The Returnee Noble Lady Attacks His Majesty the Dragon Emperor Translation

4. The Returnee Noble Lady (3)

–if it was really six years ago, then the Kingdom of Kratos had yet to wage war against the Rave Empire.

It could be said that as of now, this person wasn’t her enemy.

Although she was aware of that, Jill couldn’t help but be wary because she had a vivid memory of the Emperor’s overwhelming power on the battlefield.

Whether or not he knew of Jill’s circumstance, Hadith approached and kneeled down right in front of her.

Silence spread throughout the room as the ticking sound of a clock echoed.

In front of her was an extraordinary beauty. She had to maintain her cheeks from getting flushed and also refocused her mind.

“I want you to propose to me once again.”


“I want to make sure I’m not dreaming.”

She instantly forgot her wariness as she was stupefied instead.

However, Hadith didn’t release Jill’s eyes and kept waiting for her response.

…at the moment, he resembled her sheepdog at her parents’ home.

…he, he’s truly different than ‘him’ of six years later!

Hadith began to appear doubtful as he was uncertain of what was happening.

“Why aren’t you answering? Could it be, you’re feeling ill?”

“Eh… uhm…why am I here? My memories feel hazy…”

“You fainted. I’m sorry, that was rude of me. I mustn’t be so hard on you—you too, mustn’t overexert yourself.”


Suddenly, she was lifted up. She was carried to a bed without her permission.

“You might be unable to sleep, but it’s best for you to lie down.”

As Hadith placed Jill on the bed, his movements were full of tenderness.

“Or, should I prepare something light? Ah, since you’re awake, here. Your feet must be getting cold.”

Hadith knelt down and picked up indoor shoes that were placed right beside the bed.

He then carefully put the shoes on Jill’s bare feet—suffice to say, she almost screamed her lungs out.

This man was an Emperor! Even if she was a child, this was too much!

“I, I can do it myself! This is an inappropriate task for someone with a stature as high as you, Emperor!”

“Don’t be shy. I told you already that I would willingly bend my knees for you. Stay still—now you’re set.”

From above, she could see him smiling in satisfaction. The impact from said sight on her was akin to a thunder strike.

For a man with a beauty that extraordinary to smile like that—this was no longer a battle she could win. Jill gritted her teeth as she desperately tried to calm her raging heart.

…t, to be honest, it’s not only that he’s handsome, but also because his face is exactly my type!

There’s no chance for me!

Moreover, not only his face, his contour is also impressive!

He looks thin, however, he’s also lean. His posture is wonderful. In general, he looks powerful…!

—to have such a man kneels before me is just…!

But, she soon regained herself—

wait, I proposed to this man—then, after that, what happened, exactly?

“Excuse me…”

However, the sound of the door slamming open buried Jill’s question.

The clanks of armor—a few soldiers lined up, as if sandwiching the double door.

Hadith, kneeling, stood up in a menacing atmosphere—

“—it seems that they’ve been waiting for you to awaken.”


“Jill Saber! Explain your actions up until now!”

Without greeting, Geraldo stepped into the room. As if he hadn’t seen Hadith, he walked towards her in a violent stride.

“What could be running in your head? To run away without letting me finish my talk—“

“—Prince Geraldo. She has just opened her eyes. To accuse her of things now would be a display of utmost discourtesy.”

Hadith said from the side.

Geraldo responded coldly.

“Pardon me. However, this has nothing to do with the Rave Empire. Moreover, another room should have been conveniently prepared for you. Now that leaves the question—why are you even here?”

“For my fiancé to suddenly faint like that, isn’t it only natural for me to worry about her?”

“You and she are not engaged. Neither His Majesty nor her parents would consent to that. The one who’ll be engaged with her, it will be none other than this me. It has already been decided since long ago, in secret.”

Jill was shocked, she lifted her face. She didn’t remember ever hearing of such a conversation but she then recalled her parents’ faces…

…Mother, Father, I’ll never forget this…

Her parents, which were passive, lacked political strength. Nor was the Marquis of Saber rich with achievements.

