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17. Clairvoyance

The Sea Green Rock Lizard intimidates us.

“I remember that Taniizumi and the others hunted this before. They were bragging about it.
“Yeah. I was there when they fought it. It’s a mamono that focuses on tail attacks. Be careful.”
“Can it use fire and poison?”1
“Probably, it mainly attacks by biting or with its tail.”

I stand ready to protect myself with my onion shield like always and face the Sea Green Rock Lizard. During that time, Shigenobu and Hiyama-san move to stand close at my sides. We’re fortunate to only be facing one beast.


Raising a sword… I’ll face it head-on with a shield instead!


My unexpected attack works, and the Sea Green Rock Lizard stops moving for an instant. Kashin, my shield smacks it straight in the face, woah! It’s tough!


Shigenobu and Hiyama-san land attacks on its two sides, but Shigenobu merely cuts its hide while Hiyama-san lands a blow on its internal organs.


The Sea Green Rock Lizard roars out in pain as it thrashes about with its tail.


It counterattacks Hiyama-san for her severe blow by swinging the rock on its tail at her.


Gatsun, I strike the top of the Sea Green Rock Lizard’s head with my obsidian sword. I continue with the flow and Hiyama-san with my onion shield as she’s sent flying away. Gusha, the onion shield is distorts and gets blown away.

“Yukinari! Everything alright!?”
“Hanebashi-kun! That…you protected me…”
“Hanebashi-kun! Are you okay!?”

Himeno-san tumbles as she rushes over to protect me. She holds her staff ready in her hands as she heals me.

“I’m okay, so just watch out for yourself!”
“I know! Sakaeda-kun! Hiyama-san! Especially Hiyama-san, fight without worry! You’re the only ones who can end this! We’re leaving this to you.”

The Sea Green Rock Lizard is already in tatters. That doesn’t mean it can’t attack, but it’s in a tough spot. Were we reckless by using weak equipment? No, we might have explored a bit too deep.

Hiyama-san nods and takes advantage of the gap I created. She gathers strength and draws back her sword…

“Everyone, Hanebashi-kun protected us! Keep going!” 

The Sea Green Rock Lizard waves its tail around with its might. The base of its tail is struck as it does, and I get the feeling something narrowly passes by me with a thump.

Something is whirling about in the air. I look closely and discover it’s the rock that was on the tip of the Sea Green Rock Lizard’s tail. As it falls to the ground with a thud, the Sea Green Rock Lizard shrieks.

“Just the head left!”
“This time, I’ll finish it !”

Hiyama-san jumps onto the Sea Green Rock Lizard’s back, holds her sword in a backhand grip,…. and swings it at its head. A zubuu sound rings out as the blade sinks in. The Sea Green Rock Lizard screams while collapsing with a thud. 

“We won.”
“We haven’t had any battles this long before… this was a strong enemy.”

Himeno-san continues my medical treatment. Little by little, my pain softens. 

“Are you okay!?”

Hiyama-san gets off the Sea Green Rock Lizard and rushes over to me. 

“I’m fine, I just fell on my butt.”

That said, I want to hide that ever since I caught her with my shield, my arm bruised and had been feeling strange. Himeno-san is healing me, so it should disappear soon. 

“Is Hiyama-san okay as well?”
“Hanebashi-kun protected me, so I’m completely unharmed.”
“I see, that’s good.”
“Jeez…you’re unreasonable…”
“Good grief.”
“If he didn’t do that, Hiyama-san might have been more seriously injured.”
“Yeah, but…”

In the midst of that mood, the Lv up sound rings out. I’ve gone up to Lv 4. Rather, that’s a lot of experience…was it a bit too strong of a mamono after all? 

“Ah, I went up a Lv too.”

Hiyama-san says while looking at something else.

“Hiyama-san should have reached Lv 5, right?”
“What’d you get?”
“That sounds convenient.”

Clairvoyance, if it’s like in games, will let her see other places. It’ effects are pretty useful.

“I’ll try using it.”

Saying that, Hiyama-san uses her ability.

Eetto… it seems like I can register three locations. I don’t really get it, so I’ll try registering this place as a test.”
“Uh huh.”
“Alright, Clairvoyance is… ahre?”

Hiyama-san walks over at a brisk pace. Did she figure something out?

Eetto, it seems like… I can look upon registered locations. I can see myself and Hanebashi-kun.”
“You can see locations that you’ve registered?”
“Seems like it.”
“It might be useful when teleporting. It would be risky if there were dangerous mamono around.”
“Ah, that’s right! That means I can check the area before we teleport.”

Yeah, it’s a bit plain, but a useful ability! Depending on how you use it, there might be a lot of applications.

“If you use it well, we might not even need to keep a lookout.”
“Yeah but…ultimately I think we still need someone to stay behind in order to trick the others.”
“That’s true.”

Our conversation rolls along pretty well.

“Well, for the time being…”

I check the damaged on the shield.

“Sorry, Shigenobu.”

The onion shield Shigenobu painstakingly made is ruined. I can still barely use it, but doing so makes me uneasy. 

“No, don’t worry about it. Shields are for times like these when you need to protect your body. I’m relieved nothing serious happened.”
“As long as I don’t die instantly, Himeno-san can save me.”

Although in that case, I don’t have a clue how long I would need to be healed. I don’t intend to treat my physical health like I would in a game, but I think even if my HP gets cut in half, Himeno-san can restore me.

“Don’t say stuff like that, it’s bad luck.”
“Yeah, Hanebashi-kun!”

Hiyama-san is extremely furious. Ah…she’s tearing up. She’s changed completely from a fierce deity into an ordinary girl.

“It would’ve been awful if you had died protecting someone else!” 
“I understand, but I’m truly glad that Hiyama-san didn’t suffer any injuries.”
“If you understand, then absolutely don’t do anything that reckless again.”

Himeno-san stops there. Shigenobu agrees with her while rolling the tail of the Sea Green Rock Lizard with his foot. Well, raising our levels fighting something like that might be a bit much. 

“Maybe we should turn back a bit?”
“Yeah, honestly I don’t think our Lvs are high enough to fight rock lizards.”
“Hiyama-san was able to beat it as a Lv 4… though we’d be in danger if a group comes.”
“Ah, it seems like a stronger mamono after all. Let’s steadily raise our Lv and then come here.”

Is being at Lv 6 a reasonable expectation? Taniizumi and the others of the player group would have been able to win instantly. Ah…how irritating.

“Well, how about sending the body and the tail rock back?”
“Ah, with this, we’ve gathered all the materials for the equipment. Little by little, we’re getting things done.”
“Well. For the time being, nothing to do but keep defeating enemies for more materials to raise our Lvs.”
“Ah, I have no choice but to fight using physics to raise my Lv.”2

Isn’t there a way to overcome this through cleverness? I wanted to say there is, but we currently have nothing. Thinking about what I can defeat with my ability, could I even hit a big lizard moving around all over the place?!

“Well, once I teleport back, let’s go back the way we came and resume exterminating mamono. The hunting has just begun.”
“Yeah. By the way, I have something to say to Hanebashi-kun and Sakaeda-kun.”

Hiyama-san puts her hands on her hips like she’s explaining something.

“We’re already fighting together in combat like this, so I think it’s a bit too formal to keep calling other by our family names.”

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  1. 「火とか毒は?」
  2. ああ、Lvを上げて物理で仕留めて行くしかない