I, a Witch, am Requested by My Crush to Make Him Love Potion Translation

35. The Witch Sets Off (4)

“If it isn’t my Lord. Welcome home.”

Tara appears from behind Roze.

She bows to Harij, careful to not show any of her lingering pain.

“I’m sorry for leaving the door open. You see, I was cleaning the hall—hey, our Lord has returned. Come on, give him a proper greeting.”

“From today onwards, I shall be in your care.”

Urged by Tara, Roze bows her head.

Harij is completely stunned—moreover, he’s face palming really hard.

Perhaps, he’s desperately trying to understand the current situation.

When Harij, who seems to have figured out something, is about to speak—a voice that’s out of breath interrupts.

“I, I’m sorry!”

A girl rushes inside, her hair is messy.

“Inside the forest, the wagon’s wheel suddenly fell off! I come here as soon as possible, knowing I was scheduled to work this morning! From today, I will be in your care! My name is Mona! It’s an utmost pleasure to be an acquaintance with you!”

The girl who just entered—Mona—bows her head. Her two big braids almost completely hide her face.

Tara and Safina curiously eye Roze and Mona back and forth.

After all, Mona did just mention she was scheduled to work this morning…

…the focus immediately switches to the girl that had been scrubbing the entrance until just before.

Of course, Safina is the first one to recognize Roze, having visited her many times. Although seemingly surprised, he gracefully bows towards her.

Witnessing such a scene, Tara, who hadn’t grasped the situation, widens her eyes—

—two people were scheduled to arrive at the mansion that day.

—the new maid, and their new mistress, Lady Witch.

Just by looking at Safina and the direction he’s bowing to, everything becomes clear—

“—t, then, you’re the lady—!! How could I misunderstand, please forgive this humble servant—!!”

Tara is utterly shocked, and deeply lowers her face.

Roze puts her hand on Tara’s shoulder and gently tells her to lift her face.

“Tara, later, shall I bring you a compress?”


Appalled, Tara can only stares at Roze, mouth wide agape.

“—I’ve finally grasped the entire situation.”

Harij finally joins in the conversation.

“Tara, Safina. This is Witch Roze, who’ll be staying with me from today. Best regards. Mona, you too, do your best.”

Harij, after proclaiming such while looking into his servants’ eyes, approaches Roze.

Harij is dressed more elegantly than usual—for a moment, it’s as if she’s seeing an unknown gentleman. To say the least, his appearance is the best in the entire kingdom. Her eyes are completely dazzled.

Roze is too embarrassed to stare at him directly, hence, she lowers her face.

“…what are you doing?”

“I must’ve smell of sweat…”

“…whose fault is that, exactly?”

With his temple in his hand, Harij suddenly grabs Roze’s hand in his.

“Your room has already been prepared. Let’s go.”

Tara rushes to call out to Roze, who’s about to be taken by the mansion’s Lord.

“M-milady! The brush! You’re still carrying the scrubbing brush!”

“Here’s your room. You can relax here.”

The room where Roze is taken to by Harij is a little too big…

It’s two to three times the size of Roze’s dwellings…

In some places, she can see some doors, albeit she doesn’t know where they lead to. Harij explains when he notices Roze’s stare.

“That one door over there is locked, but you can use the rest freely. If you want to use fire, ask the kitchen. But not before letting me know in advance.”


Harij is about to give a tour of the whole house, but Roze declines since she had done so with Tara.

The beautiful patterned carpet is so thick, her shoes are sucked in. All the elegant furniture is made of mahogany. Suffice to say, they are very glossy. Green clothes hang on the walls of the room.

It’s gorgeous and elegant, while also retaining the feel as if she’s in the forest.

The room, which is unified in green and brown, shows Harij’s anticipation in welcoming Roze.

“—then, do you have an explanation for your act? Why would a guest clean as if she’s a servant?”

Harij asks with a bit of criticism, but seems to finally relent to Roze upon seeing how her reaction towards the room. Her bright green eyes gleam brightly. He heaves a sigh.

“Because Tara is already old. Don’t make fun of me, when just before, you were so surprised you were about to lose your soul.”


Harij sits on the sofa.

The way he sits clearly spells his noble upbringing. She too, feels at ease in this room. She experiences no discomfort whatsoever.

Roze mutters while watching the mesmerizing Harij in the brilliant room.

“…how nostalgic.”

“What is?”

“The same air as my grandmother. Not to mention, the hair is gray, too.”

As she says so, Roze puts her hand on her chest. Her voice is much softer than usual.

Roze’s grandmother was a tough person. She was almost always angry, and not the type to be joking around.

Both Tara and her grandmother are stern, but they never insulted Roze.

Harij just shakes his head—his beautiful mop of hair bounces in a blur.

“—she can be a little harsh, at times.”

“So you’re talking about Tara …don’t scare me like that.”

No matter what Tara told her, she kept following her around like a chick—her old habits from when her grandmother was still alive.

Roze wanted to immerse herself in said nostalgia, even if it was merely an illusion.

“Because of her, my heart became truly at ease. I know this mansion is a very nice place to be.”

“I see.” Harij mutters in understanding.

—after all, Roze is a witch, and a witch can’t lie—otherwise, their magic will turn into a lie.

Harij understands that, and accepts Roze’s statements as the whole truth.

When he stands up, he approaches Roze and extends his hand.

He caresses her cheeks, and strokes her temple. His thumb gently traces her hairline, making Roze feel ticklish.

“Everyone is trustworthy. Safina is also the one who choose Mona, who arrived today. Trust me.”


“—and as for Mona, I can appoint her to be your personal maid…”

“I will accept apprentice, but I have no need for a maid, thank you.”

“I shall convey it to her.”

No noble lady would be allowed to utter such a remark—however, Harij doesn’t refute Roze.

No longer feeling unwelcomed, starting from now, in this aristocratic mansion, Roze aims to be known as the good Witch. Such a notion makes her excited.

Harij, no longer caressing Roze’s cheeks, pats her head—ponpon.

“Let us repeat this again …I’ll be in your care.”

“Thank you for your support.”

As they face each other, they bow. A refreshing wind comes through the window and sways the curtain.

***T/N: NO HARIJ DID NOT JUST PULL A LINE OUT OF “THE BLUE BEARD”!!! lmao and here I thought Roze still perceives Harij as the slightly taller, handsome, and younger male version of her grandma. You got me, Roze!

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