I, a Witch, am Requested by My Crush to Make Him Love Potion Translation

29.2. The Witch, the Knight, and the Love Potion (2)

Harij seems to be truly and absolutely in love with Roze.

His fingertips continue to stroke Roze’s cheeks. She continues to cry due to the extremity of the situation.

“I’m… truly no good, huh?”

Harij kneels and looks up at Roze. His blue eyes, laced with long eyelashes, sway in anxiety.

…this man knows how to take advantage of his good looks!!! —

and damn, how effective it is; Roze’s sobs stop immediately.

“You’ve stopped crying.”

“Thanks to Mr. Customer—“

“—it’s Harij.

“I, it’s because Harij-sama seems to be in an unbearable pain, I have no choice but to stop.” Roze retorts, her nose still runny.

Harij’s eyebrows frown in dismay.

“Don’t be silly. I have the patience of a hundred people.”

“Are you still talking about yourself—!?”

“As we talk, I’m dying to touch you, but I’ve endured it.”

Harij stares at Roze with an expression so serious it probably could cut through anything.

His gaze isn’t sharp in the context of being cold, per see, but it’s terribly, mysteriously—quiet…

Roze stops breathing—she feels like she’s playing with fire.

Roze, who seemingly has lost all her power, is about to tumble down—

—when Harij catches her in his arms.

Just like that, she’s hugged by him all over again.

“What is it?”

“…My legs gave up…”

A storm is brewing in her heart.

Never would Roze have imagined that a day would come when he would stare at her with such eyes.

Even though it’s because of the potion, his words were too stimulating for Roze, who has continued to hold her one-sided love for four* years.

“Huh? Ah, I get it. Forgive me. You were probably too overwhelmed by the entire situation. I’ll help you sit down.”

While holding Roze, Harij leans on the wall, and then gently pulls Roze to sit on his lap. Roze inadvertently has to lean on Harij.

“—are you okay?”

He asks Roze. Harij gently caresses the head of Roze, which lays against his chest.

…Where is that patience he mentioned just before?

Well… now that she recalls it, Harij did a good job at enduring the painful effect of the incomplete magic all the way to there. Even after he arrived and saw Roze, not even for a second did he blamed her for making said potion.

In contrast, Roze yelled, cried, and got angry at him—she feels ridiculous.

Right now, Roze’s entire body is experiencing joy like never before.

He may have caused her to be upset, confused, and angry—

—but the love she feels for him never changes.

After all, it’s a love that’s entirely different from the one Harij currently has—which was induced by a potion.

Even so, there’s no way she can be happy with the current situation.

There’s no reason for her to immerse herself in this situation, the memory would be too much for her to live with.

While Roze stays silent, Harij’s throat moves.

“…Roze. Whatever you do, I beg of you, don’t fall asleep in front of me.”

Harij’s voice, which is close to a whisper, has an unconcealable sweetness.

Roze immediately wakes up and shakes her head profusely—to Harij’s utter amusement. He laughs out loud.

“Should we talk? A conversation should be more distracting than staying still like this.”

“Let’s do so.” Roze wholeheartedly agrees.

Roze, who has regained her sense, wants to switch to a better sitting position—however, the moment she tries to move, Harij’s arms instantly restrains her.


“I apologize for not being a comfortable place to sit on, but please stay where you are.”

Roze wonders why he’s apologizing when she realizes he’s indeed right—after all, she is… currently… sitting on his thigh…

“—wh, wha—“

Roze who’s about to rampage once again is held by Harij. Before Roze can protest, she’s already sitting perfectly on his lap again. He even fixes her position for her.

“You’ll sit more comfortably than before like this.”

that’s not the main problem here…

But Roze knows it’s useless to say anything. She wisely chooses silence.

“Then, let’s talk. Can I ask you about what I’m curious of?”

“…go ahead.” The already exhausted Roze answers.

“You said you’ve known me for four years. How?”

“Why do you want to know?”

“It piqued my interest. I want to know… in those four years, how did you see me? As an object of contempt? Or, are you indifferent? Did you have the slightest of a good impression of me? I’m curious.”

Harij’s voice is regaining its usual calmness.

However, for Roze, who is currently facing his chest, the same can’t be said. Her heart is pulsing at a tremendous speed.

She can feels that he’s waiting for her to say anything.

Roze buries her face in Harij’s chest to hide her scarlet cheeks.

“I… saw you in the Capital. You wore that blue cloak, thus, I knew you’re a knight. That time, I also accidentally heard your name…”

“Did we talk about something?”

“No, we never exchanged words.”

“I see. Yet you still remember my name clearly, even until now.”

Harij says in a timid tone, Roze can hear his heartbeat accelerating. Roze lowers her head further, replying, ‘yes’.

***T/N: For those of you who’re confused about the four years–yeah, me too. The author keep switching it, seven, then four, then seven… maybe she got drunk in Harij x Roze fluff, too.


Other than that, it seems that this love potion amplify your desire….. to be called by your name.

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