More importantly, if what Geraldo had said was true—that it had already been decided in secret—it would be difficult for Jill to reject Geraldo.

It wouldn’t merely be about political influence anymore—

—it would be on par with tarnishing Prince Geraldo’s reputation.

“If you still value your reputation, I would like you to stop meddling in our kingdom’s affairs as you please. It would be considered as interference of public affairs, you understand?”

“‘Interference of public affairs’, you say? Please, right now, you’re just being overly sensitive.”

Geraldo raised his eyebrows to Hadith, who smiled faintly.

Jill trembled because of the tense atmosphere.

At this moment in their lives, Geraldo was already known for his combat prowess. He was already registered as a warrior, and had his own troops. Hadith, on the other hand, was only alone. Anything yielded a better outcome than a one-versus-many battle.

She could already oversee many ways of things going wrong.

But, Hadith stayed calm.

“Don’t you have better things to prioritize? I suggest you look at the bigger picture—after all, you’ll eventually be the King of your kingdom.”

“Thank you for your advice. But, considering it came from the Cursed Emperor, wouldn’t it be best for me to take it at face value?”

Geraldo responded with a frustrated but also condescending tone.

Hadith, on the other hand, kept smiling fearlessly.

“Eh, it’s fine if you understand. It’s pointless to fight against someone who can’t win. You and I are different.”

“Didn’t I tell you before? Insulting me would be the same as—“

Hadith opened his golden eyes—it was as if he had awakened for the first time.

The atmosphere in the room changed completely.

“—fall down.

The gravity of the entire room heightened.

The sound of collision could be heard—soldiers’ weapons dropped one after another. None of them could stand. Some were about to faint, while others had lost consciousness since the start.

this, he hasn’t even begin using his magic yet! He’s just using his aura of intimidation!

A majestic, absolute, dominance that no one could stand against. Even Jill, who wasn’t affected by it, still felt the sense of oppression.

She stared at Hadith’s profile, keeping herself from running. Hadith extended his hand towards Geraldo, who stood petrified on spot, glaring furiously while sweating.

“I’ll leave the cleanup to you.”

Hadith patted Geraldo’s shoulder, and the latter fell hard on his bottom almost immediately.

“The rumors are true—what a monster…!”

Towards Geraldo’s insulting words, Hadith only smiled gently.

Then, the suffocating pressure vanished without a trace.

Hadith held Jill, who was exhaling.

“Forgive me. You must be surprised. We better switch place.”

Jill nodded, suppressing her euphoria. Again, she wanted to scream, but for a different reason entirely—

indeed, this man is truly strong!

Towards Jill’s stare, Hadith broke in a smile.

“You don’t seems perplexed. As I thought, you’re different.”

“I have experienced it many—“

—Jill realized on time. She wasn’t the Battle Maiden as of yet.

However, Hadith didn’t seem to mind, and they slipped between the fallen soldiers into the corridor.

“It doesn’t seems like we can take our time talking. Prince Geraldo doesn’t seems to be one to give up easily. Well, what can I do? I heard that love is supposed to be complicated.”


“It’s alright. I won’t let any of them lay their hands on you.”

With such a good-looking man saying so, Jill involuntarily nodded.

But, she couldn’t help but think—

as of current, I’m ten years old, right?

While this guy is supposed to be around twenty…

It was impossible for an adult man to consider seriously getting engaged with a ten year old without any actual political reason. Unless…

…unless he fancied little girls.

At the same time, her vision changed entirely—

“—your magical power doesn’t seem to be stable, as such, we’ll ride a ship. I’m glad I brought it just in case.’

“Huh—!? Eh—!?”

She looked around in a hurry. The high ceiling was suddenly lower.

There was a bed, a small table, and chairs. It wasn’t narrow, or spacious. There were small round windows, while the floorboard was tight and squeaky—no, it definitely shook.

…it was a kidnapping.

Hadith turned to Jill with a stunning smile.

“Alright, we shall arrive at the territory of the Rave Empire in a few hours.”


The moment Jill let out her scream, the ship had already begun to glide over the surface of the sea.

The port of her homeland, visible through the round windows, quickly became smaller and smaller.


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