The Heir of the Dragon Emperor and his Bride Corps Translation

21.2 The Territory’s Future Management Plan

It’s because the two barriers would cross. We would all be able to move freely between the castle and the village. Not only could forest land could also be clear away, but everyone would be free to go hunting and gathering. No child would be attacked by the mamono either.

[Assuming it all works out, anyway.]

I say that for the time being. I disagree with raising expectations only to then says, “It didn’t work.”


Garunga-san crosses his arms and looks up at the ceiling.

[Can I hear the opinions of Lisette-sama and Haruka?]

Garunga-san somewhat has a bitterly smile. Did I… say something strange?

[As a sworn imouto, Lisette has complete faith in Shouma-nii-sama.]

Lisette, for some reason, endures laughing as she speaks.

[Furthermore, as the protector of this village, Lisette also believes that Nii-sama’s proposal is magnificent.]
[I also agree. Didn’t Aniue-sama say he won’t be unreasonable to everyone? After all, Aniue-sama didn’t asked for anything when distributed weapons to everyone.]

Haruka raises her fist as she speaks.
Lisette appears satisfied—

[The castle lord candidate seems to be in agreement. Lisette also gives her support, Garunga-sama.]
[Eh? Castle lord candidate? Who’s that?]
[Hasn’t it been decided to be Haruka?]
[Could it be anybody else?]
[…..Could it be, you didn’t realize it?]

After Lisette, Garunga-san, and I, all stare at Haruka as her eyes go round.

[Impossible, impossible, impossible, impossible, impossible!]

Haruka furiously shakes her head.

[Ri, ridiculous! How could I be the castle lord!? Won’t Lizu-nee be better!?]
[About that, the command system would become bothersome, so it’s no good.]

Even just that would complicate things. I mean, were already placing a castle lord and King in the “Village”. If another person is made the village head, then the chain of command will get all mixed up[1].

[In commemoration of our acquiring “Dragon Tree Castle”, “Hazama Village” is promoted to being a castle. Therefore, isn’t it for the best for Haruka to become the castle lord?]
[….Aniue-sama, do you think I can do it?]
[I think so.]
[Then I’ll do it!]

Haruka then pumps up her fist.

[In exchange, can I call Aniue-sama “King-sama”?]
[…..Why this again?]
[Lizu-nee and I…… are literally a pair of castle lords. That makes Aniueu-sama our master.]

With those words, Haruka knells before me. Lisette also stands from her chair and does the same.

[Understood.  In that case, I request of you as the one holding “King’s Vessel”. Haruka, please become the castle lord of “Hazama Village”.]
[Not like that, Aniue-sama.]
[……Not like this?]
[It can’t be like that, Shouma-nii-sama.]

Both Haruka and Lisette smile as they shake their heads.

[[In order to designate a castle lord, you need to speak as strong as you can.]]

……Somehow or another, I understand. That’s right, I’ve been using that tone in front of those two all this time. I can’t be helped.

[…The Aberrant Overlord, in the name of Kiryouou Shouma, I appoint you.]

I put my hand on Haruka’s shoulder and tell her.

[I bestow the power of “Dragon Pulse” to my sworn imouto, Haruka Karmilia, to be the castle lord. I will not allow you to disobey my decree. This power, with the village, use it for the sake of this Aberrant Overlord.]
[I receive your command! My master, Kiryouou Shouma-sama!!]

A smile blooms all across Haruka’s face as her horns rub against my arm. She does it even though it makes me really embarrassed.

Afterwards, Lisette, Haruka, and I search the village. Or rather, we look around chief’s house and find it right away.

[….It’s shiny.]
[….How shiny.]
[….It’s shinning.]

We find a shining magic circle.

[As I thought, it must be getting influenced from the other side of the barrier.]

Through the foundation established at the “Abandoned Castle,” activating the Dragon Pulse over there activates it— No, activated it here. The “Dragon Pulse”—- That’s to say, the Pulse needs to be activated in sequential order. Even though it’s troublesome, looks like there’s no helping it.

As such, I spend around 3 hours redrawing the magic circle.

[Haruka Karmilia, I designate thee castle lord of “Oni Castle” (KiOuJou).]

I have Haruka sit in the centre of the magic circle and declare such

Incidentally, the name “Oni Castle” (KiOuJou) was of Haruka’s request. She seems to have remove the dragon (Ryuu) from KiRyouOu (Oni Dragon King).[2]

[Thou is permitted to use the mana sleeping in this land.  With it, protect those dear to thyself. Awaken— “Dragon Pulse”!!]

Once more, light overflows from the magic circle and illuminates Haruka’s body. This is the second time, and as I’m with Lisette, I avert my gaze. No, I can still see from the side… well, only just a bit.


With the ritual completed, Haruka sits down with a bright red face. In a small voice, she mutters, [……Somehow, it’s like I melted with Aniue-sama.] At any rate, the castle lord authorization has been completed. The barrier has also been established.

In order to confirm it, we step outside.


The light surrounds the village. Floating in the sky is something like white snow. The barrier’s light extends to cover about half of the forest. It overlaps with the barrier from “Dragon Tree Castle.” Success.

“King’s Territory [Oni Castle]

Castle Lord: Haruka Karmillia
Relationship: Sworn imouto (Race: Oni bloodline)
Barrier effect: Remove mamono (Overlapping area will even leave high class mamono immobile.)
Additional effect: 15% increase in strength
Chain: 1”

With that, this forest is our territory. Unless the mamono is very powerful, it won’t be able to enter. Yet even then, upper class mamono won’t be able to move within the overlapped area of the barrier.

As for the meaning of “Chain”–

[A path of light extends from the village…]

It’s a straight line. One right to “Dragon Tree Castle”. Is this the effect of “Chain”? I confirm it with my skill and discover this path also seems to be part of the “Barrier”.

[Which means, it would make a triangle road if there were 3 castles.]

The space formed between them would trap the mamono within. Afterwards, they could be cleared to create a safe zone for hunting.

[I see. I now understand how the Dragon Emperor drove away the mamono.]
[He probably linked together many castles and formed net of barriers around the continent.]

Lisette nods from beside me. Haruka doesn’t seem to understand very well, so she holds my hand and hops in place.

[Even though I don’t want to dominate the continent……I still want one more castle.]

If I can make a triangle, I can have people live on the land inside. Doing that will increase the influence of the village and the size of the harvest.

[Shall we try? Let’s find one more, an empty castle.]

I somehow or another started to think about things like that.

[1] これで村長まで別人にしたら、指揮系統がこんがらがる。
[2] His name, “Kiryouou Shouma” literally means  Oni, Dragon, King, Flight, Magic

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