A Thousand Years of Separation~ Today, I Shall be the Villainess~ Translation

56. A Momentary Peace (2)

Amelia wore a light pink robe and left William’s room to change her attire before breakfast. She went down the long hall to her own room provided by the Marquis. At the corner, she came across Lewis.

When he noticed Amelia, he joined her with a natural gait.

“Good morning, Lady Amelia. Did you sleep well?”

Lewis’ expression was as usual. Although he appeared refreshed, it made her feel as if the contract from that day never happened.

Two months had passed since Amelia arrived at that house, however, Lewis had never spoken to her since that day. Lewis’ attitude towards her was akin to that of a good acquaintance—which was indeed different from how he treated his Master.

Originally, it would be unacceptable for Lewis to even approach Amelia—his Master’s fiancée, more than necessary. But Lewis and William never touched that subject. On the contrary, Lewis continued to treat Amelia more like a gentleman than even William.

Their relationship was something between a friend and an enemy.

Amelia actually approved of Lewis’ attitude. Of course, in front of the Marquis and other servants, Lewis wouldn’t necessarily approach her. However, when only three of them were together—William, Amelia, and Lewis—Lewis’ attitude would usually take a turn. When that happened, Amelia had no choice but to forgive him in her heart.

“It has been two months since Lady Amelia began living here, hasn’t it?”

Lewis smiled. It seemed genuine. Thus, Amelia smiled back. From an outsider’s point of view, they were having a warm conversation.

Amelia noticed Lewis’ outfit. Today, Lewis wore a plain white shirt, a black and indigo striped vest, and a slender black suit. It was different from what he usually wore—as such, Amelia stared at Lewis with wonder.

Sensing Amelia’s question, Lewis uttered in low voice.

“It seems that Lady Amelia is getting senile…”

His eyes soften.

“Don’t you remember? Yesterday, Marquis and his wife departed to the resort. At the same time, most of the employees will return to their hometown today, so, dress code is relatively free. In the first place, I’m William’s attendant, not his servant.”

Lewis said that with a relaxed smile. Such a childish, whimsical, smile didn’t mirror his actual age.

Amelia recalled that Lewis was that kind of person. Thus, she smiled quietly at Lewis again.

Amelia no longer wanted to scrutinize Lewis, nor seek information regarding William or Arthur. Lewis and Amelia understood each other and still cared about each other, as they both possessed the memories of their previous lives.

The two month times, which could be considered short, was long enough for Amelia to stop doubting and hating Lewis. It wasn’t like she favored him, but she at least knew he didn’t have any bad intentions.

“That’s right. I received a letter from Ms. Carla, it’s addressed to you, Lady Amelia.”

Then, Lewis took out an envelope out of nowhere. It was a lovely pink envelope with a golden decoration. An envelope she was very familiar with. It was sealed with the Spencer crest.

“I wonder what kind of invitation it is this time.”

Lewis uttered so and handed it to Amelia.

Two months ago, after Amelia had fallen into the river and returned from Aldebaran, Carla visited the Southwell Family with Edward and Bryan. Large tears were brimming from her big, round, eyes.

“I’m truly sorry, thank you for saving me.”

Carla tearfully cried so, and she embraced Amelia as a consolation that she was now mute.

From that day on, Carla visited Amelia every day. First along with flowers, then with fruits, then with confections froma famous pastry chef. It was all to express her gratitude to Amelia. However, her feelings gradually changed.

Carla was prepared to face Amelia’s wrath. She didn’t mind being hated by her. Especially during that day, the day she lost her love, she behaved rudely towards Amelia. Because she thought Amelia’s true personality was indeed that of an ‘Ice Queen’.

On the contrary, Amelia didn’t say anything even when they were alone. Amelia didn’t unleash hatred or sorrow towards her. Instead, Amelia always smiled gently. She did so even though she not only lost her voice, but also acquired a lifelong scar on her right hand—

—Carla couldn’t believe it.

Amelia bore no ill feelings towards Carla. No matter how much it seemed that she hated socializing with people, she had forgiven Carla from the start.

It was because Carla was but an ordinary, pure-hearted, 18-years-old girl. A cute girl who visited every day. Amelia was very happy with her kindness.

Because she was such a maiden, they became close in no time. Now they were like sister.

Amelia stared at the pink envelope with joy. Lewis smiled.

“Tea party, piano, dance, salon …I wonder which one it is this time?”

Lewis recalled and laughed, before walking ahead. That was when Amelia realized she had arrived at her room.

She wondered if Lewis had especially fetched the letter for her. Wondering so, the moment she entered the room—

“—milady! Good morning!”

A loud voice that reverberated in the hall way, came from inside the room. The owner of the voice was, indeed, Amelia’s maid, Hannah.

Marquis Winchester also welcomed her. Both the Southwell and Cecil Families accepted Hannah’s request to accompany Amelia because she would prove to be an asset in preparing Amelia for her wedding. That was why, even though Hannah still served the Southwell Family, she worked in the Cecil’s house.

Because her salary was paid by the Southwell Family, she was also considered a guest there. Thus, even though she was a servant, she was given a private room.

Since she wasn’t a servant of that house, Hannah was free to dress however she wanted. She usually wore very simple attire—but today, the same couldn’t be said. Hannah wore a reddish orange dress.

When Amelia entered the room and closed the door, she smiled to Hannah. Even today, Hannah’s smile was bright. It was a very pleasant sight. Amelia truly had a peaceful two months since arriving there.

The room was very comfortable. Unlike the Southwell Family’s rooms, the carpets and curtains were brightly colored in a feminine style while the edges of the windows, closet doors, and furniture were unified in white.

The best view so far came from the window of the room, which showed the garden. In that season—the beginning of autumn—colorful flowers bloomed in the garden, making the luxurious mansion even more colorful and gorgeous.

She was much more comfortable with her own room, now.

“—ah! I can see you’ve received another letter from Ms. Carla.”

Recognizing the envelope Amelia carried, Hannah smiled cheerfully. She always wished for Amelia’s happiness.

“I wonder what’s she’s inviting you to this time.”

Hannah said, taking a paper knife from the drawer and handing it to Amelia. Amelia took a cute floral stationery from the envelope and began reading it. Hannah also peered from her side.

“Let me see… ooh! An opera!”

***T/N: How many times does the Author have to repeat “two months” in her story to make her point that two months has passed across? Maybe until she had succeeded drilling hole into our brains…

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