The Heir of the Dragon Emperor and his Bride Corps Translation

20. The Effects From Castle Lord Acknowledgement and [Strengthening]

{King’s Territory “Dragon Tree Castle”

Castle lord: Lizette Ryugu
Relation: Sworn[1] imouto (Race: Dragon’s bloodline)
Barrier effect: Repel monsters
Additional effect: Defence increase 15%
Chain link: None }

[….Chain link?]

I understand defence increasing, but chain link?
…..I’ll check on it after I reach home.

[There’s still a lot don’t know about this skill.]

All of a sudden, Lizette hugs me from behind.

[Thank you so much! Nii-sama! Thank you….]
[With this, Lizette can fulfil her responsibility towards everyone. Not only are there no more monsters in the abandoned castle, the surrounding forest is open for us to develop. Everyone…. thanks to Nii-sama….. Completely!]

Lizette joyfully claps her hands.
[Please watch! Lizette is now overflowing with mana! Ultimate, “Crail Flare[2]”!!]


From Lizette’s hand appears fireball, one wider than she can wrap her arms around. She launches it towards the base of a nearby wall. Not only does she gouge out a hole, the blast even tears down part of the wall—

[Hey, destroying your own wall is bad!]
[So- Sorry…… about that. I’m just really excited…]

 Lisette holds her cheeks and lowers her head. She feels like a child who’s prank was exposed.

Lisette, as someone from the bloodline of the Dragon Emperor, always says she wants to protect everyone, despite only being 15. For a 30 something year old man like me, she’s blindingly dazzling.

[What amazing power…. Lizu-nee.]

Haruka is wide eyed. She then scratches her long, red, hair and gives an impish smile—

[With this you might be able to make your dream come true, Lizu-nee!]
[Waa, Haruka, we’re in front of Shouma-nii-sama!?]

Lisette turns crimson as she waves her hand.

[Yeah, Lizu-nee has a dream.]
[…..Please do not laugh?]

Lisette looks at me with tears in her eyes.

[I won’t laugh.]
[Things like “Finding this world’s enemy and defeating it” and “Change this hopeless world”.]
[Yo-you just laughed!? Nii-sama!]
[I didn’t, I didn’t laugh.]

….. Or more like, I can’t laugh. At the very least, I don’t have the right. After all, I was the same during my Chunnibyo age…

[Ever since Lizette was a tiny child, it has been Lizette’s dream…]
[Lizu-nee was raised without knowing her father and she lost her mother when she was small.]
[They were thoughts I had when my mother died. “I can’t believe such terrible things are happening. Within this world must be an evil who causes these tragedies.”]
[And so, she’d always pull me around to search for that evil.]
[I’m embarrassed about that.]
[It was happened when we’re little. It can’t be helped. Right, Aniue-sama?]

Ow, ow, ow.  Listening to this is too painful.

[But, Lizu-nee has been holding onto that dream ever since.]
[Even though it can’t be said to the others……. “Defeating the world enemy” and “changing the world”.]

……I understand why I thought Lisette is “dangerous”. She resembles the former me. Although, compared to the me of back then, Lisette is much more realistic than me.

[You won’t laugh?]
[I won’t laugh.]

It’s the opposite…..I want to help. This is something that wasn’t possible in my world.

[He-y, Shouma-dono! Lisette-sama, Haruka!!]
[For some reason we were able to defeat mamono really easily here. What the heck is going on!?]
From the other side of the castle walls, Garunga-san and the other male Oni appear. We explain the situation to the pair much to their surprise.

Lisette became the lord of the abandoned castle and made the barrier permanent. Also, the range from which mamono are repelled has been expanded.

Garunga-san doesn’t look like he understands as he keeps his head tilted the whole time. Yet, once I finish explaining, he claps his hands together.

[Tonight we drink!!]

He thrusts his fist up into the sky and runs back to the village. That he’s happy is better than anything else. Although, I can’t drink so I won’t be participating.

[Speaking of which, I plan to visit the “Dragon Temple” on the way back. Lisette, can you come with me?]
[Of course, but for what reason?]
[I want to determine if Lisette can enter the “Dragon Temple”.]

When I invoke “Awakening of the Dragon’s Kin,” I can open the door. If that’s the case, Lisette too should be able to go in. I want to see if the Dragon Emperor-san’s dream will also react to Lisette. If she can use the same skill with me, then defending the village should become easier.

[Lisette, you were able to become the castle lord because of the Dragon Emperor’s skill. Therefore, the Dragon Emperor might recognize you, too.]
[I understand.]

Lisette hesitates a bit before she nodding her head.

[I’ll try. Since Shouma-nii-sama has the power as the Dragon Emperor, this is the same as the Dragon Emperor’s calling.]
[What about you, Haruka?]
[Nn? Of course, I’m going.]

Haruka taps her chin and nods, “Un, un.”

[“Changing the world” is only the first step towards Lizu-nee’s dream. I too will request the Dragon Emperor-sama to grant my wish.]
[Haruka’s dream?]
[To find the birthplace of the Oni tribe.]

For some reason, Haruka speak while staring off to the distance. She places a hand over her large breasts and nods.

[In truth, this isn’t the birthplace of the Oni tribe. It’s said that the land was a much more peaceful place with a beautiful lake. There, everything began when Oni-hime-sama gave birth to the first Oni.]
[There was such legend….]
[How should I put it? It’s history. My great, great, grandfather heard it from a person who once lived there.]

I see, after the Dragon Emperor-san died, the ai-jin[3] were driven off to the frontier. That they have a birthplace is only natural. Therefore, it’s reasonable that they desire to go return.

[To one day uncover our former home is the wish of the Oni tribe. According to the legend, the one who will grant this request will be requested of it by the Oni-hime-sama. Someday, I want to bring everyone back to our home. It’s my dream, so please listen to my request.]
[I see. So, what’s the request?]

For some reason, Haruka wraps her arms around her chest and lowers her head.

[When it’s related to the future of the Oni tribe, only then can I say. Someday, Aniue-sama, I’ll tell you.]

With that, Haruka becomes silent. There seem to be a deep reason. I probably shouldn’t force it.

What I will do remains unchanged. It’s defend the village and support Lisette and Haruka. As a thank you for taking care of me, I’ll do my best. And if possible…… to fulfil the dreams of Lisette and Haruka.

[Well then, how about going back and taking it easy?]
[Yes, Shouma-ni-sama.] [Let’s go back, Aniue-sama.]

We then walk to the village.

[1] The translation is literally “step/in-law.” After advice from a reader, I decided “sworn” is a better term.
[2] 浄炎クレイル・フレア
[3] Demi-human

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