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14.2 Honeymoon (Fictional)

“Ah… but, what if His Highness sends an invitation to the Glen House, instead? It will take time, surely, but it is still possible to deliver one by ordinary mail. Moreover, if Shari doesn’t return from the Glen territory, he would surely be suspicious.”

Comparing the number of days it took to contact the Clydea Family to the Glen Family and how many days left until the upcoming party, Angelica’s face became clouded.

“Since Shari will be departing tomorrow, when and if the invitation letter for the Clydea House truly gets resent, it’ll take about seven days to be delivered to Glen House using ordinary mail. Then, Shari will receive the invitation and will have to go back to the Capital using a Gigan Eagle. The trip would take three days—…you’ll be in time for the party!! In short, you’ll have no choice but to attend!”

Even if Sharina reached the Glen House before the invitation arrived, her parents would surely inform her of the invitation. Whether or not she made it home in time, she would be forced to attend the next king’s coming of age celebration, for sure.

“Hence why I told you guys—a natural disaster will occur.

Contrary to the anxious Angelica, Riol seemed casual.

“At this time of the year, a downpour ceaselessly plagues my hometown. It’s always like that every year, right before the rainy season.”

I see. Sharina wrote down the information in her memo pad. This way, she wouldn’t get confused after she got married in the future.

“Shari, now isn’t the time to think about that…”

Her best friend stared at her with eyes that were a little degrading—only that? I’ve suffered much worse in the hand of that selfish prince!

“Most birds can’t fly through said heavy downpour. It’s not safe enough to ride a gondola through such extreme weather. We’ll arrive there before the rainy season begins. But the moment we get the news of the invitation, the rain will already be pouring in earnest. Unfortunately, she’ll not be able to attend the party.”

No matter what happened, this was the kind of person he was…

“Since we’ll be absent from taking classes from awhile, you must study in your free time, okay, Sharina?”


Sharina wiped a single, joyful, tear with her finger.


“…I’m sorry…”

“There’s no need for Riol to apologize! I’ll change the compress now, please, take a good rest!”

At a town adjacent to Glen territory and the mountains. In a certain room at a certain inn. Sharina stood with a bucket of water and a wet towel while Riol lied on the bed—half-dead.

She couldn’t use her water magic. In order to save time looking for a water source, the Gigan Eagle’s thirst was covered by Sharina through the entire trip. Her magical power had been depleted.

“How’s the Young Sir’s condition?”

As soon as he entered the room, Apollon took the water bucket from Sharina. He looked anxious.

“It seems that he recovered somewhat after vomiting earlier, but it’s still hard to say…”

“It’ll be best for us to resume our travel late tomorrow. Once we reach to the mountain, we can’t land carelessly.”

Looking at the map during the travel, Sharina had memorized the general geography. They were currently in the city closest to the Glen territory, but there was still a long way to go before actually getting there.

To pass the mountains and the forests, they had to soar to higher altitude. It was an easy feat for the Gigan Eagle, however, they couldn’t take a break during the way. Birds couldn’t stop in air.

“By the way, why would you go to such trouble getting the water from the well outside? You can just ask for water, instead. Even in the countryside, as long as there are aristocrats, the water supply will probably work.”

Although he felt guilty for having Sharina do the job herself, Apollon also felt strange—after all, the water valve was right beside them.

Apollon’s curiosity was justified. Hundreds of years had passed since the establishment of a magical aqueduct that could secure water just by regularly sending magical force to the underground of each city. The traditional wells were meant for emergency, or if the deployment of water magic was too slow.

“…but, the well’s water is colder. I thought he would feel better if the water is a little cold.”

Such was the advantage of well water. Aside from whether it was worth the trouble, this time, the benefits outweighed the difficulty.

“Then I’ll be the one to draw it. I know Young Miss is already tired from the trip.”

“It’s okay! I can do at least that much! Apollon is much more weary than me, so please rest!”

Sharina snatched the bucket from Apollon who was about to draw more water. If that could make Riol feel better, than such a task was nothing!

“No, Young Miss needs to rest. I’m no magic user but I know how it strains your body—you might not be able to stand up straight afterwards.”

“I’m fine. Those kinds of things only happen when those with a large amount of magical power unleash a high proportion of said magical power.”

However, how great it would be if she could use her magic. She could certainly produce a much colder water than the well. As such, she was frustrated—but, she decided to just do what she could for now.

To be honest, her feet were staggering a little, and she felt faint, but those were no big deal when compared to Riol’s condition.

“I understand. Do tell me when it get really difficult.”

Apollon smiled bitterly.

“Yes. Please be rest assured, Apollon.”

In the end, Apollon helped her carry the bucket of water to the room. After putting it gently on the floor, Apollon excused himself.

“…Riol, how are you feeling?”


When Sharina entered the room, Riol was trying to sit up.

“Don’t leave the bed, please.”

“I’m not. Besides, it’s impossible.”

“Even if you tell me with such a pale face, I won’t be tricked.”

She approached the bed and squeezed the rag with the water she had just drawn. After facing Sharina’s stare, Riol lied back down.

“Don’t say ‘if only I could use magic’, okay? You’ll only be tormenting yourself more.”

“Don’t steal other people’s lines…”

As Sharina put the wet rag on Riol’s forehead, he stared at her.

“…How uncool of me. With my own plan, I shoot myself in the leg.”

“Not at all! Riol was very cool looking when he decided to take charge of the problem! Even if the measure ended up being a double edged sword that caused you to undergo the suffering of having your internal organs rupture throughout your entire body! Oh, what a suffering!”

“…this is just motion sickness, oi.”

…why is this person’s self-esteem so low when he’s the coolest person in the world?

If no one realized that, then it was Sharina’s job to let them know.

“Alright! I’ll just tell you the tale of the coolest Baron’s third son in the world—aka, all the great things about Riol! It’ll last until morning by the earliest. By the way, what talking speed do you prefer? At what frequency should I place a break in the iterations?”

“No, just let me sleep.”

“Then, I shall sing you a lullaby instead! ~The first time we met, it’s as if my time had completely stopped… Hair as black as the night, the gentle breeze swayed your hair… Your emerald eyes, peeking from the locks of your hair, spelled deep intelligence… the voice of you, the voice of my benefactor, as you saved my little fingertip from touching a beautiful flower bud~…—”

“—stop it! Stop it right now! Since when have you started writing this narcissistic lullaby, anyway—!? It only caters to your own perspective!!”

As Riol desperately shut her up, Apollon in the next room said—

“—Young Lady, I’m sorry, but you’re being really noisy right now.”

—however, nothing could stop Sharina. She continued to sing her lullaby (self-proclaimed) until it was finished.

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