A Thousand Years of Separation~ Today, I Shall be the Villainess~ Translation

48. Time went Forward (6)

The faint light in the otherwise totally black room came from the moon.

—this was William’s room. He heavily leaned on the sofa beside the window. A glass of wine adorned his hand as he quietly gazed at the moon.

Next to him, was his attendant, Lewis. He held a wine bottle while faintly smiling.

“Thank you for your hard work today.”

Lewis said, not sounding genuine at all. Things were always like this with Lewis—he never attached any emotion to his words. However, William, who felt dismayed about today, sighed softly.

“What do you think you’re doing…?”

In contrast, William expressed his honest feelings as he complained to Lewis. He sipped his wine.

“I should be the one asking that—you’re only attracting more problems to yourself. How are you going to take responsibility for this situation, now?”

William had invited Amelia to live in his mansion. He wasn’t lying—but… William glanced at his right hand. He remembered the sensation when he hugged Amelia.

How did you know…? How did you know she wouldn’t reject my hand? Why didn’t she reject me?”

William had no intention of hugging Amelia in the first place. Indeed. How could he embrace a girl who vowed to never stop loving her old lover? Doing so would only hurt her further—or so William thought.

Hence, at first, he couldn’t accept Lewis’ suggestion.

Lewis’ suggestion to hug her and confess his love to her.

Answer me. Why did she make that kind of face? Why did she make that kind of face and turn to me—?”

He could still remember Amelia’s warmth. He felt it when he hugged her—a very uncertain feeling.

William was frustrated by these feelings he had never felt before.

Lewis appeared to be choosing the words he was about to relay to his Master.

“William-sama, I still feel guilty towards you. Certainly, all of this wouldn’t have happened if I didn’t recommend her to be your fiancée—however, regarding the incident with Arthur and Amelia’s sudden loss of voice, I can only say one thing. They’re just unfortunate events. I sincerely believe William-sama has made the best decision.”

Towards that, William’s eyes were filled with disdain as he stared and laughed at Lewis. His laugh was scornful.

Ha—! What nonsense—! ‘Best decision’, you say—? ‘Unfortunate’—? As if I would believe something like that would genuinely come out of your mouth—! I already knew it—it’s all your work, isn’t it—?”

William chastised him and threw his wine towards Lewis. Red wine stained Lewis’ white shirt. Due to the darkness, the dark red stain looked like actual blood.

However, Lewis’ expression remained mostly the same. His smile slightly widened, as if he was having fun.

“Do you remember, William-sama? The day you first met me, you were crying at that time.”


William frowned sharply—what does that have to do with the current situation?

“Do you remember our promise? Fifteen years have passed since then. You’re no longer a child—and neither am I.”


Lewis’ expression changed.

“I don’t have much time to remain here, left. I beg of you, William. I only have one wish—can you please make Amelia-sama happy? I beg of you, grant me this one wish of mine.”

“—Lewis, you…”

William’s eyes widened as he heard Lewis’ trembling voice.

That was right—that was indeed the promise they made that day.

That one day, he would surely grant Lewis’ one and only wish.

William gasped as if he had just realized something. He remembered something important—the memories he had almost forgotten.

Then, he uttered bitterly.

“I see, so that’s what your wish is really about.”

A very self-explanatory wish. That very wish was a monologue to Lewis’ life itself.

“…so that’s what your answer is…”

William’s eyes swayed in turmoil.

Heavy and deep feelings, which were like a scolding, encroached his heart.


William opened his eyes, this time, no hesitation could be found within.

He didn’t have the confidence to love Amelia—however, his feelings of wanting to grant Lewis’ wish was definitely stronger. Such volition could be seen in his eyes.

William didn’t have anything more to say to Lewis.

He silently gazed at the white moon…

…as Lewis continued staring at William’s back, his own gaze filled with compassion.

—at the same time, there were others who gazed at the moon the same way.

In a certain room in the castle, Arthur was admiring the pale moon peeking through the open window.

The room was still dim, only the red flames of the small lamp next to the bed could be seen, fluttering.

Arthur’s head was on Violet’s plump, rosy thigh. She ran her beautiful fingers through his fine, silver hair.

“Arthur, it seems that you’re not doing too well today. Everyone is concerned about you.”

Violet uttered, but received no answer from Arthur.

Instead, he turned over and buried his face in Violet’s belly.

“I… what should I do…?”

Arthur whispered in pain.

“Why… why did this happen?”

His voice wavered, his usual dignity couldn’t be heard.

As Violet observed Arthur’s appearance more closely, she gently stroked his head again to console him.

“Okay, let me guess—did you quarrel with William?”


Arthur’s arm, which was hugging Violet, stiffened.

“It seems that you truly love William~”

“That’s, you’re mistaken—!”

Towards her words, Arthur looked up instantly.

However, his eyes revealed how upset he actually was. Which could only mean one thing—

“—why don’t you apologize to him?”

Violet smiled at Arthur, whom finally met her gaze. However, Arthur turned away once again as he sank his face into Violet’s soft body.

“I haven’t done anything. I haven’t done anything that would require me to apologize.”

Arthur declared in a clear tone.

What he said might be the truth.

If so, Violet actually understood why he was suffering—because he didn’t know what he had done, and what he was supposed to do.

She continued.

“Still, the two of you have to talk. You won’t achieve anything by running away. Instead, you have to confront each other and directly say what you want to say. Then, surely, your hearts will find a way to each other.”


Violet’s voice was gentle and affectionate like that of a mother’s.

Arthur stared at Violet’s gentle face—

—and was reminded of William’s face, which was full of hatred—and at the same time, Lewis’ and Amelia’s faces.

The lies from those two deceitful people resulted in William showing such a cruel face to him.

“Ah… Violet, I am…”

Arthur extended his hand to the air and entangled his fingers in Violet’s long locks. Her hair, which was illuminated by faint moonlight, glimmered like a star. Beautiful, mysterious, and glossy…

Arthur slowly rose up. Then, as Violet stared at him, he wrapped her in his arm and met her crimson lips with his. Again and again—as if to dominate everything. Finally, Arthur’s body descended on her…

—quietly, the night went on.

The clock’s hand that once stopped had finally started to turn.

Beyond this point, was there light, or darkness—?

What lied beyond this, was it happiness? Was it tragedy?

Cursed destiny—could he—could she—could they overcome the hidden powers?

…no one knew yet.


**T/N: And there we reached the end of volume 1, folks. Soooo, the first volume is basically about the despairing Amelia who regained her hope to love William again in the end…? *Saw the cover for Vol. 2 which contained the emo prince

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