Translation We Dwell at the Base of the Dragon’s Peak

43.1 The Second Night

“Very well, but if you do something strange to Priscilla, it won’t end with me just not forgiving you.”

“My, my, well, well, Ernea-kun has this kind of hobby?”

“N- no, I don’t! Mistral, don’t say strange things that will give misunderstands either!”

Nnmtto, Priscilla doesn’t mind.”

Priscilla-chan’s innocent statement shocks everyone.

“Priscilla doesn’t mind sharing the same room with onii-chan?”

A-ah, so it’s that? Priscilla-chan must have thought that Mistral and Ruiseine were fighting because they hated having to share a room with me. Hence, she said she didn’t mind it.

I thought that she was saying didn’t mind to a completely different thing.

Ahaha, Mistral and Ruiseine give dry laughs. They too must have thought the same thing. They match gazes before averting them in embarrassed.

Priscilla-chan smiles, unaware of our misunderstanding. Nymia too seems to be enjoying herself on Priscilla-chan’s head.

“With that, Ruiseine and I will move to the next room, okay?”

Mistral regains her senses and picks up her luggage.

“Ye-yes, let us.”

Ruiseine’s face goes red as she takes her luggage and leaves the room in a fluster.

“There will be no bath tonight. We’ll go and have a dinner later. I’ll call you then.”

With those words, Mistral too leaves the room.

Nnmtto, we won’t take a bath? Is it because we have small breasts?”

W-what a dreadful thing to say, young lady.

Uun, that’s not it. It’s because everyone would be surprised by Priscilla-chan’s ears.”

Fuu, I gently press my hand against my chest. I’m relieved Mistral and Ruiseine didn’t hear what Priscilla-chan just said.

I move my luggage to a more suitable place within the room and sit on a chair near the edge of the room.

I release a sigh. The various events of today have left me exhausted. At the same time, Priscilla-chan climbs up on my lap.

Nnmtto, today is a sleep over with onii-chan.

“Sleeping over, nyan~

Nymia is still on Priscilla-chan’s head as usual.

“Un, that’s right. Are you lonely being away from Mistral and Ruiseine?”

“I’m alright? Priscilla likes onii-chan after all!”

Ahaha, thanks.”

Does she think Mistral and Ruiseine hate me? Receiving the consideration of a small child makes me feel warm and fluffy. 

I stroke both Priscilla-chan and Nymia.

Mistral often strokes my head and it feels great. That’s why I’m gently stroking Priscilla-chan and Nymia, so that can feel comfortable. Priscilla-chan closes her eyes in glee, and before I know it, falls asleep while clinging to me.

Priscilla-chan sleeps really well, eh. She plays with all of her might, eats plenty, and sleeps well. This girl will surely grow healthy.

“Ernea is aiming at Priscilla, nyan~”

“W-w-what are you saying? I never look at Priscilla-chan with eyes like that.”

Nyan~ just kidding, nyan~”

Nymia jumps onto my head from Priscilla-chan who’s fully asleep. She really likes the tops of people’s heads.

“The fluffy heads of Priscilla and Ernea onii-chan feel good, nyan~”

Uumu, no matter how I think about it, Nymia’s fur looks fluffier.”

“Other people’s are the best, nyan~”

“I see.”

I then realize that Nymia, being perched on my head, is just the right weight. Upon doing so, I feel a unfathomable amount of dragon power and dragon spirit from her. She might look like a kitten, but she’s is an ancient dragon who’s at least one hundred years old after all. According to Old Sleightar, to say nothing of myself, she is even stronger than Mistral.

Speaking of which, her true form is more or less several times larger than flying dragons. She should be really heavy, but right now, she isn’t heavy in the slightest. I wonder if her weight changes with her appearance.

“I’ve never minded about it, nyan~”


Then, if she can only changes her appearance but not her weight, would Priscilla-chan or I get crushed when she jumps on our heads?

I suddenly feel a bit chilly.

“It’s okay, nyan~ I won’t crush Priscilla, nyan~”

“But you’ll crush me?”

“If you lay your hands on Priscilla, I will crush you, nyan~”

Ooh, what a thing to say.

Looks like I have another guardian besides Mistral and Ruiseine who’s properly monitoring me. Ah, of course I won’t do anything strange. I’m not a pervert after all.

“Is it because Priscilla has a smooth flat-chested that you won’t touch her, nya? Small breasts are no good, nyan~”

“T-that’s wrong. You’re making a lot of misunderstandings.”

Priscilla-chan said something terrible and now Nymia is saying it too. If Mistral and Ruiseine heard that, before falling in love with me, they’d absolutely come to hate me.

“That means, you admit that both of Mistral onee-chan and Ruiseine onee-chan are small, nyan~


She might look like a kitten, but she is a dragon who has lived far beyond what any of us have after all. She isn’t just stronger than me, she is more intelligent too.

“B-By the way, you ran away from home, right? Why did you run away for?”

I forcibly change the topic.


Fufufu, this is a topic that Nymia hates. Since coming to the Dragon Forest, she has yet to tell us why she ran away from home.

“Ernea onii-chan is mean, nyan~”

Fufufu, come on, just confess now, young lady.”

“What a transformation in character, nyaa~”

“Now, now, it will be easier for you if you speak now.”


I grab her from the top of my head and tickle her.

Nymia tries to run away by twisting and turning, but to match her kitten body, her strength seems to have changed along with her weight. She cannot escape from my clutches.

Nymia’s long tails tickles my nostrils.


My nose feels itchy, and I sneeze.


Nymia, having discovered how to counterattack me, Nymia continues to assult me with her tail.


Gununu, her fluffy tail induces another sneeze from me. 


“Oh my, Ernea, did you catch a cold?”

Mistral enters the room while Nymia and I are playing.

“Hey, hey, well, well.”

Ruiseine peeks into the room from behind her, seeming worried.

“Ah, I’m not. I was just playing with Nymia.”


I release Nymia and she moves back onto Priscilla-chan’s head.

“Really? Then everything is good. Anyway, let’s go eat.”

Mistral makes a wry smile upon seeing Priscilla-chan sleeping on my lap.

“Priscilla-chan sure sleeps well.”

Ruiseine also smiles. Everyone who sees Priscilla-chan’s sleeping face must end up think the same thing.

“Now, Priscilla, wake up. It’s time to eat.”

Mistral gently rubs Priscilla-chan’s back and her drooping ears twitch.

Nnmtto, Priscilla is hungry.”

Still looking half asleep, Priscilla-chan opens her eyes. Despite that, she properly reacts to the mention of food. We all exchange glances and laugh.


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