mischievous lovers. The two stared at the jewelry store across the street through the glass window.

“Aah, Milady, how eloquent is your smile—such that no jewel in the world could compare to it.”

Hannah pressed her palms on the glass window and stared at her Master with enrapture. Looking at her profile, Lewis frowned, feeling an inkling.

“It’s as if you’ve known for a long time that this is her true nature. Even though just until recently, she was this antisocial lady.”

Lewis said casually while observing Hannah. However, Hannah asserted with an unchanging expression.

“That’s not true, Milady has always been kind and cute. Just because she’s a little more clever than ordinary, she got misunderstood.”

“I see. But, has it ever crossed your mind, that she was faking that, too?”

“What a terrible thing to say! Unfortunately, not even once have I ever doubted Milady!”

Hannah smiled with a more tender expression than usual.

“How happy I am. By being by Lord William’s side, Milady seems truly happy.”

Her pupils shed all of Lewis’ doubt. What Hannah had just said undoubtedly reflected her true feelings—from the bottom of her heart, she genuinely trusted in Amelia.

At such a dazzling, fleeting, fragile thing, Lewis had to narrow his eyes.

Hannah didn’t know that someday Amelia would leave her.

By deciding to throw everything away, Amelia was finally granted a chance to love William—that kind of ephemeral dream.

…despite that… the fact that Amelia herself was the one who chose to keep Hannah by her side…

—nevertheless, she would undoubtedly stop at nothing. She could no longer go back. For William, she had to keep on moving forward.

Lewis smiled.

just a little more…

Finally, his more than fifteen years’ worth of effort would be rewarded. So, until then… until it was fulfilled, until the end, she had to keep lying—no matter who hurt her, or broke her heart to pieces.

—since she already swore so, after all.

“I think so, too. It’s the first time in a while since I have seen William’s face like that. The two of them look good together.”

“I wholeheartedly agree!”

“—then please deliver the item to this address.”

After selecting a few pieces of jewelries from the display case, William wrote down the address to his mansion. The shopkeeper widened his eyes after seeing the specified address, but immediately regained his composure and bowed his head.

“Right away, Mister.”

“Yes. Alright, shall we resume our walk, Amelia?”

William smiled and offered his left arm. Amelia naturally received it with her right hand. Then, they left the store while snuggling like a couple.

“It’s afternoon, already.”

Seeing the sun rising up high, William was astounded when he left the jewelry store. However, it was worth it—William recalled the bright, blue, pendant he purchased earlier.

never thought I would find a Royal Blue Sapphire at a store in this city. A vivid blue with a deep purple hue, much deeper than a normal sapphire…

They were the same color as Amelia’s eyes. Albeit the jewel would make her appear more beautiful, it still—undoubtedly—paled in comparison with her shine.

William imagined Amelia wearing the pendant—his expression eased almost immediately.

It was a first for him—to experience such feelings. He had interacted with countless women until now—mostly forced—but he had never experienced such feelings.

There were some women more beautiful than Amelia. Many times, he had been favored by those kind of women. Nevertheless, he never felt happy about it.

Moreover… the feeling of wanting to present something to a partner—indeed, he had never felt such a thing.

Unfortunately, William hadn’t yet grasped his own feelings.

“Should we have lunch soon? There is a good restaurant ahead…—Amelia?”

William halted and paled at the same time.


—because Amelia, whom should be standing next to him, was nowhere to be seen.


“I saw a beautiful pendant.”

“Must’ve look good on Amelia.”

“I applaud myself for my choice.”


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