A Thousand Years of Separation~ Today, I Shall be the Villainess~ Translation

36. Lewis’ Confession (6)


I couldn’t answer right away, it was as if my mouth was sealed.

Lewis’ eyes never once strayed from mine.

he’s dead serious…

No lie could be found in Lewis’ eyes. However, I didn’t trust this man to the point I would accept right off the bat… and I didn’t think that would change anytime soon.

Me, swearing to live forever with such a man?

Such a suspicious man, whom I had only met twice, and only knew his name?

Sweat dribbled down my back.

I could understand Lewis’ loneliness. I couldn’t erase my previous lives’ memories, as such, I was tied to the past. My heart too, was always filled with loneliness.

This pain, this suffering—how nice would it be, if I could share it with someone?

I thought so many times.

Even if he loved me, Death would always come and trap me in solitude again. I couldn’t bear it—and at the same time, I didn’t want him to be loved by someone else.

I hated myself.

To the point that I couldn’t face my own reflection in the mirror.

…hence, I chose to spend my time alone.

I was truly lonely, as if my tears had dried up—

—that may have been the case with Lewis, too.

…Surely—it was.


I couldn’t trust this man’s words, yet. Even if Lewis could somehow sense my power and save William, Arthur did told me to be careful of him.

I—I desperately deflected Lewis’ gaze by lowering my head.

With one nod, William would be saved. However, beyond that point, my place by William’s side would be gone forever.

Just like me, Lewis didn’t lose his memory. Even if I die, could I escape from him?

—But still, I wanted William to be happy.

My presence threatened his life. If no longer being allowed to stay by his side meant lifting the curse—then, I…

The warm breeze that blew through the windows fluttered my hair.

—I must decide.

I squeezed my trembling hand. Then, my pen ran on the surface of the notebook.

I presented the notebook to Lewis’ eyes.

“I accept your terms. However, if William doesn’t survive in the end, I’ll kill you—mark my words.”

Lewis read the notebook, and for a moment, his eyes narrowed.

However, both corners of his mouth immediately rose with great satisfaction.

“—Fine for me. If the worst were to happen, then I’ll gladly give this life to you.”

His eyes were fierce with determination.


Neither doubt nor anxiety could be found in his eyes—

—I was convinced.

Lewis would surely be able to save William.

Then, I too, had to decide—I had to relent here…

This was my choice—I would accept this fate; as long as William survived, I shall life with Lewis.

I also stared back at Lewis. For no reason at all, we stared at each other.

The flow of silence filled the place, reminding me of dim lit lanterns.

—then, the bell tolled, informing us that it was exactly twelve o’clock.

The bell chimed—as if to bless our cursed destiny—it resounded over and over again.

Following the lingering sound of the bell was Lewis’ turn of expression.

“—hence, our promise is made.”

His expression, for some reason …was jittering—

—and I soon knew why.

He stood up quietly and touched the open window frame—

“There’s something that I didn’t tell you before.”

Lewis directed his gaze at the scenery below.

His face distorted slightly, seeming sad.

As for the reason, I could only wait for Lewis’ next words.

Finally, he opened his mouth.

“—actually, you can continue loving William, and stay by his side.”


His words were far beyond my expectations—I was shocked.

that isn’t possible! William will die!

However, to my gaze, Lewis quietly shook his head.

“It’s okay. He won’t die—as long as I’m by your side.”


I couldn’t understand the meaning of his words at all.

I questioned him through my gaze.

“I didn’t say it before, but I can also control the powers of others. As long as you’re with me, he won’t die.”



If that was the case, then I could stay with William as long as Lewis was there. Even if my curse wasn’t resolved, wouldn’t it be fine because there was Lewis?

My blood rose to my head in an instant. Speaking of wanting to save William, etc. etc. —in the end, this guy was just aiming for me—!


Before I could even think of anything, my right hand extended to my thigh—

right, because it’s already used to this… because it’s always being used for this…

in an instant, I closed the distance between me and Lewis. I flipped the hem of my dress and grabbed my hidden dagger—


—yet, it wasn’t there.

When it should had been. …No.

I bit my lips, my gaze boiled with rage.

Yet, Lewis reaction was—

“—do you hate me?”

—just a mere smile.

A mere, lonely smile.

“—do you want to kill me?”


I want to. But if I did kill you, William will die.

In the end, I could only stare at him.

“Is that so… then, shall we do this instead? Let me revise the previous conditions.”


“When you manage to find a solution to your own power, and save William’s life, please kill me. That way, I can give up on you—how’s this? This should be fine, right?”


As he said so, his bottomless dark eyes swayed madly. It was as if those pupils were ensnared in darkness.

In that instance, I couldn’t comprehend anything. I just wanted to turn back—

—cold sweat broke over my entire body. Even though they say it was summer, I was trembling madly. I could hardly stand.

“Alright, Lady Amelia, you’ll listen to me carefully. This is my order to you—you’ll love William from now on—you’ll deceive everyone around you. Meanwhile, I will get Arthur’s eyes. His power to [look into the abyss] is necessary to break your connection with William.”

Lewis expression went crazy. The black aura that rose from him was so great it could probably absorp all lives.

is this really the aura of a human? What’s the reason for him to go mad like this?

“Lady Amelia, you can’t run away anymore. This is our destiny. All you have to do is love William with all your heart. As for the rest—I’ll handle it all without a hitch.”

Lewis’ lips, as he smiled while saying so, seemed so ugly and distorted—

—they were akin to crescent moon floating in the jet black of night.



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