The Noble Girl Who Finds a Nerdy and Plain Guy Moe Thinks that the Arrogant Prince is in the Way Translation

15.1 Welcome to the Glen Territory

“My name is Sharina Clydea. I’m sorry for the sudden visit. Riol-sama has been taking great care of me in school—…”


“Nice to meet you, Brother-in-Law. I heard Father-in-Law had fallen ill, thus, I returned in a hurry. Where is Father-in-Law? Can I see him?”


In the peaceful countryside which was currently experiencing light rain—

It was in a certain mansion in the back of the town. However, its appearance was more of an ordinary house rather than aristocratic mansion.


The loud echo of a man’s scream could be heard.

“Welcome, Sharina-chan! Please, sit down, I’ve put a cushion on the chair! By the way, I’m Cloud, Riol’s oldest brother!”

“I brought you a t-t-t-t-t—tea!!! I’m sorry because it’s only low quality tea leaves! Oh, and my name is Dolly!”

“Nice to meet you, I’m Riol’s father.”

“I’m his mother! What should I call you~ is ‘Sharina-chan’ okay?”

“Meow meow meow~”

What a festive welcome!

The eldest son had just returned from hunting in the mountains. The father just returned from the field. The unruly pet cat that was trying to escape just recently—the entirety of the Glen family gathered in front of Sharina. Including Apollon, seven people were currently surrounding the table.

“Why would you do something as stupid as trying to escape! Isn’t it dangerous!?”

“Meoooow, meoooow~”

Beside Sharina, the pet cat of Glen house was reunited with his Master, Riol, whom had been away for months.

“Other than that, how strange? I remember sending a letter to Riol saying, ‘I have just defeated a bear, and am planning to take a break. You should also come home soon because we’ll be feasting’. So how did it got switched to, ‘Your father is dying, I’m refraining from hunting because I’m going to take care of him…’? Well, whaddaya’ expect from a cheap mailing service…”

“It’s alright. Thanks to that, we get to meet Sharina-chan, so what’s the big deal?”

Cloud, the eldest son of Glen, tilted his head in confusion, while Dolly—the second son—patted him on the back.

Both of them were very tall and had lean physiques. It wasn’t surprising that one of them defeated a bear.

“Who would’ve thought Riol has such a cute girl friend? He did mention in one of his letter that a friend has been taking care of him…”

“No, it’s the complete opposite. I’m the one being taken care of by him.”

“Riol hasn’t been causing you any problem, right? Feel at home, Sharina-chan. Spending time with family like this once in a while can’t be a bad thing.”

“Yes! Thank you very much!”

However, she also felt very guilty of tricking such good people. When everything was over, Sharina would surely apologize—such was her plan as she gazed over her beloved’s family.

A gentle mother with a thin physique, and a huge, sun-tanned, robust father. Without a doubt, Riol possessed a semblance to them.


“Luce, calm down, and that’s not me, but the chair’s leg.”

The domestic cat, which spoke in cat language, had a black fur and green eyes—Luce resembled Riol a lot and was very pretty. It was rubbing its head against Riol’s leg until it accidentally bumped against the chair’s leg—how cute.

Oh my god, the sight I’m viewing—that is Riol playing with the cat…

…this! Isn’t there a scene like this in the Bible!?

The title is, ‘God’s Wisdom at Play’, or something like that.

“Riol, who has only read books from a young age, has a girl friend… Riol, you don’t just endlessly pester her with your talk about difficult books and researches journals, right?”

“That’s right, the first time you made an amulet, you were only twelve years old. No one in the family understood what you were talking about.”

“Eh!? Full story of that, please!! Now that’s a story I want to hear in detail!!”

Truly, he possessed the wisdom of God. Sharina unintentionally embarked on a conversation where she could hear Riol’s genius since his childhood.

“That’s right, that bird that Apollon-san has tamed! A Gigan Eagle? How amazing! I want to ride it, too! I’ve been thinking so since I guided it to our stable!”

“Unfortunately, it’s tired right now. Tomorrow, the rain is going to be heavier than this, right? If it becomes a downpour, I doubt it can fly. Other than that, I’m sorry for occupying the stable.”

“It’s fine! Not that I used it much, really! I also wanted to turn it into a birdhouse! Tell me, how did you manage to tame such a wild bird? What does it eat? How about the training? How does it pick up that gondola?”

Apparently, the eldest son was also very interested in the Gigan Eagle. With beaming eyes, he asked Apollon.

The Gigan Eagle, who carried Sharina there, was currently sheltered from the rain in the Glen’s stable.

The stable itself used to contain several riding horses. However, after losing the last horse a few years ago, it was otherwise unoccupied. Mainly because of financial issues.

—by the way, when asked if having no horses poses to be a problem—

“—nah, it’s faster to run than riding an old horse.”

Sharina, whom had prepared “—as I thought.” As a proper answer, didn’t expect that. As such, she ended up not saying anything.

“Isn’t it impossible for the bird to fly until the rainy season is over? Then, feel free to be at home as mom says! You can relax here!”

“But, unfortunately, Sharina-chan, we don’t have many vacant rooms. Would it be okay if Apollon stays in the guest room on the first floor, and Sharina-chan in the room beside Riol’s?”

“That’s a great idea!! I welcome it very much!!”

Seeing Sharina with her eyes gleaming, Riol, whom was about to retort, decided to say nothing.

“Meow meow meeooow~”

“Ah, Luce, you can sleep with me.”


Sharina turned around without thinking. On Riol’s lap, the black cat wore a heartless, smug, face.

“Yes, yes, Riol is cool, isn’t he? Exactly! You know what I’m talking about!”

“Meow meow.”

“His only problem is his low self-esteem.”


“What, you think so too?”


“—don’t have such a natural conversation with a cat when you’re already leaving your seat.”

The same day, at night.

Bear jerky soup, smoked potato salad, and bacon sandwiched within huge sausages.

Enjoying the delicious dinner which consisted of array of bear meat dishes, Sharina listened about Riol’s childhood from his family.

Sharina went to her given room—not, but to Riol’s room, instead.

***T/N: Me, the translator, is reporting again. I now articulate cat too. Oh hey, Sharina went to Riol’s room.

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