A Thousand Years of Separation~ Today, I Shall be the Villainess~ Translation

58. A Momentary Peace (4)

“Shall we depart?”

William took Amelia’s hand. Together, they descended the stairs leading to the entrance hall. His attire was casual, befitting their leisure stroll through the city, a blue striped shirt with a deep blue vest and black slacks. Amelia chose a simple blue dress to match William. However, both fabrics were made of fine silk. One glance would reveal their noble status.

While gently pulling Amelia’s hand, William entered the carriage. They went out to the city while being sent off by both Lewis and Hannah. The remaining two smiled as the carriage exited the mansion’s gate.


“Then, shall we depart too?”

Lewis smiled as naturally as possible and faced Hannah.

“Is there somewhere you want to go, Ms. Hannah?”

Lewis was uncertain over how to act. Whether it was during the past decade or century, Lewis rarely acquainted himself with women, or people, to be exact. To be honest, he didn’t know how to please them—but, treating them like a gentleman couldn’t be a mistake, right?

“Ms. Hannah?”

Hannah didn’t respond to Lewis’ question.


Lewis peered at her profile. Only then did Hannah turn to Lewis—she smiled.

“Please refer to me as ‘Hannah’—therefore, I’ll also refer to you as ‘Lewis’.”

She said in her usual bright tone before grabbing Lewis’ arm.


Lewis was surprised by Hannah’s unexpected behavior. However, Hannah took no notice and dragged Lewis along.

“Okay! Let’s go, then, Lewis!”

“—hu, huh—?!”

“If we don’t rush as fast as we can, we wouldn’t be able to see it!”


Lewis wondered about the meaning behind Hannah’s words.

“Forgive me if I’m wrong, but you couldn’t be planning to tail them, right—“

“—exactly! This is Milady’s first date with her husband! What else should we do beside tail them—!?”

Hannah didn’t reject Lewis’ words, but kept hold over his arm. Her unwavering remarks made Lewis feel dizzy.

“T-then, you don’t need me for that?”

“Huh? You are against it? In fact, when Milady decided to go out, I was about to request you to come with me, too. Therefore, William’s order was in my favor!”

They reached the side of the street, and Hannah raised her right hand to stop a carriage.

what a misunderstanding! It also as if she planned this from the start!

Lewis sighed, yet at the same time felt relieved—so Hannah didn’t harbor a crush on him or something like that.

Lewis stared at Hannah’s back as she quickly got into the carriage—to have a maid like this, won’t she give her Master a hard time?

“Come on, get in!”

Hannah waved her hand towards Lewis.


…what a weird person. But, doing this once in a while doesn’t sound very bad.

Lewis smiled and took her hand—this time, with his usual smirk.

“Follow that black carriage!”

Then, with Hannah’s words as a signal, the curtain for the turbulent tale of the two rose.

William and Amelia on the other hand, were deciding their first destination in the carriage.

“Should we go shopping first? Don’t hesitate to let me know about anything you want. Whether it’s a hat, fan, or parasol… okay?”

At such a question, Amelia nodded and smiled softly.

She didn’t care about their destination, for as long as she could be with William, she was already happy enough.

Seeing Amelia’s smile, William said to the driver.

“To the Central Street.”

The carriage, containing two of them, rode on to the Central Street, the busiest and the most prosperous area in Ethania.

The carriage stopped a short distance before they reached the street. It was because Amelia wanted to walk. William told the driver they needn’t be picked up and got off the carriage with Amelia.

He gently took her hand in his and walked slowly to match her pace.

The townscape unified with reddish-brown bricks and stone buildings spread before them. Although they were still in front of the main street, there were already many people and horse-drawn carriages. The hustle and bustle could clearly be seen.

Then, after walking for some time, they reached a street with three and four-story buildings.

On the first floor of the buildings, which stood further ahead, were a wide variety of stores ranging from jewelry stores, watches stores, raiments, to bookstores, cafes, and general stores. Amelia beamed at the sight.

Amelia had visited the city many times in the past. But those were always under the guise of incognito. Besides, she wasn’t just some mere Count’s daughter. She was a lady inheriting a thousand years of memories. She wasn’t the kind of girl who would enjoy walking around town anymore.

Despite this, Amelia was now fascinated with the bustling town. It was because William was with her. Being able to spend time with a lover she had been loving for a long, long time excited her. It was simply just that.

William had also been told by Edward and Bryan during the past two months that they had hung out with Amelia. They told him of the time Amelia disguised herself as Rosa, a maid who served the Southwell Family.

William’s shock was beyond imaginable. He realized how much Amelia loved her past lover. It was to an extent she didn’t want to marry anyone and tarnished her reputation with her own hands.

William was finally aware of how much Amelia went through to keep him away.

William was curious why she suddenly decided to accept and love him.

At the same time, he still couldn’t comprehend why Lewis’ one and only wish was for him to ‘love her’.

William turned to Amelia’s right hand, which was held by his left hand.

A small, white, hand. A thin arm of an eighteen year old maiden. If he were to put a little force into his hand, said fragile hand would undoubtedly break. What kind of man was her past lover, for her to love him that much, that she was willing to give her everything?

When William pondered so, Amelia suddenly halted. As a result, William also stopped.

Did she find something she wants?

When William’s followed Amelia’s line of sight, it was a jewelry store.

Various colorful accessories sparkled, lined up in their display case.

William narrowed his eyes at Amelia’s unexpected intrigue towards the display case. However, immediately, he pulled Amelia’s hand with a smile.

“Let’s enter.”

Amelia’s smile was akin to a blooming flower. Then, they entered the jewelry store.

***T/N: Hmm… something tell me she spotted gem that matched William’s eyes…

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